1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Quick Angry Bird Post

Done!!!! No's, Ya's, and T's
T's Angry Bird Hat

    One down 2 to go....DEEP SIGH and WHINE.  No's will be different pattern, so maybe that will help.  Really fun, the pattern is from Ravelry. Thats what I am doing tending to my angry birds tonight.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year To All!!

     I pray this New Year is better than 20011. Please God let it be better! I wish  for you a wonderful New Year.  Remember ...forgetting those things that are behind and reach forward to the things which are before.

    I have not felt well today and my numbers show it. Its nothing I have ate or did .  I thought last night I was coming down with a cough, but I am alright this morning. I prayed I would not come down with the bad stuff I usually get.  This year I have no big plans for New Year Day.  I will pray early instead of midnight on New Years Eve.  Mom and I are such old  women this year we will pray the old year out and the new one in at 10:00pm.  I told  mom, its turning into the New Year someplace at 10:00. Heres my list:  I read my Bible cover to cover once again, but next year I am going to read the 13th chp.of 1Cor. each day until I have committed it to memory. Also on my list is  Ecclesiates12: 13,14 I will read the 2 verses each day until they are in my heart. I think I will pick up a Bible study. WP. and I are starting on the house the second week of Jan. We will be painting, replacing doors and countless other things. Project wise, I want to make more baby sweaters, but I am getting so many requests for other things. I do plan on donating hats, mittens and baby sweaters this year. Other than that just enjoy my family and my dear husband .

    The buttons were gifted by Bri Z. She knows me well.  For my DD its handbags, some chocolate, shoes....me its buttons.  I almost left a puddle when I saw them. Oh the sweaters I can make. Buttons inspire me.  She got the buttons from the Ben Franklin in St. Louis that closed.

    Slippers are some I just whipped up.  Simple stuff  with good old Red Heart. I added the bow for a bit of fun...ok the movie wasn't over and I had time on my hands.

 I honestly do not say this lightly, to each person that stops by I wish for you the best of all things and a New Year filled with your hearts desires. (they must be good desires;) ) hugs Mimi

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Granny Log Cabin

   I know I saw the Log Cabin Granny online, but for the life of me I can't find it.  There is a pattern on Ravelry for a baby blanket (its not free).  The baby log cabin is not the one I had seen months ago.  There was no pattern, but nice close ups so you could just look at it and give it a go.  I hesitate to put up my notes for stepping on the baby blanket designers toes. If you need some help leave me a comment. My cabin was made with scraps.  If you planned the colors it would be smashing. I just wanted to give it a try and not get all complicated with it. So here it is.

We had a lovely Christmas.  Everyone was here.  I have did not one thing to the house so far this week.  The wash is piled up and we went to get groceries today.  If the weather gets bad we cannot get out. The things we need must be on hand in the winter months. I must get some things done tomorrow. I have all our Christmas things to put up, and my parents Christmas decorations to take down and store. Aw, Christmas after shock.,

My puppy got a new Christmas toy.  Here is is asleep in the tv room guarding his old toy. His new toy ..well one of them ok he got 3 is in the back ground. He is getting old, but still keeps his puppy ways.  He cries with joy when he gets a new toy.  He will run all over the house shaking it and throwing it up in the air.  Its so cute. He has a box full of toys and rummages in it to get just the right one.  Sometime he even picks up a few and puts them back in the box. Zoe D. Cracker's toy is under her new blanket. I guess she hid it from Copper Lou.  The cat is smart.

Well this week instead of working on a baby sweater like I had planned I am going to make some hats for the grand kids. When  my G- kids asks for a hat I jump on it. I did make some house slippers for myself. Pictures are coming.

May your last week of this year be good and the New Year be even gooder ;) hugs my dears

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!!! My Dear Friends

I received Teddy on my 2nd Christmas yes there is a story for Dec.20012.
     Merry  Christmas!!. I will be gone for awhile just being with my family. This is my wish for you: May Christmas be joyful, and the Holiness of this season remain in your heart this new year.

Here is something I found that is so quick and nifty that you will have time to make them before Christmas.  I made my own version. It is such a clever idea.  Brilliant. Link to idea and lovely blog http://stringthings.blogspot.com/

Hugs Mimi

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas!!! more of my 1950's Christmas story

Christmas story part 1 http://mimisgotyarn.blogspot.com/2010/12/merry-christmas-from-past-my-1950s.html

Blue eyes my first Christmas present loved to death as you can see

Why her name was Blue Eyes..its the name she came with.

