1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Monday, January 31, 2011

LOL Now Posting Every Few Hours

                                                          Baby Yarn

                                                               Nice size

                                              One is just a little bigger

                                                           Ya's quilt is done

Remember this?


First the hat.  I have one regret with the hat, I didn't get a picture.  The fit was perfect!. I don't know
when I have been so pleased over a project. My 12 year old GD loved it.  We went to see the last Harry Potter film , and I gave it to her.  It was a hit everywhere we went.  It was one of those times that will stay with you forever.  Mimi scored.

Round rug: is made mostly of tiny balls of left over baby yarn.  It is very pretty. The rev sc adds a nice solid edge to it.

I found more small balls of yarn and made another rug  It is a tad bigger than the last one.  My DD wants one (Shocker).  My DIL wanted one so they are already for them to pick up.  I still have the round one..

Ya's quilt is done.  I could almost feel my friend B beside me as I folded it up. When we were disappointed in a quilt we would say what both our grandma's would say, " You will never notice it on a gallopin horse and that is the kind we ride." Sweet friend, I will miss knowing you were down the road.

Wp. dropped a stick of stove wood on his toe Fri. It was a big old night stick ( thats a huge log you bank up your fire with of a night). Well my dears, I have him home for 5 days.  He took some vacation time for our anniversary.  We are having an in house anniversary . It is wonderful.  The weather is to get bad , and we are all set.  I am blogging more because he is watching the war movies I bought him .  I am not a big fan of war movies.  I will post my presents  when I get the last book. 

I bought 4 sks of grey yarn to make T. a hoodie so I may start that.  I want to make a baby sweater so maybe I will flip a coin.

I wish you all , happiness that cannot be measured .

                                              Bootee story

Maybe it was looking in all my small scraps of baby yarn that reminded me of the booties.

When WP. and I were first married money was close.  I didn't buy yarn.  Everyone I knew give me their scraps.  I had in my scrap basket less than half sk of the softest baby yellow yarn, a smidge of pink and some green.

Our neighbors were an elderly couple named the Caspers.  Mrs. Caspers told me her daughter was having a baby.  I thought of my precious yellow yarn. I made a pair of stay on booties ( I may still have the pattern it was written on notebook paper by someone).  I waited to see if it was a boy or girl.  It was a girl so I made little pink flowers on the toe with green leaves.  They were adorable.  I was so proud of them.

I took the little booties up to Mrs Caspers with a baby card and she took them and just looked at me .I turned around and left thinking something was wrong, but not knowing what.

Two days later Mrs Caspers showed up at my front door with the booties. She said the booties are really cute, and her daughter just loved them.  The first thing she said was she  needs a bonnet and sweater to go with the booties. She told me you don't just give booties, what good is a pair of booties. She even offered to pay for the extra yarn since her daughter really liked them.  It was old yarn from wherever so I told her I could not match it. She was angry and rude.  I remember telling her she could leave the booties and I could give them to someone else. She took off in a huff saying she would try to buy something to match.

I have never just given booties since.  That is why I have many scraps of baby yarn.  I don't think I have ever been that unkind to anyone.. I pray not.  

Yea, the war movie is off. 


The Difference 41 Years Can Make!!

                                           First week we were married( note my vest I crocheted)
                                                      Happy Anniversary Hon!! 

          My 19 inch waist is gone and I will never see 105 lbs again unless I am deathly ill.  You know what I am ok with that. I love my life, big girl sizes and all.  We were 19 when we decided to get married. What were we thinking....what was our folks thinking. Ky dad had to sign for WP. the man at the court house stayed late so he could get the paper work done.  I think kids were older in spirit back in the day.  Well to be honest WP. had to enlist in the AF or be drafted.. he got his draft papers when he was in basic. You did not want to be a Marine back then. So I was a war bride of sorts ((Smiles))

         We are very happy and that is not something we take for granted.  We have been blessed.  I love my life, my husband, family and friends here and those gone on. Thank You God for All the blessings that are mine.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my wonderful husband ,and best friend.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good-bye dear friend

                                                     My dear friend B. 1950-2011

     How can this be you were just a little older than me.  We shared our love of quilts, family,and so much more.  The classes we took together were a riot, as we would say. Two old ladies, but when we were together we were young girls.  We should be drinking expensive coffee and talking this week, and the thought we never will again makes me heartsick. I will pray for your family and do whatever I can . You knew I would.

This week has been a week of sadness. My DIL's mother is not expected to live very much longer, and she was told Fri her mother's brother has cancer.  It does not look good. A sweet and kind man ( late 40s). Remember her and hold her tight  in thought and prayer.  May each of you that pass this way know no sadness and so much joy this week.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Link to something Pretty!!!

