1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cold Winter Morning On The Side Of The Hill

      WP. and Popaw love the gloves I made them.  This pair goes to Bri's dad in Atlanta.  If anyone wants my notes on making them leave me a comment, and I will post the numbers. 

      The little girl hat is from the Jan./Feb 11 Crochet Today. It really is cuter on a sweet little 5 year old.  The little fingerless mitts I scaled down  a simple adult pattern.

      Its cold here WP. just went out to get some wood and bank up a fire.  I will fix us some breakfast and clean a tad today. Tuesday I fixed a vat of homemade soup, boy it was good.  I took a dutch oven full to mom and dad. I still have lots left.  Wed. I made corn cakes, ham and beans yum. Today we are choosing between the leftovers.  I am making both snowmen mitts at the same time on two needles. I had a cousin that use to say, "I like it, but I don't".  I do have a problem making 2 of anything. They are  perfect twins, so no gauge worries. They will both be done at the same time yippee. Problem is it seems like I have been making them since the 4th of July.

      Still coughing some, and weak.  This stuff that is going around is really tough to wear out.  Wp. seems over his.   Pray Nan and Popaw don't get it. It could do them great harm. They are like my babies now.  I worry when they are not home, colds, flu, and if they are eating right.  I can think of a couple of times they could have used time outs.  They went into town on questionable roads. Next time you see an elderly couple on the road, the man would be large over 6ft lots of white hair, and a little woman  you can barely see her head in the front seat, could be them. Especially if bad weather is involved. Keeps me on my knees. I love them so dearly and so thankful for them each day.

     I wish for you a wonderful day.  I pray that all the bugs going around will pass you by. Hugs


Marla said...

Mimi can I come over for some of that stew?? We might get some snow Mon and Tues they said. I love the hat design!! Take care and scat out the rest of that cough! And hug Nan and Popaw for me.

glor said...

Great work. I love the hat. I can just picture a little 5 year old with this, has to be adorable.

Yarny Days said...

What a great, cute hat! I really like the construction.