      I f you read the first part of my Christmas story December 2010 post you will remember I ask Santa for a doll, but got a chair that dad had made me.  I loved this chair. I could not have replaced Blue Eyes anyway.  Blue Eyes story: Mom and dad order Blue Eyes for my first Christmas from the radio.  It was to be life size and feel like a real baby.  I was scared to death of it....THE HAIR so they ripped off the hair.  I never knew Blue Eyes with hair. She had bonnets so her being bald was never a problem.  I loved blues so much mom made 3 bodies for her that she can remember.  She was the only doll I had for years.  I loved her then I love her now.  She had teeth, and still has her little felt tongue.  You see I fed her my precious raisins. ( I imagine the teeth went by way of the raisins)  Mom said her head started to rattle and she had to be taken apart to find out what was in her....while I slept.  Mom ask me if I had fed her my raisins and I lied and told her no. She showed me the raisins.  I was in over my head, and told her she ate them herself. Lying in our home was not allowed, but momma let this go for some reason.
      The little green chair sat by the bookcase that held the radio and I would sit and listen to Lassie, my favorite was Uncle Remus. My kids sat in this chair and my grand kids. A simple gift from a dad that loved me...priceless. That year I even remember getting a color book and crayons from my great great Aunt Suzie, at that time it was a grand gift.  It was all under the small cedar tree.  We had a lot of cedar trees so usually we had one for Christmas.  It smelled so good.  The smell of cedar still reminds me of Christmas.

     Jack unwrapped the presents and wrapped them back up that year.... oh my they did not let that slip. He was reminded each year until his death in 1970.  They eventually thought it was cute, but not for years.

     Mom and dad played Mary and Joesph in the church play at Cedar Valley that year.  They used Blue Eyes for baby Jesus.  I was a mess and ran all over the church while the play was on and  they did not let it slip by.  Chickie grandma grabbed me one time and told me that daddy was going to tan my hide after church if I didn't sit down... I sat down, but got a swat anyway...the damage was done.

   Of all things we would get a coconut each year.  A coconut was kind of exotic for us although I have a 1930s church cook book from my gr grandma that has her coconut cake. She used the milk from the coconut and grated the meat.  I remember this cake it was huge and I can not duplicate it (wood cook stove ).We always got a peppermint stick, orange slices,Christmas ribbon candy, grandma's fudge and peanut brittle....and all the pies and cookies.  It was the very best time of the year. Oh dears, happy bygone days.

I wish for you a very Merry Christmas I truly do.  As some pray for the unknown soldier I pray for my unknown visitors;) yes I really do. And my family and friends that read this each day you know your on my list.  Just wonderful things I ask to be sent your way.. All of my dears.

Friday, December 16, 2011

One more week (((smiles and giggles)))

Lion Brand Stripes. A very long rectangle in garter joined at ends 

Can't see this but the snowman's body is a yarn ball very cute from Lakeside.com

Is this not the cutest thing in the world? LOVE IT. It plays Away in the Manager and lights up.
 Sorry about the pics, but I hate having my picture made.  WP. refused to model for me.  I have my grandpa's jowls and chins....deep sigh they never looked bad on him. Star War fans you will get the visual picture had I not lost some weight I was headed for the Jobba the Hut look.  I wonder if he spells his name with to T's?

I am trying to tidy up before the big clean next week.  I must not forget to lay out the turkey and ham. We are having a big sit down dinner the 24th then we have popaw read the Christmas story. we pray and let the kids open the gifts.  One gift is from Santa Christmas morning, and the stocks.  Right before bedtime on the 24th we take the little ones out, and let them leave reindeer food ( oats and colored sugar to make it sparkle in the moonlight). Our birds and raccoons maybe diabetic by now...I feel their pain. I will wear my Santa doughboy hat for this :).

I want to put my Christmas picture up with more of the story ....maybe Sunday.

Sweet things are wished for you. Hugs your Mimi

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Guess who got a early Christmas present??? ((Big Smile))

Mimi's Christmas present age 1year to 60+
     I guess this proves I am a child at heart.  This is what I ask  Santa for, and he gave it to me early.
    I ask the kids, who do you think gets the manager set?  Nadia, answered before Cubbie could.  Mimi, I know you, and you got that for Christmas. They know their Mimi.   You see I started buying Fisher Price in my 20s for the kids, then grand kids.  I still have them all packed away. Yes, I am a hoarder, but an organized one.   All the Star Wars (2 of each) Every single transformer made in the 80s  a footlocker full of match box cars. The Fisher Price Village, Castle, Farm, you get the idea all the kids toys....all of them stored in footlockers, and tight rodent proof containers on shelves in a shed.  No they will not come and get them.  So when I lay down my knitting needles for the last time, and shut the crochet hook container, those rotten kids will have a real job selling it or finding a place to store their childhood.  If Wp. and I decide to move to town there will be statute of limitations on how long before we up and give them away.