   Link      Isn't this pretty.  Maybe you have seen it before.  Well if you have, shame on you for not telling me about it ((smiles)).      I really want to make one.  I am quilting (badly)  even cleaning is tempting me.  Everyone here is so excited I am back at the frames. That is a tad sad.  Ya's quilt is flawed.  I realized at some point if I  took out all the stitches I thought were large, it would never get done. So therefore, it is what it is.

I fried potatoes last night for the first time in an age.  They were so good. I had to lay off them because of my gall bladder. Honestly I was a little scared to eat any.  24 hours later and I am thinking that I need to buy more potatoes.   Diet wise this is not a good thing.

If I am not here for awhile.  I am trying to finish up the quilt and a few other things in my 2-do pile. I may be quilting, but I am thinking about this little blanket I linked.

Stay warm, and I hope you have a project going that just makes you sigh with joy. You need to wish that one back.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Animal Cracker Hat for Ya Done

                                                  Animal Cracker Hat
                                                        Ya's Quilt

   The Hat is from One of the Harry Potter movies.  It was worn by Ron Weasely. The pattern I used was from HAT . The pattern was sound.  I messed up and had to adapt it.  You see I was watching a movie , and I did not realize it was to big for my 12 year old.  I would have ripped it out, but the color work was  done.  I think I may have saved it.  I will just make another one if this one does not fit.   The yarn was Red Heart  Designer Sport.  Leave a comment if you need the color #.  I have enough yarn to make another one.  I am anixous to see how it looks.  My GD has been wanting one for a long time.  I may try the knit version  at some point when she is older.

  The quilt is in my lap this week.  Ya ask me how much I had done on it. OOPS.  So maybe I can get another UFO done .  I hate to quilt.  Its does hurt, but mostly it hurts my feelings.  I went from 19 stitches per inch to ....don't even want to tell.  I had people in line for me to quilt their quilts.  Now I have very few left I have quilted for my own family.  Little did I know age would rob me of my small stitches.   I thought I would be quilting till I gave up the ghost.  Oh well, its not like I don't have anything to do.

  Its to snow this week.  We have wood and lots of food. So my dears think of me all snug in my home quilting with a cat in my lap and Copper Lou under the frames.  May you be all snug as well.

Monday, January 17, 2011

50+ years ago I wanted white boots so badly...I remembered

     I bought my GKs some shoes Sat.  My oldest grandson No, called me today and thanked me for them.  He is 11 years old.   He called all on his own. I did lobby hard for the pair he got. You could see in his eyes he truly wanted those shoes.  Sometimes its not about being sensible or getting whats on sale. Sometimes its about being foolish and not caring about the cost.  He hugged me in PUBLIC and thanked me, but then today I got the call.  It went something like this," Mimi, I got my new shoes on I really like them, thank you so much." Did I mention this is and 11 year old boy((smiles)).  Now that my dears is priceless.

    Working on a hat.  I have adapted it a little.  I am not sure it is going to work out.

    The pic of No is an old one....I never post new pics. He is so charming .

I hope your week is full of delightful things... I sent my love your way.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Scrap Project

       I really like this rug.  It was made from those little balls of yarn from all my projects. None of the balls were larger than a med. apple. I think most of the balls were a little bigger than golf balls. I had them stored in big  plastic snack food containers. I begged for the containers from everyone I knew. They are perfect for small ball storage.  I  placed a fabric softner sheet with the yarn so it would not get that icky plastic smell. I have some balls left for the start of another rug.

      Here is a link for one close to what I did RUG   (Mine is sc)   I used what I think was a Q Hook.  You know those big blue plastic hooks with no size on them.  I chained 35 ,sc in 2nd sc chain from hook ,sc in each chain across, ch one turn sc in each sc across. You do this till its as long as you want.  I held 6 strands tog. I made sure one strand was white and one dark. Not all the whites were the same, and the darks ranged from dk green to black. It unifies the colors.  When it was as long as I wanted I sc around the rug 3 times then rev sc around it. It was not blocked for the pic.  It is laying flat, and not curling up.  I may put some puff paint on the back and reinforce the corners with duct tape. Honestly it doesn't look like it needs anything  done to it.  We will see.  I have seen this type of rug on  other blogs, but I can't remember where. So if someone stumbles by here that has a rug close to this,  I will give you credit and link you.  I swear I can't remember anything anymore. Could be brain damage from all the coughing I have did this winter.

