1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gone Quilting

If you wonder what I am doing ....gone quilting. Dad has eye surgery plus lots of Dr. appointments for the next 3 months. I already have 3 appointments for him next week. My busy bag is packed to take with me. Lots to do this Summer.

Bib This is Marla's bib pattern. I did a little fancy work on it because the movie was still on ((smiles)). I wonder how many others just have to have something to do when they sit down. I like the pattern . The yarn I used curled on me so I rev sc around the bib. I think its really cute.

Finally the quilt is in the frame. I started a baby blanket as well. I can only quilt for a spell then I must sit in my recliner with my feet up..I am such an old woman. Every time I start to quilt I can hear my chickie grandma say, " How many reaches you think we will get before duty calls".

I wish for you good memories this week and maybe a snowcone....I would dearly love a grape one.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Compare the Two BSJs

Looking at the 2 I think that Jenny King did a bang up job translating the sweater to crochet. The arms on the knitted BSJ are a tad short as well. I kept the ugly brown one to use when I made my next knitted BSJ. I never did. Its on my list for this Fall.

I have Ya's quilt all spread out to put in the frames . Yea today is the day( maybe) it gets started. I plan on doing all the things I promised for Fall in the next few weeks. After I am finished with the Fall scarves, mitts and hats, its back to baby sweaters and quilting. I think plans are lovely things. Hugs

Crocheted Baby Surprise sweater done!!!!!!!!!!

Sweater pattern

Cotton Ease Yarn I hook. REMEMBER UK terms Double crochet is a single crochet.

What I would do different: Use a larger hook on starter chain (only on starter chain.)

I think wool would be perfect for this because you could block it to perfection.

This could be just me....it ran big. The sleeves will be 3/4 sleeves. Although I need a small child to prove this ((smiles))

I will make more for I want to use the larger hook to see it that works better and I think I want to decrease in a different way. I am not sorry I bought the pattern... it stirred me up..my dears I was in desperate need of stirring.

Please stay cool and safe this weather here has been dangerously hot.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Bubblegum pink sweater set


I have been trying something new. After every project I try to use up the left over yarn for the next project. What this has done is make me hate bubblegum pink yarn ((smiles)). I still have a small ball left from the two sks I started with. Since I started this I will try to make pink and white bibs with what is left.

The pattern names I used from the link above are: Scalloped Bonnet, Mary Janes, Picot Lace sweater. All 3 are adapted. The Mary Janes I used the yarn instead of thread for the bow Mary Janes and just made a bow.

I thought the J hook and sport weight yarn would never work for a baby sweater. I was wrong....imagine that.

I wish for you a cool and lovely week full of Summer time food and fun...You know
I need this wished back its over a 100 here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink Hex baby sweater set done!

Hex sweater pattern

Bow Hat

The Hex sweater is for a couple that wanted a boy so badly. Wp. works with the new daddy to be. Nothing like seeing cute girl things to help get over that.

I used Bernat Baby Softee. I always decrease more on the sleeves and neck. I did buy the hat pattern. I never use it. My cherry hat was in worsted, and its was made before I bought the pattern. I started to use the pattern for the pink hat, and it was way to big. I did not want to rip out all the stripes so I went off on my own. I didn't have to buy the hat pattern. You know even if I don't use the pattern it was her design I used. I would not feel right about it. I never sell anything its gifts or charity, but right is right. Everyone else can do as they please about this... I cast no stones, but as for me I will buy the pattern even if its just the idea I use.

My dears this week I hope you feel so blessed. It will just wash over you how wonderful life is. hugs to all that stop by ((HUG))

Friday, June 11, 2010

Its Not My Favorite

Sweater pattern Everyday is a new sweater day: sweater pattern

I should have seen this coming. I spent to much on the buttons. Its always about the buttons for me. They don't show up. I would cut them off, but I sew them on so securely that I would damage the buttons or sweater to get them off. I like Vanna White Yarn and the colors are very pretty, but it seems to be a heavy worsted. I keep forgetting that. I think of Red Heart as a # 4 worsted, Simply Soft is a # 3.5 that makes Vanna White for me a #4.5. That is my scale (((smiles)))

The Scottie apps are mine. Wish I could write the pattern up...deep sigh I did give it a go...miserable. The sweater is a yarny days patternI just left off the collar. I did 2 rows of sc instead of a collar. The sweater is more like a jacket, the buttons don't show up, and my camera is a liar the jacket is not a pretty color for a baby. Its dark. The baby hat is a Janelle Schlossman pattern. I miss her site and wonder how she is doing. I use allot of her patterns I printed off. I should have printed them all.

I don't think I will even add this to my ravelry page. I took no pains to take a good picture of it. It will keep a baby warm so all is not lost. boo hoo its just not as pretty as I pictured it to be.

When my son was little I would ask him it he liked something, if he didn't he would say well its not my favorite..... My dears may you have many favorite things bestowed on you this coming week hugs bugs

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cherry Hat and Booties

The hat is the topknot hat from knitlist. The vest is the girls crocheted vest from Susies Stuff. I had ran out of yarn trying to use up scraps. So I had to buy more purple and now I have more purple scrap yarn than I did at the beginning.Funny!!
I had a pink ball about the size of a walnut left when I finished the booties. So I did get rid of a partial sk of pink yarn one down a million to go.

Close up of the vest I did the picots a tad different, ch 5 sl st in base of ch 5. It forms more of a little ball and for this yarn it just looked better. Yarn-cotton.

My dears, may your week be filled with so much joy you must twirl. Because of my hips I will be twirling with you in my heart and in my chair. Wish it back I could use some joyful twirling.