   When I saw this set my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.  I will always put this out at Christmas, and all the babies that come my way at Christmas time can stand in front of my wash stand and play up a storm with or without Mimi.  My good Nativity Scene will be put up high, someplace???. It is getting old and a little chipped in places.  One of the kids I am sure someday will want it.  We always made a big deal out of setting it up.

  Wp. got by cheap this year.  I bought him a very, very expensive gun for Christmas.  It was all hush hush, but he started asking questions...I knew he knew, so I just up and just gave it to him.  He went to the range with the boys ( his wolf pack) and played with it Sat. Seriously isn't it kind of cute that a man in his 60's still has a wolf pack. I taught him to tx so now he keeps up with them since hes retired.  I can't help but smile when he gets up and checks his phone for messages.  Note to self: never hide  anything under the bed in the spare room. 

The cookies, bread,fudge are winging there way to others as I type this.  We had a wonderful time this weekend.  Cubbie, pronounced me the best grandma ever.  He is 12 years old and still has fun without any high tech games at Mimi's. That really is a Christmas miracle:)  Nadia took the monster ripple after she spread it out and gave it another look.  I am sure I will make another one  after she has her new room done.:) That way the colors will be set in stone.

  I feel so chatty today.  I  may post again this week I need to put my forever Christmas picture up and add on to the story...yes there is more...there is always more.

fordbumpers to all and big hugs....may you get something this week that bought you as much joy as my manager set did me...see I am not selfish I want every single person that stops by to have joy simple, lovely filled up to the brim joy...with me.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Violet's blanket is on its way

Violet's blanket before the ribbon

 This ripple is huge!.

      I mailed the blanket this afternoon.  I am no longer a bad friend :).  It is as soft as butter. The ribbon is woven in the eyelets then bows tied at each corner. There was no time to take a picture of it after the ribbon was put in.  The monster ripple is so warm, and is much prettier in person ( haven't you just always wanted that said about you (((smiles))  I have)

     I had my eyes tested today so far so good.  We went to see mom and dad after the appointment.   I took them some stew I had made.

     I have so much to do before Christmas .  This weekend the tree gets put up. I don't think I will put as much out this year.  I need to find all my cookie cutters before the kidlets get here.  Why?? because I need to separate them . They go nuts and want to use them all. I have a wash tub full as grandma would say.  I even have one of mine when I was a baby.    I guess its turned into a collection.

    I need to make a few potholders for the girls, but I may not be able to finish 4 of anything. Jan. is going to be baby sweater month.

    Wishing you shooting stars to wish upon, and the hope your wishes will come true. Hugs!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I got a nice surprise!

My beloved childhood book

      http://easymakesmehappy.blogspot.com/   has a picture of a book exactly like mine.  I think it is in better condition.  I loved mine to death.  I wonder who loved hers? I find it so strange to see something on someones blog that I cherish.  Not long ago I saw the twin of a teapot my late Aunt Edna had bought me on Chimpmunknits blog.  I once spotted my good cherry tablecloth and napkins ????someplace. I find it heartwarming and maybe a tad strange.  The experience always makes me hold my breath for a second.  I wonder if anyone else has had this happen .  Wonder what it was, and somehow did you felt a kinship with the other owner?  I am really not expecting an answer although that would be kind of cool. Maybe someone could blog about their finds.

    Still working on the ripple....well kind of.  We went to see mom and dad and put the new tree up for them.  I washed the windows and put up fresh curtains.  I bought them a new Christmas tablecloth , and a few other little Christmas decorations.  I made the fruit breads and took them over.  It was a very nice  time.  WP. and I listened to Christmas music on the ride over.  I was really feeling it  by the time I unloaded the gifts for under the tree.  They will be here for Christmas Eve and Day, but I put a few gifts under their little tree from Santa.....he came real early this year. We just did not have room for all the packages around here. I ask them to wait till Christmas Eve before they come over or Christmas Day.  I want them to still feel Christmas in their own home.  They are truly my dears and I love them like they were now my children if that makes sense.  Dad and mom love my fruit bread.  Mom told me I had really stepped in it this year and not over it.... hill translation I did a good job. :)

Well just thought I would share about the book .  No one else was excited about it around here ;) my dears be a tiny bit excited about it with me. And I wish for you some wonderful memories homemade memories ...they are the best.  Nice warm hug.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

December is just about here.

                                            I did not have permission to use the pic so I messed the faces up.

         Look what I found in my mail box a baby in one of my sweaters. Now without the distortion this baby is soooo pretty she makes my sweater look very special.  This is Rindy's Top down pattern. I would link, but I don't know where the pattern is now.  I had a friend from Raverly point this out to me last month. Wonderful pattern and from a kind lady that made so many sweaters for charity not to mention all those made from her pattern. It is a real loss for beginners in need of lovely sound basic patterns.

