1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby Abram

This is much smaller than it looks. Abram's gown

Baby Abram left us at 2:00 this afternoon. He was born January 13th on his great grandpa's birthday, and died on our anniversary. He weighted 2 lbs and was 15 inches long. He was very pretty little fellow.  Thank you dear friends for your prayers and e-mails .  Marla what can I say your such a dear dear friend and you feel like you are mine somehow. Marla kept me sane with good information while I attempted to make Abram's burial gown and things.

I was worried about sizing and everything. I started last night and stayed up very late. This morning I started again at 6am and it was all finished by 6pm.  Wp. and I rushed it into the FedEx place and it will be there tomorrow before 3.  It was only by His Hand could I have gotten this done. I will never say again I just want to sit in my chair one full day and do nothing, but crochet....never. 

Abram was my DIL's nephew, but we are one family.  Once you marry into this family you are in for life, everyone.. even if you don't want to be you are still in...we need a secret hand shake or something.
Ya, broke her leg.  Its been a real lulu of a week.

May your week hold good things for you.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tea Towels And Pillow Cases

  I have my 3 tea towels done.  I should have taken pictures of the other two, but I am a tad lazy tonight. It has been taking forever for my pictures to download.  I have just started the pillow cases.  I am doing the satin stitch first because I hate it.  I wanted the Belles that did not have any satin stitches on them, but they were out, and for some reason I could not wait.  I think its because when I back stitch before I start to satin stitch, it makes me feel like I am done. Then my eyes are not what they use to be.  When you satin stitch you need to be careful, or it looks like....well it doesn't look good.  I am really enjoying this yarn break. I have so many things to embroidery that this may take another month. Like I say, I'm not going anywhere. The hardest lesson in life for me is to enjoy the moment I am in.  I use to fall in line and want to make what everyone else was.  That ship has sailed, and I am on shore blowing it kisses as it fades from site.

I am going to keep my towels, and I am on the search for material for my curtains.  I have 4 pair of jeans to hem.  THANK YOU GOD.!!!!!!!  I have my family, friends, and things I love to do and a home.  I hope this week some of my joy and happiness spills over to your world.  Hugs and be kind dear friends.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cry with me

  Baby Bee Pitter Patter is the softest yarn.  I just love it.  I found this yarn on clearance.  I could not believe my luck.  I have waited for the right project and it never came.  I started a top down sc baby sweater, and what did my wandering eyes behold....Grease.  Just after the counting part when I thought I was on to mindless joy...Grease. All three sks. I should have know better .  When yarn is that cheap and 3 sks all the same dye lot I should have been suspicious . Hells Bells, and the devils shoelaces I am aggravated. Oh well I guess I will get over it but..........not there yet. 

Right before Thanksgiving a good friend from Ravelry ask me how I made my Scottie dogs for my Scottie Sweaters. Honesty they are different each time I make them.. Be proud of me I wrote down a pattern for a Scottie app. and sent it to her.  I don't think she has made it yet.  I will try making it once again from my pattern before I put it up.  I am so very bad at this pattern writing thing.  Only for a friend would I even give it a go.  The strings are left on so maybe someone could just look at it and duplicate it.

I think I am starting on my pillow cases. If I find grease in some of the floss you may hear a screaming Mimi......get it screaming Mimi.   

Don't forget to be kind this week.  Be you at your very best. Hugs Mimi

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking around

  WP. has a basketball game so I am looking about. First it was my mail, Ravelry,Pinterest, Pattern Central you get the picture...Surfs Up. Well I found my way into my pictures.  I found my favorite picture of my son and grandson .  I knew I had it, but I could never find the folder I had put it in..  I love this picture. They were holding hands on the beach.  I just love it. 

I started a baby sweater, and it was a sound idea,but the yarn was all wrong.  Wed. night I think I will start just a plain pink sweater . January was baby sweater month. February will be embroidery month. I want to do some pillow cases mom bought me for my birthday.  I still have the tea towels to finish. I have the floss now so no excuse. I need to mix my life up a bit. I have been just switching from crochet to knitting.  It has been ages since I have tatted or used my Lucet, worked on one of my quilts.  I need to change it up a little for some new found interest.

 I hope your week is going well, and the thought Friday will never get here has not crossed your mind.  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Free pattern Link For Coffee Cup Sleeves

  Marla's pattern for a coffee cup sleeve offers the perfect canvas to decorate however you want.  Wp. is such a Ky. Wildcat fan so you know who the  basketball cup sleeve belongs to, and of course I collect anything with cherries on it.  Pattern

Hugs Mimi

The New Baby Surprise Sweater is Done!

