1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Quick Angry Bird Post

Done!!!! No's, Ya's, and T's
T's Angry Bird Hat

    One down 2 to go....DEEP SIGH and WHINE.  No's will be different pattern, so maybe that will help.  Really fun, the pattern is from Ravelry. Thats what I am doing tending to my angry birds tonight.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year To All!!

     I pray this New Year is better than 20011. Please God let it be better! I wish  for you a wonderful New Year.  Remember ...forgetting those things that are behind and reach forward to the things which are before.

    I have not felt well today and my numbers show it. Its nothing I have ate or did .  I thought last night I was coming down with a cough, but I am alright this morning. I prayed I would not come down with the bad stuff I usually get.  This year I have no big plans for New Year Day.  I will pray early instead of midnight on New Years Eve.  Mom and I are such old  women this year we will pray the old year out and the new one in at 10:00pm.  I told  mom, its turning into the New Year someplace at 10:00. Heres my list:  I read my Bible cover to cover once again, but next year I am going to read the 13th chp.of 1Cor. each day until I have committed it to memory. Also on my list is  Ecclesiates12: 13,14 I will read the 2 verses each day until they are in my heart. I think I will pick up a Bible study. WP. and I are starting on the house the second week of Jan. We will be painting, replacing doors and countless other things. Project wise, I want to make more baby sweaters, but I am getting so many requests for other things. I do plan on donating hats, mittens and baby sweaters this year. Other than that just enjoy my family and my dear husband .

    The buttons were gifted by Bri Z. She knows me well.  For my DD its handbags, some chocolate, shoes....me its buttons.  I almost left a puddle when I saw them. Oh the sweaters I can make. Buttons inspire me.  She got the buttons from the Ben Franklin in St. Louis that closed.

    Slippers are some I just whipped up.  Simple stuff  with good old Red Heart. I added the bow for a bit of fun...ok the movie wasn't over and I had time on my hands.

 I honestly do not say this lightly, to each person that stops by I wish for you the best of all things and a New Year filled with your hearts desires. (they must be good desires;) ) hugs Mimi

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Granny Log Cabin

   I know I saw the Log Cabin Granny online, but for the life of me I can't find it.  There is a pattern on Ravelry for a baby blanket (its not free).  The baby log cabin is not the one I had seen months ago.  There was no pattern, but nice close ups so you could just look at it and give it a go.  I hesitate to put up my notes for stepping on the baby blanket designers toes. If you need some help leave me a comment. My cabin was made with scraps.  If you planned the colors it would be smashing. I just wanted to give it a try and not get all complicated with it. So here it is.

We had a lovely Christmas.  Everyone was here.  I have did not one thing to the house so far this week.  The wash is piled up and we went to get groceries today.  If the weather gets bad we cannot get out. The things we need must be on hand in the winter months. I must get some things done tomorrow. I have all our Christmas things to put up, and my parents Christmas decorations to take down and store. Aw, Christmas after shock.,

My puppy got a new Christmas toy.  Here is is asleep in the tv room guarding his old toy. His new toy ..well one of them ok he got 3 is in the back ground. He is getting old, but still keeps his puppy ways.  He cries with joy when he gets a new toy.  He will run all over the house shaking it and throwing it up in the air.  Its so cute. He has a box full of toys and rummages in it to get just the right one.  Sometime he even picks up a few and puts them back in the box. Zoe D. Cracker's toy is under her new blanket. I guess she hid it from Copper Lou.  The cat is smart.

Well this week instead of working on a baby sweater like I had planned I am going to make some hats for the grand kids. When  my G- kids asks for a hat I jump on it. I did make some house slippers for myself. Pictures are coming.

May your last week of this year be good and the New Year be even gooder ;) hugs my dears

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas!!! My Dear Friends

I received Teddy on my 2nd Christmas yes there is a story for Dec.20012.
     Merry  Christmas!!. I will be gone for awhile just being with my family. This is my wish for you: May Christmas be joyful, and the Holiness of this season remain in your heart this new year.