      Time to bring Christmas to the side of the hill.  WP. has a big basketball game next Sat. so guess we will have the kids in to work their magic the 10th.  This week I have another Dr. app. its a big one..send me a hug Monday morning.  I accept mental hugs with joy.  Later in the week its off to Nan-Nan's to bring some Christmas joy to their house.  I must make their yearly fruit bread.  I was going to ,skip it this year and Nan said, well I guess I'll have to make them.  Yes, I still respond to my mother's kindly guilting (new word created just for my mom and I). I suspect one never out grows this.

I have 25 more rows to go on the ripple it is a monster.  Nadia does not want it.  She wants one in shades of green now. So I am not sure where it will go.  I have  a very close friend ( 28 years), that is now house bound. Gigi, is 86 ans a second mom to me. She is at the top of the ripple list.  Violets baby blanket is still in the basket. I am such a bad friend.

I made a roast for dinner.  WP. really enjoyed the dinner. Its so nice to sit down with him and eat a meal, and know he does not have to go into town to work.  This retirement thing just doesn't get old.  I wake up every morning with a grateful heart.

Ok...heres an old saying that cropped up this last weekend.  Nadia was whistling and a hen started crowing....yes a hen  as Noah said, Mimi that is just not right, indeed my dear son.   heres why growing up I was not encouraged to whistle in the chicken yard just in case.  Now here it comes..................

" A whistling girl and a crowing hen will always come to some bad end." .  Did I ever tell you I have a quilt almost done with the centers having the printed verses of  family sayings on them.  I made it so that when a person was sick they could read them. They will make you smile now...maybe not 60 years ago it was kind of serious. ;)

This week may each of you have good things in every nook and cranny of your life. Surprises that make you want to twirl , and simple pleasures that make you feel safe... may it all be yours my dears.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update for this coming Thanksgiving week

    No pictures lazy and feeling crummy.  Nadia and I baked choc chip bread 3 kinds of cookies today.  I should have taken pictures.  I taught her how to assemble tins and trays.  I had bought lots of cute Christmas wax paper, and wrapping doodads.  This was our Thanksgiving run.  We will a put out all stops the first of Dec.  The kids help me with the tree and we bake up a storm. I am almost not up to it,but they look so forward to it. I must be a good soldier and carry on.

  I have added more rows on the ripple.  My dearest friend has a new baby GD they named her Violet.  I made her sister a knitted sweater and crocheted one and hats you name it.  Violet's baby blanket is still on the needles not half done.  That my dears as you know is not like me.  I need my Chickie to threaten me to get a stick with a bug on it....I so miss my grandma...she could always spur or egg me on. I hear her still.

  Things are getting worse for mom. Heartbreaking  . WP. and bought a Christmas tree and new decorations for her. After Thanksgiving we will do what needs to be done in the house, and set the tree up.  I bought several gifts to put under the tree from Santa.  I hope she will enjoy looking at the lights and finds some joy this Christmas.

I think I may put the ripple up and work on potholders next week if I even have a spare moment.

My dears, if you pass this way may you leave with a blessing and unmeasured joy this coming week.  Hugs each one.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Thanksgiving babies Happy Birthday!!!!!

They were not allowed to sit next to each other at the table

                                                       9 years and 1 week apart and were very close

 I always put this up on Bub's birthday, but this year I waited to be closer to my my daughters. They were not born on Thanksgiving, but I was so thankful for both of them that they are my Thanksgiving babies.  It seems they were always into something. Chasing each other, playing tricks ON EVERYONE.  Ok I miss it. They are both so grown up now, but every once in awhile I see the little pistols they use to be.  I pray their birthday month is so special. Love you both.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Help there is a giant turtle on my deck;)

I did not crochet the bumps in, those are acorns and leaves:)

Herrschners Juvenile Afghans (4 one knitted)

   Heres the story.  I would Not have bought this book .  I purchased it for the turtle pattern. I hate working with ugly colored yarn and this was not a project to cheer one up. I hope it  makes my baby grandson happy.  A year ago when he was 3 he told me he wanted to pretend he was a turtle (not ninja), and he needed a shell.  You see when he was 3 he thought I could make anything ( remember the giant crab pillow). I just drew a blank.  I thought about purchasing a large round lid and taking the handle off if needed and crocheting a cover for it.  I never really found one that worked.  A year passed and he kept asking. He DID NOT want a turtle hat or sweater . He explained I have to crawl under it to really be a pretend turtle.  So he can crawl under this and I hope it does the trick . His Mimi, alas does not know how to.... deep sigh... come up with a proper turtle shell. I have found my creative limitations.