Girlfriends, I kind of love this little sweater.    It will be up on Ravelry in a little bit.Look at those adorable buttons.  Wish I had more. Only thing about this sweater is the back of the sleeves decrease. Its not really bad, but its not perfect. Click the picture to see what I mean. I would give this pattern an A-  because of the decreases. The pattern was well written and all in all just lovely.
Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby by Darla Sims.  Leisure Arts book
I Love This Yarn...Hobby Lobby
Buttons: JHB

Well  my dears I am waiting for my yarn for my new sweater, but until then have another that is in the mental works. I have the yarn for the new idea. Hugs and may you have everything work for good for you this week...you know I could use it wished back.

Hat from Ravelry store SpeckledFrog

I love my grandkids..nothing says love like construction paper hearts.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hold Your Breath

   The sweater is coming along.    BUT    I do have a couple of things to say about this sweater so far. First off read how to decrease the sc decrease. Do as I say don't do as I did (((smiles))).  Yes, I did frog it because I guess secretly I think I know everything and don't have to read the patterns carefully. The sc decrease is different.  Second thing is I don't like how the decrease looks on the back of the arms.  It's not horrible, but I don't like it.  My second sweater I will mess around with the decreases. A big yellow sticky note will be on the inside page of this book.   Yes, sadly odds are I would forget. It may be awhile before I make another one.

  I have this idea for a baby sweater. It is the best idea I have ever had.  I don't even trust myself to pick the colors.  Sweet is an artist.  Someday I should show you some of his work.  I ask him to pick the colors for one part of the sweater.  The colors have to be just right. I am so proud because he thought it was a great idea.  Now if I can just pull it off.  Its going to take me awhile. I don't want to rush it so I will just keep it by my chair as a second project. I am excited about this idea.  I am not telling what it is till it is done.

 The kids are here.  We are having fun. They are with their WP. right now.  I need to take pictures of the monkeys in their hats. You think you can't love anything as much as your children ..then you have grand kids.   Ya and I are making bread, cookies, and fudge.  I bought new bowls, and a pan that makes the bread into wedges.  Kids are back let the party began.

May your day be filled with all sorts of good things. Hugs Mimi

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A peek at the new Baby Surprise.

  I know this is a tad strange, but you know my fear of unfinished project pictures. I have never posted a picture of anything that was in progress that did not get frogged.  This is a test.  I am telling myself not to be afraid its only a test(((smiles)). So far I am loving this little pattern. I am using I Love This Yarn. The pattern is from Leisure Arts ,Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby- by Darla Sims. There are 8 sweaters all are very cute and I will do each one if this works out.  Cross your crochet hooks for me.

The stitch markers I use are from  Chickenstitches.  I love mine.  I have many knit markers and almost all the crochet.  Do not be afraid of the fact she is no longer state side.  They come fast and she is very generous. I have been a fan for ages of her markers, patterns, and blog. My dad made me a special box for them. They are that special.

Look at my shiny clean teapots. I just enjoy looking at them.  Yes, I use them.  I looked for years for a turkey.  This turkey is one of my price pots, it is a Fitz and Floyd. My sewing teapots my are from my mom.   I started to collect just cottages, but that did not last long. I have old and new, expensive and cheap, but each one is dear to my heart.  I could use a different teapot once a week for over a year. The top of the Hoosier is a tiny sample of my houses. I have a village.


I hope you enjoyed your little peek. We have the grand kids this weekend. That is always a wonderful time for us.  I get to give them their hats.  All the foods they love will be waiting.  Did I ever tell you I am helping them to memorize the Ten Commandments, The Lords Prayer, and the 23rd Psalm. We have the rest of my life to get the job done:) we focus on one each visit. They are doing really well.  

I have had a wonderful week filled with work I enjoyed. I had lots of restful times with good conversation. Delightful.

This week if your phone rings I hope you can answer it the way my momma did. I ask momma what she was doing," Just going about God's business " and I am sure she was. Hugs my dears true hugs...not the fake ones. Mimi

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catching Up

  WP. and I are still working on the kitchen. We start on the cabinets in the morning.  It is such a joy to work with him.