   I have another scrap project going.  I never take pics of UFO's Its the kiss of death.  Every time I show progress pictures I have to frog. Seriously every ding dong time. I have to get some yarn used up, and my crafts in order. Nan and Popaw may need to stay with us at some point.  I don't want to make any rush decisions.  I am in a use it up frame of mind. I will at some point treat myself to a baby sweater. Baby things are my carrots. I do have a hat for Ya started.  I am waiting for a sk of the perfect color to arrive.

   I have the big eye once again tonight. The medication from the flu, coughing etc. has messed up my sleep pattern.  I am still not over it, but lots better.  I wish for you some laughter, and projects that make you sigh.  My dears, my rug made me sigh deeply with happiness.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cold Winter Morning On The Side Of The Hill

      WP. and Popaw love the gloves I made them.  This pair goes to Bri's dad in Atlanta.  If anyone wants my notes on making them leave me a comment, and I will post the numbers. 

      The little girl hat is from the Jan./Feb 11 Crochet Today. It really is cuter on a sweet little 5 year old.  The little fingerless mitts I scaled down  a simple adult pattern.

      Its cold here WP. just went out to get some wood and bank up a fire.  I will fix us some breakfast and clean a tad today. Tuesday I fixed a vat of homemade soup, boy it was good.  I took a dutch oven full to mom and dad. I still have lots left.  Wed. I made corn cakes, ham and beans yum. Today we are choosing between the leftovers.  I am making both snowmen mitts at the same time on two needles. I had a cousin that use to say, "I like it, but I don't".  I do have a problem making 2 of anything. They are  perfect twins, so no gauge worries. They will both be done at the same time yippee. Problem is it seems like I have been making them since the 4th of July.

      Still coughing some, and weak.  This stuff that is going around is really tough to wear out.  Wp. seems over his.   Pray Nan and Popaw don't get it. It could do them great harm. They are like my babies now.  I worry when they are not home, colds, flu, and if they are eating right.  I can think of a couple of times they could have used time outs.  They went into town on questionable roads. Next time you see an elderly couple on the road, the man would be large over 6ft lots of white hair, and a little woman  you can barely see her head in the front seat, could be them. Especially if bad weather is involved. Keeps me on my knees. I love them so dearly and so thankful for them each day.

     I wish for you a wonderful day.  I pray that all the bugs going around will pass you by. Hugs

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Marla's Baby Cocoon pattern..... Happy New Year to All!!!

       The baby cocoon pattern is so sweet.  It works up fast.  I used a H hook and did get gauge. I also rev. sc around the top it would be pretty with any edging. I just love rev. sc it gives a firm edge and its pretty.  The yarn I used was I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby.   I have no babies in my life at the moment that I could borrow for a picture.  I can imagine how cute that would be.  I started to use Simply Soft, but the color was not as pretty as the yellow.  I am glad I went with the soft yellow.  If you want a cocoon pattern this is it.
cocoon pattern here   

       I have one more men's fingerless glove to make.  I have started the ribbing.  Its my pattern.  I have really made good notes so I may try  make a pattern to share. I have attempted this many times mostly at the beginning of a New Year.  It takes me a year to forget how really bad I am at writing up patterns.  I still have the fingerless gloves for a 5 year old, and now a hat is added. The snowman mitts that were lost will be my last project that was promised in December.

      I prayed the old year out and the new year in with my mom last night. She went to bed and I stayed at it till all my dears were covered in prayer for 2011 ( I do this each day but on New Years I really focus on each person for this coming year).  We always have black eyed peas cornbread and cabbage and potatoes and ham for the first.  Not this year, its just WP. and I ,so its his fave fried chicken with all that goes with it. .  My gr gr grandma Keith always said you must wear something new on New Years Day or the buzzards will roost on you that year.  She always made herself a new apron for the first day of the year.  My dears I have on new bloomers.

      I have been so blessed in my life with knowing older relatives.  When I was little I had 1 gr gr grandma (Keith) and 3 gr grandmas. One gr grandma lived till I was 16. 2 gr grandpas and my 2 grandmothers and grandfathers that lived until I was  in my late 30s.  Hard working people. All my grandmothers quilted tatted and crocheted and knitted. I have a house full of their things. No one ever divorced....never.  I know it will happen someday, but I just pray its not one of my kids that breaks this record of sorts.((smiles)). 

      Tomorrow is Sunday and I will more than likely work on the fingerless gloves all the while remembering what gr gr grandma Keith would say to us,  "Child every stitch you take on Sunday you will root out with your nose in the hereafter." If she caught you she would make you rip it back to Sat.

     Happy New Year to all.  May this be a wonderful year that brings each one of you such unbelievable joy. May you never have to rip back to Sat....((.smiles))