  I have to take dad to a DR. appointment in an hour or so.  When I get home I am going to veg out. I hope. I plan on working on the mindless ripple.  I have new yarn for a chunky baby sweater and I really need to make potholders for Christmas.  Will tell what I am doing for our precious nan-nan later.

 I wanted to update Sunday but......ok I sewed the turtle head on wrong which lead to everything else being in the wrong place. I redid it Monday and I pouted about it for 2 days. I may or may not be over it yet.....no not yet, but just about.

Hugs, my dears and may the rest of your week be filled with moments that you just know you are living the best life ever. Love to my dears.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

hmmmm maybe

If I made this and


I should be able to do this I stress should.
        I bought the book, or should I call it a leaflet from Herrschners called  Juvenile Afghans. The booklet really did not appeal to me, but it had one pattern in it that may solve a problem for me. Details on the problem when the afghan is done and pictures taken...there is a story.  After sitting and looking at the booklet while I make the mystery blanket the other patterns start to look interesting. The one above is in the afghan stitch then cross stitch the design.  It is very simple compared to the others I have done.  Yes there is a but in here, but I was younger with better eyes and motivated .

      Let me tell you a story and about motivation.  The wildlife afghan was a kit back in the 70s. Sport yarn and very detailed tiny graphs.  I wanted this kit badly. My husband was smitten with it. I showed the picture to Ky mom (my husbands mother) this is what she said, " You have no business getting that kit you will never be able to make something like that". Thank you Ky mom. Got the kit for my birthday and worked on it for 3 mos every second of spare time. I played the piano for the church and held countless positions (those no one would do), with two little boys, fixing uniforms and cooking every meal no  extra time for anything. I did it because I was motivated.  Yes, it went with us on the next trip to Ky. It was almost sinful how  I felt when I unfolded it.....not a word not a single word.

     The Holly Hobbie is a kit in the 70s. I had bought it and stored it away.  It was made when I found out there would be another chance for a baby. There had been many miscarriages, and I really never dreamed I would have a girl.  I called this Holly Hobbie my afghan.  It was not to be the babies it was mine.  God just up and blessed me without measure.  The Holly Hobbie was one of many that was Meg's. I can still remember the joy of working on it and a tiny hope of the baby that now is 27.

       I first cross stitched on the afghan stitch on squares.Gloria Vanderbilt had designed flowers for cross stitch. They were lovely.  I have no idea what happened to them. It was a good foundation for what was to come.  Now so many years later I think this little fish blanket is on my bucket list.

      Mom will be here tomorrow.  What fun we will have.  If you are outside some night and think you hear someone singing Christmas songs and old bluegrass gospel, it us.  I am pretty sure there is a cloud that we send up with songs in it ,  I know in my heart that  joy vaporizes at some point and moves up.

Well My dears, love to you and yours, and hope you start your Christmas songs early with Nan and I. Hugs Mimi

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Early Update

all color repeats are done now for the first set

Its going to be wide enough to go across a twin bed
        I have a good start on the ripple.  I will see if Nadia likes it. At 13 you never take anything for granted about what they like.  It should go across her twin canopy bed that was Meg's.  Nan and popaw bought Megs the set in the 80s from a furniture store that was going out of business...the set is still beautiful.  I will have to buy a new canopy for the top .  I think hers is an off white now. If she
does not want it and all my girls shake their heads it will be donated to a women's shelter in town. Megs best friend works at the shelter so it works for me , win-win.
        WP. is outside blowing leaves and acorns off the deck and walks so I can take my walk tonight. What can I say the man is in love :).  Somedays, I feel really great then others I am about ready to check out nursing homes. I know its my medication, everyone tells me it will get better.....live in hopes once again.
        I have started a blanket for the baby boy since it is a surprise I will just take a picture after I send it off. It is going to take me awhile...there is a story behind it.  If Ya keeps hers that will leave my cubbie, Noah to make a blanket for.  Cubbie is after me to get an iPad so he can talk to me and use that cool camera deal. Hes 12 and he still wants to talk to me ....that my dears is priceless.
       Nan will be here for about 4 days so I am trying to get everything done so it will be all about her. We will no doubt sing all the old songs, plus Christmas songs. She tells me about the past and sometimes she will add something new. I enjoy every sec. I have with my momma.  What a blessing I have been blessed with.
      Hey, what about those Cardinals. Wp. couldn't sleep for 2 nights he was so excited. They beat a really really good team and I felt bad for the Rangers, but not bad enough to want them to win.  I just wanted to cry when I saw their managers face...but could not help but laugh when I saw Tony's. Lots of emotion in this World Series.
      Well since WP. will be gone for a few days we are going to rent movies tonight and just be together. Yes, my dears its old people love.
       This week my dears may it bring you special treats  candy ?? yarn?? a new book what ever you deem as a special treat, and I hope it makes you twirl with joy. Hugs and a ford bumper (our family love is rubbing foreheads hence called ford bumpers)....we are a corny lot.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Sunday