  Today I washed my teapots. Nice warm soapy water, terry towels and good company.  I enjoyed my day. As I washed each teapot I thought of the person that gave me the lovely gift. So many memories are in my old pie safe, that I use to store my pots. I must take pictures.  I wanted to put all my cottage teapots on top of Chickie's old Hoosier, but I have too many. I am thinking about new curtains for the kitchen. That is what I will think about as I fall asleep tonight. I can picture all my cherry yard goods. It must be cherry fabric.

  I made a black hat to match my winter coat. It turned out just the way I wanted it to. I am  on the 4th row of a yellow baby sweater.  It is a new pattern for me a different Baby Surprise  Its really a fun pattern so far.

  I made stew yesterday and WP. wanted it again today. That always makes me feel good when it is requested right away. I hope I can get some to mom and dad.  I still have not been able to cut it down.  I cook like the kids are still at home sometimes.  It is never wasted.  It seems someone always wants the extra.

Today I had so many calls . WP. joked that I had told everyone to call me today so I could get out of the teapot scrubbing.  I love getting calls from my circle.  I am blessed in so many ways.

I want for you the peace and joy that has been mine today in my lovely simple life.

I will post pictures soon Auntie M. atleast I did post :) love you!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cherry-Button Baby Sweater

  My camera is on its last leg, but it is working again.  The color is not true, the blue is just deep and so pretty.  I don't care that much for blue, but I like this color. I love my little cheap camera even if it is what it is.  We understand each other and that my dears is valuable.

The sweater is once again the start of the Crochet World (August2010).  It is altered as you can see. If anyone one wants the notes you will have to ask. I don't put down the alterations I make unless someone is serious about reproducing it. The hat is about any basic hat pattern 3-6mo.  I think you could do this with any basic baby sweater pattern.

The cherries are little red buttons my Bri Z got for me.  The stems on the cherries are stem stitch and the leaves lazy daisy.  The cherry buttons are some I had purchased years ago (hoarding).

Once again I wish for you all good things this week tight hugs mimi.

ps. Look, I missed a stem will fix that tonight.......poor old woman :)

Dear Me !

   My old cheap camera is no more....sniff, sniff.  I have a very cute sweater to post. I have no idea when I will get another one.

   Hope your week brings you happiness each day. Hugs Mimi

   Let me leave you with a happy note.  My Bible came. It it is Wonderful!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Whats Up for Me

  I am so sore from painting I am taking this weekend off.  I have started a little girl sweater.  I am really loving the color and I don't usually care for blue.  So stay tuned.

Just for you Auntie M.  I am updating more. See I do love you best ;) thanks for the cookbooks.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lamb sweater (its all about the buttons)

      I really went all over the place with this little sweater. At one point I had knitted the body until I realized it was not working. You know I rather like it.

                                   Yarn: 3 sks of Baby's First- Bulky (5)  

                                    Hook: J for sweater Needles 8 for hat
                                    Pattern: I used just the yoke Crochet World August 2010
                                    Buttons: JHB  they are expensive ( on sale with gift card)

      Hope this helps with the information.  The sweater I stayed true to the pattern for the yoke I then dbl crocheted for 7 rows then 2 rows of ribbing then 2 rows of sc. I added 2 rows of ribbing to the sleeves and rev. sc around the sleeves and bottom of the sweater. I slp st around the collar.
It is more like a little jacket.  I think it is about a 12mo.- 18 mo. size.

     The hat is the topknot hat from knitlist.  I found it is no longer up.  If you were a fan and need the numbers let me know.  I just added ears and curly top, eyes, and nose.  All you have to do is look at it.  It is simple stuff.

     WP. and I have been painting...NO MORE!!!. last night I took pain killers well ,ok it was aspirin, but that huge for me.  I am now officially an old woman it happened on a ladder in my kitchen. I may or may not have heard an inter voice saying your to old for such stuff go sit in your chair and knit.  I was  under the influence of toooo much coffee and the air was so thin near the ceiling ;) 

I want to show you my knitting needles.  I made the entire hat without dbl points. Its not easy on the last row, but doable. I am so afraid I will loose them.  This size is as scarce as hen's teeth. 

Well I am in for a soak and  and hour of maybe just sitting and staring .  I am that wore out.

May your days be filled with blessings some longed for and some surprises. hugs Mimi


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chit- chat

    I love making baby sweaters.  There is no end of ideas perking in my head. When someone ask me how I come up with my baby sweater ideas it reminded me of a movie.  You know in the last Die Hard movie Bruce asks this kid how he knew all the computer stuff and he said,"Dude I don't know there is a lot of stuff rattling around up there".  I dream about baby sweater making..seriously. I should say when I am not dreaming about eating glazed sweet breads. I woke up yesterday not even ready for my breakfast. I had dreamed about eating breads and sweet stuff what seemed like all night.  I woke up worried about my blood sugar. Now that is kind of sad-funny.

