1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The cupcakes are done!

You knew a hat was coming. It is on ravelry free. The name of the pattern is crocheted cupcake hat....left off the loops. Another already in the works with purple cupcake buttons .

My dears my dears may you do as I am doing remembering what makes you happy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My favorite sweater pattern with a cupcake

Sweet baby sweater pattern

cup cake app

G- hook I Love This Cotton Yarn from Hobby Lobby

size I think about 3-6 mo.

9 increase rows for sleeves then 7 more rows for body.2 pink rows of front post then back post ribbing. sleeves 5 more white rows after joining sleeves. then 2 rows ribbing. I made button holes and sc rev around collar.

very soft and sweet sweater. It was like a joyful vacation to make.

My dears may you enjoy your next project as much as I have this tiny sweater. Yes a

cupcake hat is coming..... I am out of pink yarn. ((hugs


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sure its April so a winter set is done

Maybe we will have a blackberry squall. It would would justify my April winter set.

My dears if you want to hide out in hell unnoticed this is the yarn for you. Hell camo??? what was I thinking (once again). You know even if it is fuzzy hell camo yarn the set is kind of pretty. Poke my pic (click)...see... The scarf a simple garter stitch I need something mindless scarf. The hat is a slouch hat. fingerless mitts just simple stuff.

By the end of this week I am so going to have my family blog back up so I will stop my endless chatter here. Plus Ya's quilt in the frame...

Well since I will clean this blog up shortly ...my day so far: I have not walked today, and I had a bacon sandwich with olives, a pickle, and chips, 2 choc chip cookies for breakfast...yes I am suppose to be on a diet. I have no will power none. I am so glad I don't drink, smoke or into big time naughty sex. I would be an overweight, crafty, aging alcoholic whore with lung problems.

Well my dears I do have a few kitchen things done, but more to come so will save it for later.. big big hugs with a wish for lovely things this week for you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just look at this!!!!

I just love it when I get pictures of babies in things I have made for them. This is my best friends first grandchild. Remember I was worried about making something good enough. You should see the hair lots of it. I am so jealous. All my babies were bald. My DD I am ashamed to say had bows taped to her head (before baby headbands). My DD even had a bow under her bonnet just in case the bonnet came off. Little girls are never wasted on me. Let me babysit for your tomboy and she will leave looking like Shirley Temple whether she wants to or not. My DD had a word for it, frill abuse. There are no programs in my area for the frill abuser.

I have did nothing today. Since my gall bladder deal I just don't have the get up and go. I did walk for 30 min then napped for 60. Its a circle.

Well my dears, enjoy this week and may good things abound for you.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Time passes so fast.

You see the Dogwood tree in the picture. My youngest son planted this tree in 4th grade. It looked like a match stick. I just knew it would not grown. Each year he would check on it and it would have grown a little. Then it seems like all of a sudden we have this blooming Dogwood tree. He is 35.

All the kids and grandkids plus our precious Nan and Popaw were here this weekend. As we all gathered around the table and held hands for the Easter prayer and verses I looked up and felt so blessed. Where has the time gone. Now a gr. grandchild sits in my dads highchair where my kids and I once sat. How can this be, and I remember my dear grandmother saying almost the same thing....youngun those happy byegone days. Yes indeed chickie grandma. I am an old woman yet I miss my grandma with the heart of a small child. I was raised by people and in a place time forgot. It was and is my most precious gift.

I am sure I will soon delete this for it is so for off my project blog promise

To redeem myself...knitted a scarf just garter for pickup mindless work. Now I will find a cap pattern and mitts. The colors are not anyones. It was a ????why in the world after I finished it. I have not got back to the meme project. I am putting up Ya's quilt THIS week. Also I looked my yarn over I have 2 ideas that are burning holes in my brain. Yarnydays sweater pattern and make it in a kind of sock monkey yarn (I have) trim in red blanket stitch and oooo the hat. The other idea is a little more uptown still same pattern with a suede yarn for the collar and patches of suede where the elbows would be. Thats what I want to do. I am such a baby sweater lover.

As chickie would say I am feel a tad violet today not blue just violet. She also had dark brown headaches. My dears I wish for you so much goodness this week it just spills over and you must say out loud has there ever been such a lovely week?. ((Hugs))