Copper being all happy. Left his glowing eyes cause its Halloween

Zoe D. Crackers the Cat

          I have made some progress on the ripple, but to lazy to take a good picture. I think I may cheat  some and start a baby sweater.  I am in need of some feel good.
          We spent the afternoon at the folks.  We are so blessed to still have them.  I just pause and Thank God !!!
          Wp. is a dog person. Let me tell you he has a cat anyway. Miss Crackers follows him everywhere. She lays at his feet on her blanket on the couch. She will often walk over ever so gently and kiss him. So he's in love denial.  When we pick up cat food he will pick up the big case of the Fancy Feast.  Now he puts on his glasses to check to see if it is the seafood variety......because he tells me it is her favorite she is a seafood girl ( good grief) he used the word seafood girl.  I made her 2 cat toys, one has fresh catnip in it from the edge of Nan's woods. She rolls all over it and lays on her blanket cuddling it like a baby. Wp. says in a manly voice well I guess  the cat is kind of cute.  No sweetheart it is not cute stuff shes as high as a kite on catnip...let him think she is acting cute for him. The cat is smart.  Its funny how we never want pets, and yet it seems we always have one.  Copper and Crackers is the last of the kids pets that are left.  We both adore them and would spend a fortune to keep them yet I don't think we will get anymore when they pass.
         No Dr. appointments this week ( I am twirling).  This week it is all about catching up, and leaves and acorns.  Our new furnace is a wonder to behold. No wood to haul .... you have no idea. Our thermostat is space age, I swear. Our old one was to hot, open the door or windows to cold ,go throw more wood on the fire. We kept the wood for backup.
         May you this Fall be warm, and full of hope for the new year that is fast approaching. Hugs my dears.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fingers Crossed

                                           link to pattern:http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/neat-ripple-pattern.html

         Every time I show and unfinished project I have to frog it.  I have already thought about ripping this one out and making it smaller, and I am looking at the other colors and thinking about a change.  Love the pattern. Perfect tut for a beginner and old women getting use to medication (that would be me;)
       No pic of my knitted baby ghan.  I am about a 1/4 done on it. Lots going on here.

       Vent:  I dislike doctors. Don't trust them.  I think why the death rate is down is because we can now google our meds and question them with treatments etc.  That being said I have another appointment in the morning and appointments....... as long as we both shall live.  It could be worse  it really could be. I repent, but I still have a problem with doctors. WP. in fact has no problem with making me go.  I may, when we are old and gray, die in a doctors office just to prove my point. :) Now you know that was funny.

      Two afghans in the works and all I want to do is make baby sweaters. I have acquired bad judgement in starting new projects.  Imagine that, I once again just jumped up and grabbed some yarn and went at it.

     My dears, I wish for you a week filled with good things and a nice surprise or two. Wish it back really truly need it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Catch Up

         Still not feeling my best ;) whatever that is. I am upright in my chair so that my dears is a good thing.


   The hat need some spiders,but I felt good about just getting something done.  Good pattern and fun project very good tut.

                                           Bernat yarn, granite stitch, very soft

       Maybe the pooling is not that great, but over all its very pretty and the softness is a plus. The stitch  makes it stretch and is just thermal. Yes, it takes forever, but I wasn't going anywhere.
http://www.whiskersandwool.blogspot.com  for my mom, my hat

 You know how I love the Whisker and Wool designs when I saw this I was so thrilled.  You know Nan plays the guitar, and everything else with strings. So how perfect is this?  She loved it. 

Remember me and all those that stop by are in my heart. hugs my dears Mimi

Friends...better than all earth's treasure

                                           Marla and I at the mall. Fred Flintstone feet are mine
                                           WP.'s clod hoppers not show;)
                                            My precious chick I adore... I was gifted and I do love gifts.
                                            Marla has my number, and the candles I feel sorry for you
                                            because you can not smell them. If I had felt like my old self chick
                                            have had a better picture on my old Hoosier. Thanks Marla.

           I have the best friends. Some are from childhood, a few from our travels, my church girls, and my friends I met online. Marla transcends friend to family now.  When you hug you are no longer a friend you become family. Last,but not least my Group.  I won't link to my group because we have closed it.  Its small and cozy and we are close.  When my dears are sick or their child have problems it concerns me.  I pray and can't wait to get to my computer to see if everyone is OK.  Now I have been on the other end of the concern and it goes beyond heartwarming. When someone says please check in its just not the same without you...now that is a gift and no small thing to feel loved by those that you have never seen or hugged. This is from women that I admire. We never trash anyone out, speak of faith not church doctrine... all in all I think we go about doing good and that for a group is priceless.