Almost junked it up..I was looking for buttons to paint the icons on.
Now about the Angry Bird sweater,  I started to make it more cartoon like. Trim it in yellow black and white. I was going to put big black buttons on the front. The front of the sweater was going to have a page off of Angry Birds start up page.  Then I talked it over with someone I quite admire, and they thought  just the back of the sweater could stand on its own.  I realize I can't leave things alone. I could spend hours in a notion department. It borderlines on a need for some sort of intervention.  So I backed off and left it alone, and I am glad I did.  Here is a picture of the beginning of the junking it up.

My old dearest friend
Now share my joy.  I got a material hearts desire for my up coming anniversary.  Wait for it............It is what I have wanted for years and years. A large print leather bound and indexed Old now take note of the Old KJV Schofield Bible.  I almost need smelling salts.  Honestly I did not know they still made the Old Version like the one I had in my teens.  This is large print, but exactly like my old one. I am tearing up.  My first one was given to me by my best friends.  The were also my pastor and his wife. Helen taught me so much and helped me with my Moody Bible Classes.  When I took the Scholfied classes Jim and Helen went the extra mile for me.  I am well grounded in my faith because of many , but they are at the top of the list.  My old Bible I have read many times from cover to cover it is just  falling apart. Now next year I can start with my new one.  I will have a year to just enjoy what I have already established for the readings this coming year.  7 days and it could be here.  I am so

 I know its just my family and close friend that stop by here, and they would never take part in what happened .  I feel I must say this anyway.  A very dear and close friend's feelings were hurt over careless talk. Remember my dears, even when its not done face to face what you say can alter others lives.  Talking to others about things you know very little about whether it is on the phone, at a meeting even at church, or your group, and especially the Internet. You don't think someone is not going to point out the chatter or repeat it??   Where ever it is done IT COUNTS and its a mean, hateful thing.

Be kind this week and be careful of what you say... I know I will hugs Mimi

Friday, January 6, 2012

Angry Bird Baby Sweater

  Wish the pictures were better.  My camera is my camera it has always lied about how red something is.  It usually doesn't matter, but this is so cute I wish I could have gave you a better peek.

  The name of this little sweater is Bye- Bye Mr. Pujol.  Dedicated to all the little babies that will not see Albert play as a Cardinal.   Now you know that was funny. My family and friends know what Cardinal fans we are, and are at Bush every chance we get. So its a little bitty joke sweater.

Ok, here we go:  I used once again Everyday Is A New Sweater Day pattern from  yarnydays.com
Yarn is Hobby Lobby I love This Yarn, 1 sk made everything. I had scraps of yellow and black and white.  The hat pattern is  a combination of 2 patterns one is on Esty ( Crafty Momma Crafts) and  Ravelry under Angry Bird Redhawk Cardinal Hat. There are some typos all in all it is sound. I changed it a tad on the rnds I did not chain one and turn. I also used a smaller hook on the baby hat (g) and then and (f) on the apps.  I added the poms on the baby hat and slp st around in black on the eyes. I left off 2 rows of the beak on the baby hat. Also the feathers are my own on Ya's hat and the baby set.. You chain 9 turn, and 2 sc in first chain sc to end, 2sc in last st., sc up the other side of the chain, 2 sc in last st. Now for the larger hat I made 3 rounds, but for the baby just 2. I then slip st around the feather that makes it stand up if you want it to.  Now on the larger hat for No, I used a lot  of the free pattern crochet-mania.blogspot.com  It is on her side bar.  It was turning out very large for me ( I am a loose crocheter) but, I seriously had to go down several hooks and eliminate some rows. It is a good pattern I am just not on gauge anymore.

Blue eye's head is way to small but you get the picture.
I will not donate this blindly ( I still have the Woodsy set).  I am afraid someone would get it and not be into playing Angry Birds. This sweater, like my Woodsy set, was made for the pure fun of it. I know I will find someone that will be ever so pleased with.  I have many babies coming my way.  I must ask around if any of the mothers are Angry Bird fans.

Well there is more to say about the sweater, but I need to get some things done. Be joyful this weekend and and behave yourselves your more than likely to big for Mimi to say don't ;) Hugs