Here is something I found that is so quick and nifty that you will have time to make them before Christmas.  I made my own version. It is such a clever idea.  Brilliant. Link to idea and lovely blog http://stringthings.blogspot.com/

Hugs Mimi

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas!!! more of my 1950's Christmas story

Christmas story part 1 http://mimisgotyarn.blogspot.com/2010/12/merry-christmas-from-past-my-1950s.html

Blue eyes my first Christmas present loved to death as you can see

Why her name was Blue Eyes..its the name she came with.

      I f you read the first part of my Christmas story December 2010 post you will remember I ask Santa for a doll, but got a chair that dad had made me.  I loved this chair. I could not have replaced Blue Eyes anyway.  Blue Eyes story: Mom and dad order Blue Eyes for my first Christmas from the radio.  It was to be life size and feel like a real baby.  I was scared to death of it....THE HAIR so they ripped off the hair.  I never knew Blue Eyes with hair. She had bonnets so her being bald was never a problem.  I loved blues so much mom made 3 bodies for her that she can remember.  She was the only doll I had for years.  I loved her then I love her now.  She had teeth, and still has her little felt tongue.  You see I fed her my precious raisins. ( I imagine the teeth went by way of the raisins)  Mom said her head started to rattle and she had to be taken apart to find out what was in her....while I slept.  Mom ask me if I had fed her my raisins and I lied and told her no. She showed me the raisins.  I was in over my head, and told her she ate them herself. Lying in our home was not allowed, but momma let this go for some reason.
      The little green chair sat by the bookcase that held the radio and I would sit and listen to Lassie, my favorite was Uncle Remus. My kids sat in this chair and my grand kids. A simple gift from a dad that loved me...priceless. That year I even remember getting a color book and crayons from my great great Aunt Suzie, at that time it was a grand gift.  It was all under the small cedar tree.  We had a lot of cedar trees so usually we had one for Christmas.  It smelled so good.  The smell of cedar still reminds me of Christmas.

     Jack unwrapped the presents and wrapped them back up that year.... oh my they did not let that slip. He was reminded each year until his death in 1970.  They eventually thought it was cute, but not for years.

     Mom and dad played Mary and Joesph in the church play at Cedar Valley that year.  They used Blue Eyes for baby Jesus.  I was a mess and ran all over the church while the play was on and  they did not let it slip by.  Chickie grandma grabbed me one time and told me that daddy was going to tan my hide after church if I didn't sit down... I sat down, but got a swat anyway...the damage was done.

   Of all things we would get a coconut each year.  A coconut was kind of exotic for us although I have a 1930s church cook book from my gr grandma that has her coconut cake. She used the milk from the coconut and grated the meat.  I remember this cake it was huge and I can not duplicate it (wood cook stove ).We always got a peppermint stick, orange slices,Christmas ribbon candy, grandma's fudge and peanut brittle....and all the pies and cookies.  It was the very best time of the year. Oh dears, happy bygone days.

I wish for you a very Merry Christmas I truly do.  As some pray for the unknown soldier I pray for my unknown visitors;) yes I really do. And my family and friends that read this each day you know your on my list.  Just wonderful things I ask to be sent your way.. All of my dears.

Friday, December 16, 2011

One more week (((smiles and giggles)))

Lion Brand Stripes. A very long rectangle in garter joined at ends 

Can't see this but the snowman's body is a yarn ball very cute from Lakeside.com

Is this not the cutest thing in the world? LOVE IT. It plays Away in the Manager and lights up.
 Sorry about the pics, but I hate having my picture made.  WP. refused to model for me.  I have my grandpa's jowls and chins....deep sigh they never looked bad on him. Star War fans you will get the visual picture had I not lost some weight I was headed for the Jobba the Hut look.  I wonder if he spells his name with to T's?

