1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Wood Elves and the Master

Serious side of the hill work being done. I almost have the scarf finished. Thats about it except for plans in me noggin.

Rice Krispies will soon be forced into tree, star, and teddy bear molds. There may be pics hmmm depending on how they turn out and if they are gobbled up :). Happy Thanksgiving weekend. Hope your needles are smokin.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Hat and Scarf in the Works

The colors in the hat are much more muted and darker. The yarn is lovely in person and not so brassy as in the pic. The hat is just a rolled brim. Cast on 80 on 7 cirs work sk for about 7in or so from the brim of the hat then start dec. I just used the simple dec. knit 9 dec, knit next row, knit 8 dec, knit next row, at some point you must transfer to dbl points you get the picture. The hat is a sm adult or a fitted med adult. That is the size my DD and mom takes. There are many lovely roll brim hat patterns. I was just lazy.

Rolled brim hat patterns made me think of Janelle Schlossman. She had many lovely patterns on her site. Since AOl took down Hometown the site is gone. Does anyone know if she has a site now? I know she was ill. She was so generous with her patterns.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We Need A Bigger Basket

Our Christmas basket is getting to full. Nan is making coasters and I am making the old CD coasters and scrubbies. We keep it simple these days. It has been a fun thing to share with my mom.

I love looking around this site The little mocs are adorable. Now I am thinking booties. I get worked up so easy when I see lovely projects.

My DD like her birthday set. I have started another hat in the I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. I really do love that yarn. Its working up in a lovely stripe. I wish I could knit faster.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday Hat, Mittens and Scarf

My DD birthday is Tues. I almost always make her a hat for her birthday. MY DD loves trying things on so she slipped on the Panda Paws (I thought they would go to my grandson that is 9) they fit her to a T. She has small hands for someone that plays classical piano. She was playing at the University when she was 12. The hours we spent driving, and I spent sitting. I don't regret a min. She stopped playing in grad school, and now I think she is picking it back up again.
While she was home she peeked into all my baskets (noisy little thing). She found the buttons I bought when our Wal-Mart lost the fabric dept and everything went on sale. She loved the buttons and I thought of one of my all time favorite hats
She has a coat this will all match so like the guys on the A-team would say I just love it when a plan comes together. The pic really does not do the whole thing justice.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Next Project Crocheted Hudson Bay Jacket

Look what I found. This will be my next project. I may have to wait till after Christmas, but it is a must do. I am only young at heart my dears. I can remember boys wearing the Hudson Bay jackets and you would see girls wearing their boyfriends Hudson Bays. It was very cool. By the time I got in High School most of the dad's had inherited the boys jackets even some moms (they were warm). So I never really got my shot at owning one or ;) sharing one. You can still see one in old movies or an old mag. once in awhile. My grandson will get his Hudson Bay before Spring I hope. To find the colors might be a problem, but I can order.

I bought the pattern sometime ago. I found an old cat. it was discontinued, but since I had the order# they had some laying around I guess. I searched Lion Brand to link to the pattern, but its not on the site. The item # is 40215A. Just in case anyone else remembers the jackets with fondness.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A new hat

Nan bought me a birthday book with my Hobby Lobby coupon in Aug. I think she gave around 6 for the book. I really liked the felted bags, but the baby sweater is what sold me. You see I have never found my perfect knit pattern. It is a quest.
I have a really bad cold ( you may say poor Mimi if you wish for it would be true). Since I am sick I picked up the book and thought I'd have a go at one of the patterns. The hat had no graph. Each row was written out. I think it may confuse a newbie. I know I am use to doing graphs, but I was zooming along and I realized it was wrong. If they had not put a picture of the hat with the pattern it would have been a mess. Then I just blindly followed the pattern. The hat in the pic I am sure had a 1 inch ribbing then 1 to 1 1/2 inches till the pattern is started. The pattern states 2 inches for ribbing then 2 till the pattern. It also starts the dec. right after the pattern is finished . I am sure it needs about a inch till you start the dec. so the next hat I will make the ribbing 1 and 1/2 and 1 inch sk then start the pattern then 1 inch sk till first dec after the pattern. Anyone that knits at all will pick up on this right away. All in all I do like the book for simple knitting even if I had a little goof up with the hat. It could be me and my severe cold meds . You should really put on a mask to read this:) Look out I am going to SNEEZE........

Friday, November 7, 2008

Rudolph hat info

The pattern is from Crochetme and it is not under hats in case the link fails it is under most e-mailed pages on kind of the sidebar. I would have forgot where it came from, but the printer I used sets the address at the bottom of my page. Hat

I used Red Heart and I sk made 3 of the main color. I used a reverse sc crochet around the bottom and the nose is a crochet tri. I also made a round red noise I almost used. For the girls hat I will make eyelashes and a heart noise. The horns I made one 9 rnds then 7 then 5. I don't think that was mentioned in the pattern, but clearly they were different sizes. Maybe I have an old pattern. Hope this helps. Everyone that has seen the one hat that is done is wild about it. I am sure I will have to scale it up.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rudolph Hat for Christmas!!

Is offical I'm crazy. I am trying to make 3 of the Rudolph hats by Sat. One down ladies. Oh and by the way don't think I will be making duplicates anytime soon of anything.

If I stay up late the next 2 nights I may make it. All the links and my yarn usage will have to come later I am in a major time crunch. My kids will all be here Sat. and Bri Z. will be taking the hats home with her so I won't have to mail them. The hats are for Gus T. and his 2 cousins. Maybe I will have pics of them in their hats:). Stay turn for blinding cuteness.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Icky knitting ahead.

Its not a baby sweater, but its not a knitted fish so maybe I can move on. The hat will be a doll hat for one of Ya's bald headed dolls. Icky knitting was involved. I guess if I stay away from knitting or crocheting a variety of items I forget how . I need to be tested I swear. I should knock off a really difficult project to get my mojo working. Whats not so funny is all projects are turning into really difficult projects.
Nan and I have started the basket of kitchen things to be left by the door at Christmas for a grab it gift to all who stop by. If mom makes her potholders I will be the grabber.
Well my dears I hope your knitting is lovely and you are excited about your next project. You may wish that right back at me if you want to :)