      To anyone that stops by may you be blessed and have just the most lovely week....send it back...still in need.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Link and update

   Today I do believe a post was written for me on my favorite blog:http://thequiethome.blogspot.com/

My computer is better and if you ever stop by, (thanks C. for the advice your such a sweetheart).  So the old girl maybe bought some time.  She may be be old and sometimes cranky just like me, but ya don't count us out till we are hauled off.

I have been poorly as Chickie would say. Got a ways to go, but getting there.  Thanks Marla for the encouragement .  I value anyone  that has been there and done that ;)  All my friends are so dear to me.

I am not online like I use to be. I check my mail every other day, and a couple of my fav. blogs.

I have got a few things done when I get stronger I will put pictures and links up again.

Anyone that stops by for a peek. God bless, and keep you, sweet and tender love sent your way. Send it back for WP and I are in need.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home and with a smile on my face

This will be fast can only stay on my puter a few mins till bombed with errors. I can't download any pics times me out deep deep sigh and whine.

WP. and I went to Ky and loaded Miss Marla down with books. Girls, she is just as sweet as she seems and tiny little thing...cute as a button. WP. said if he saw her in that big old truck he might have pulled her over to she if she was to young to drive  :) ...we adored her.  Hope we did not get her in trouble with all those boxes we left her with.

Girls, Marla got me a birthday present.... not going to tell you about it till I can put up pictures... I LOVE it.  All In all a very lovely trip.

Noah is out of surgery and is doing ok.. poor little guy.

If I  don't post you know my computer is gone .  I can have Sweet check my mail once in awhile.  Not sure when I will get a new one..... got my first error message so better see if this will post. Hugs
and if you stop by Marla thank you.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Update... Betty is in the mail going down under and her twin to Texas.

   Girls its a miracle.  I have not been kicked off so far.  I have tried all day to put this up.  If I disappear for a spell you know why.  My computer is going and I know it, and somehow I think the next time I turn it on it will be ok. You know me live in hopes die in despair.

  Got the car loaded for a trip to drop off the books and mags to the little girl. I am also including my needle tatting books the one Barb gave me a thanks on the inside cover, and some needles.  I believe Marla will take to tatting,especially needle tatting. No one in the family will want them so I am just proud to find someone that does.

 Betty Boop is from the Old Chelsea Station patterns in Ny.  It was a Alice Brooks design from Needlecraft Service.  Old girls, remember when we would send off for the patterns and we had to put our return address on a piece of paper just to their size and they would glue it on...oh them good old days ;).  Checked my mail so its a go for you Bren will send it out Fri. .Your idea is really cool hope it works send me pictures.  I am glad I could send it to you dear friend. Cat, got the original and the envelop  Betty came in.  Bren has a copy which will proably be best for her project.  Bren, you are a sweetheart.

Baby blanket is done it is just so-so.  Another mandala done...very pretty.  No pics I don't dare risk it
I am holding my breath that this posts.  I have another nan story, but it will have to wait.  Seems like we are replacing everything at once.  A new furnace, my computer is going..going.... the fridge is acting strange.  My ice cream was soft yesterday. Need I say more.  What a Fall this is becoming.

OK.  If I am missing remember my naughty computer.  Wish for us good stuff...your wished it back hugs Mimi

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Its Fixed I think

  At least its an update.  No pictures of the baby blanket, but  I am on the border.  I have added several rows to the log cabin granny.  I want to do a baby sweater so badly or a potholder. Whiskers and Wool's potholder patterns are like candy to me...I see them and its oooo I want some....ooo I want all of them.  So I have most of them, but not all ..not yet.

We are ordering our furnace Monday then its a month of workers in and out of the house. We are getting a heat pump and LP furnace , and we can keep our wood stove for backup.  We still have not committed to a generator. We went with Lenox so we are already up to 10,000.   If WP and I could still stack 21 rank of wood we would have just kept burning wood. This getting older thing is as inconvenient as all get out. 

 I am going to Nan's to do Fall cleaning and...really seeing how they are doing.  I will stay some nights. Everyone was here Sat. and Nan was so much worse. Dad seems to be either distracted by something hes not talking about. He could be in the first stages of this dreadful thing. Yep I am scared silly.

Sorry, K. and Rosie girl, and Barb w. and all that could not get on.  Fixed it for you.