I am trying to tidy up before the big clean next week.  I must not forget to lay out the turkey and ham. We are having a big sit down dinner the 24th then we have popaw read the Christmas story. we pray and let the kids open the gifts.  One gift is from Santa Christmas morning, and the stocks.  Right before bedtime on the 24th we take the little ones out, and let them leave reindeer food ( oats and colored sugar to make it sparkle in the moonlight). Our birds and raccoons maybe diabetic by now...I feel their pain. I will wear my Santa doughboy hat for this :).

I want to put my Christmas picture up with more of the story ....maybe Sunday.

Sweet things are wished for you. Hugs your Mimi

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Guess who got a early Christmas present??? ((Big Smile))

Mimi's Christmas present age 1year to 60+
     I guess this proves I am a child at heart.  This is what I ask  Santa for, and he gave it to me early.
    I ask the kids, who do you think gets the manager set?  Nadia, answered before Cubbie could.  Mimi, I know you, and you got that for Christmas. They know their Mimi.   You see I started buying Fisher Price in my 20s for the kids, then grand kids.  I still have them all packed away. Yes, I am a hoarder, but an organized one.   All the Star Wars (2 of each) Every single transformer made in the 80s  a footlocker full of match box cars. The Fisher Price Village, Castle, Farm, you get the idea all the kids toys....all of them stored in footlockers, and tight rodent proof containers on shelves in a shed.  No they will not come and get them.  So when I lay down my knitting needles for the last time, and shut the crochet hook container, those rotten kids will have a real job selling it or finding a place to store their childhood.  If Wp. and I decide to move to town there will be statute of limitations on how long before we up and give them away.

   When I saw this set my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.  I will always put this out at Christmas, and all the babies that come my way at Christmas time can stand in front of my wash stand and play up a storm with or without Mimi.  My good Nativity Scene will be put up high, someplace???. It is getting old and a little chipped in places.  One of the kids I am sure someday will want it.  We always made a big deal out of setting it up.

  Wp. got by cheap this year.  I bought him a very, very expensive gun for Christmas.  It was all hush hush, but he started asking questions...I knew he knew, so I just up and just gave it to him.  He went to the range with the boys ( his wolf pack) and played with it Sat. Seriously isn't it kind of cute that a man in his 60's still has a wolf pack. I taught him to tx so now he keeps up with them since hes retired.  I can't help but smile when he gets up and checks his phone for messages.  Note to self: never hide  anything under the bed in the spare room. 

The cookies, bread,fudge are winging there way to others as I type this.  We had a wonderful time this weekend.  Cubbie, pronounced me the best grandma ever.  He is 12 years old and still has fun without any high tech games at Mimi's. That really is a Christmas miracle:)  Nadia took the monster ripple after she spread it out and gave it another look.  I am sure I will make another one  after she has her new room done.:) That way the colors will be set in stone.

  I feel so chatty today.  I  may post again this week I need to put my forever Christmas picture up and add on to the story...yes there is more...there is always more.

fordbumpers to all and big hugs....may you get something this week that bought you as much joy as my manager set did me...see I am not selfish I want every single person that stops by to have joy simple, lovely filled up to the brim joy...with me.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Violet's blanket is on its way

Violet's blanket before the ribbon

 This ripple is huge!.

      I mailed the blanket this afternoon.  I am no longer a bad friend :).  It is as soft as butter. The ribbon is woven in the eyelets then bows tied at each corner. There was no time to take a picture of it after the ribbon was put in.  The monster ripple is so warm, and is much prettier in person ( haven't you just always wanted that said about you (((smiles))  I have)

     I had my eyes tested today so far so good.  We went to see mom and dad after the appointment.   I took them some stew I had made.

     I have so much to do before Christmas .  This weekend the tree gets put up. I don't think I will put as much out this year.  I need to find all my cookie cutters before the kidlets get here.  Why?? because I need to separate them . They go nuts and want to use them all. I have a wash tub full as grandma would say.  I even have one of mine when I was a baby.    I guess its turned into a collection.

    I need to make a few potholders for the girls, but I may not be able to finish 4 of anything. Jan. is going to be baby sweater month.

    Wishing you shooting stars to wish upon, and the hope your wishes will come true. Hugs!!