Send hugs and good wishes and thoughts...and may you get them back 7 fold.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall is creeping in

     The weather here is so perfect, just lovely.  No pictures.  I have worked hard this week on sorting.  The trash hauling guy came yesterday and hauled what we deemed to be trash.  I feel bad, because some of it was nice, but it would have been impossible for WP and I to take all of it in.  I am sure the guy will sell or keep some of it.  If he does good for him. We hired him to do some other work for us.  I think we hit the lottery with this guy.  He was on time he was reasonable with his rates and really did a good job.  WP. and I can barely keep Nan and Papaw's place up and with all we have to do here it is out of control.

    Michael and Stephie and the kids are home from their cruise.  The pictures told the tail they had a wonderful time.  They vowed never to step foot in New Orleans again. That is where they got on the boat. Yes in the middle of Tropical Storm Lee.  They said a 12 hour drive to another port would have been worth it.

    My dearest friend sent me 35lbs of fabric Fri.  I just sorted mine and vowed not to buy anymore.
I really should have taken a picture.   A lot of the fabric was from pricey fabric stores tied with little satin bows. It is all so precious.  I have been out of the fabric buying phase of my life. It was refreshing just to look at it.  I am getting my sewing machine cleaned and tuned up so to speak.  I have so many ideas its what I have been thinking about when I drift off to sleep.

    Most of the baby stuff is gone.  I need to make more baby sweaters.  I seem to be on a potholder jag here lately. I am still not done with the baby blanket, but I am over half done so maybe next Sunday there will be a picture.

    I have been cooking up a storm with the cooler weather the oven on the stove feels kind of good.

    Well my dears I am off to take a nap. I wish for you good sweet rest when you need it this week . hugs.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Day...a little worried.

  I am working on a baby blanket, It is in the striping yarn.  It may not pool like I wanted, but it is so soft and because it is the granite stitch it is like thermal.  I am going to finish it up bad pooling or not bet someone will want it.  I have a baby sweater made with blocks on the hook....one block made hehehe. I will finish it up before long. Pictures I am sure next week.

I have had a bad cough and slept most of Fri and today. Took some med so I am really sleepy. Still clearing out things.

Prayer Request for Michael.  As most of you know the family went on a vacation.  They had this booked last May. So of course Tropical Storm Lee had to make an appearance.  They called me from Fla. they will be driving right thru it to New Orleans to get on the boat (if they will let them) Monday. They will go to Mexico and tour the  ruins etc.  Then when they get back, Noah goes in for an operation the 20th of September.  I so very much want them to have a really good time before his operation.  Its not to be serious, but you know how grandma's worry.  He has been complaining to me for awhile that his legs hurt so bad.  Maybe they will get to the bottom of this.

Hugs to my precious dears.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wonderful Birthday..Sunday Update

      Tuesday, we went to St. Louis.  Bri Z. fixed the best chicken and dumplings I have ever had. I didn't even want to know how she made them, it would spoil the illusion she had chickens in her back yard, and a little mill that she ground the flour in. They were better than my grandma's dumplings. We did eat out, but it could not compare with what she left me with when they went to the ballgame.  My grandson wanted me to have cupcakes, yum .I got a gift certificate to the new  Joann super store.  The store was so big that it would be impossible to really do it justice in a day.  The gift card was very generous and I came home with some left on it.  Back I go one of these days. Very nice time. My grandson is such a little gentleman, I am so proud of him.  I really am not just bragging,  my grand kids are so sweet and polite. I can't help let it spill out every once in awhile. Mom and dad took me out to dinner on my birthday. I got birthday cards, calls. I am sad its over. I need to take some pictures of the 2 mags and book I bought...I know, I know, but it was my birthday. I did get some buttons, and a very small knitting needle for cuffs.


               I never really thought I would like making these.  I was wrong. I  was gifted some its not thread yet its not yarn stuff.   The 4 balls I had were all different types of fiber. No way could I give them up. I had thought about Barbie clothes.  If I find a little girl in need of Barbie clothes, I could frog them, but for now they will grace my tables and Ya's dresser. The pink one has a silver metallic thread in it. They are my pretties

                                            Weapons of mass frill abuse;)
I am still rearranging my stuff.  I found my DD's bows.  I bought a new container.  Its not half of them. Each bow matched an outfit I made...yes I still have the dresses etc.  I made quilt blocks from the scraps. someday I will have to take pictures of a few.  I am kind of prideful of them... good fabric, french seams... a baby girl after 2 boys and many miscarriages...I was living a dream. The boys were her idols. My DD acted just like they did... including the boy walk....she was put in ballet for years it worked, then she walked like a duck...just kidding Megs.  I have to tease my baby.

Well, this week may someone see all the good you do, and appreciate your generous spirit. And then sing a silly song and twirl bet it makes you smile. Hugs to my dears.