1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Friday, March 27, 2009

My test purse/tote

The link to the purse is in the last post. I used cotton yarn so if I messed up I could use it as a dish towel. I have not reached this old age with out always having a back up plan. I have never really like this color and I knew it would just be a test pattern of sorts. I have a BSJ that is folded away to look at the next time I make one. I am fast acquiring a sample box ( not on purpose) ;).

This purse will be used for our trip to the city this weekend. Our GD will be going with us. She can use it to carry her game boy and a few other things in the car. Then I may place it on a hook in my closet to keep plastic bags in. I collect cherries and have most of my collection is in my kitchen. I hate to waste things.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is on top of my to do list...very cool link

very cool purse/tote link

I must crave folding problems.... yes I said folding problems not patterns for it always turns into a problem... yet I seek them. Maybe its the golden moment when it all comes together and everything is possible.

I love this little baby sweater.

Baby sweater pattern

I fell off the wagon and made another one. I said one a week, but I could not help myself. My dearest friend got rid of all the novelty yarn she had and I was blessed with it. The brown Sasha is an eyelash it took 3 sks of the brown, but the sks were tiny.. The 3rd sk of the brown I used about 12inches...ggrrr. I am so proud of all my yarn I was given, but seriously I was not sure what to do with it. I have so many ideas that I go to sleep of a night thinking about the next sweater. Yes I have a sheltered isolated life ;).And my children ignore me;).

Here's the skinny : 1 SK worsted blue/green/ 3 brown (Sasha) eyelash Sm. sks. I hook on everything except the cuffs and border I used a G so the size would not increase. Followed the pattern except the fur(2 rows SC down the front). No button holes the buttons fit in the SC just fine. Oh yes, I held a SK of brown worsted with the eyelash. I took a needle and the eyelash and made fur dots on the front.

I have promised to make the Hudson Bay jacket next so when I go to the city Sat. I will try to find the yarn. Then after Easter I will be back to my lovely baby sweater sweat shop ;)

Hugs my dears!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

One of the Hexagon Baby Sweaters Finished

Sweater PatternThe link is to the sweater pattern I used (there are many good ones) . I think it is darling and looks really cute in person;). I just appreciate everyone that shares their patterns so very much. I did decrease more around the collar. I hesitate to even say that because it could have been my tension. The pattern was sound and a joy. I did rev SC around the sweater. It seems to keep the collar flat . The yarn was Bernat Softee Baby, f hook. This is just a very fast little sweater. It is easy to figure out how to assemble. In my box with all the others. I am twirling around with joy (in my mind) ;) You are wished many smiles this week and a hug my dears.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Fun Sweater!

Sweater pattern

The sweater is made with mainstay which is no longer sniff..sniff. The collar and cuffs. I held the main yarn and some eyelash together. What I learned from this is...All the eyelash I have will be made into coats. With the eyelash this little sweater turns into a really warn little jacket. You know how cheap eyelash is now. One ball did the coat and hat. I am thinking 3 would do it. I had no wrapper on my eyelash so I have no idea the yardage. It is easy to work with if you hold a main yarn along with it. I really like how it turned out. I have so many ideas for this little sweater. My charity box will be full of them and I will have had the joy. Win Win.

The hat is a simple roll brim with the last 4 rows I added the eyelash. Look at the back I added a bow really you should see it alive and in all its cuteness . It is really cute.

There is nothing beside my chair seriously nothing. I will start on a project I have put off. finishing up a baby quilt...I am just tying this baby out so I can get on with my knitting. But I need to feel virtuous first.

Elephant set with Peanut Guy

peanut guy I am having trouble linking to the pattern yarn-pixie is a lovely visit anyway look under crochet patterns.

sweater pattern

Hat is a roll brim I just winged it, but there are many patterns out and about.

Elephant with peanut toggle: is mine look close copy it if you wish I would write it up, but my name would be used in vain ;) at last I know my shortcomings.

Peanut is a joy to make solid instructions. I think it is perfect for a toddler to carry around. Love it.

Bee Sweater with a Toy. All Done Now!

Bee toy
Sweater pattern

Hat is my attempt at a bee hat. Any roll brim will work.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This knitted baby sweater was really fun

Sweater pattern
I rarely have this much fun knitting sweaters. Crocheting for me is really mindless. When I knit I need to pay attention...Houston we have a problem. I am getting better. That is why I avoid short rows. I just keep knitting.

I used Red Heart worsted. 5 needle next time I will used 7. This baby sweater may be waterproof ;). The two tiny Scotties looked so goofy I added a mother Scottie. Next time I will use larger buttonholes. I did SC around it all with black. I could not find the right buttons to fit and so the black trim was added in desperation. The Knitting Nonni made an adorable blue one When I saw hers I could not wait to start one.

I have the big eye tonight as my grandma would say. I am going to crochet some on my baby sweater.

Big Rice Krispie Squares

Maybe I beat you to it. Have you seen the commercial for the big Rice Krispies? If you have bet you thought about making them into squares. The grand kids and I made a plate full last weekend. They loved them. They were a little sweeter than the others. In my former posts I gave the old Rice Krispie Treat recipe 12/15.

I am making another Everyday is a New Sweater Day. This time I am using eyelash for the cuff and collar. I must honestly make myself do only one a week. They are so much fun and I have so many ideas and yarn I never knew what to do with. My charity box will finally run over.

I need to line my felted bag and take pics of the sweater sets that includes the toys I have made. I am feeling all proud of myself. I know pride cometh before a fall.... maybe I need to re phrase.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Loving this new pattern keeper

Wp bought me a new purse of sorts. I am forever looking for my favorite patterns. I now have a special place for the patterns I could not replace. Many of my favorites are no longer available, and if I lost one it would not be pretty. You see I am often seeking the mindless pleasure that been there done that offers me. Yes I do try out new patterns, but I must rest after with an old favorite.

I can take this beauty to my chair and look in it and enjoy all the comfort my recliner offers. I really should set up links to all the patterns I dearly love that are still around.( Mental note).

I have a sleeve to do on one sweater. I found something to add to the Bee set. A toy must be made for the elephant sweater. My felted bag needs to be lined. Now Easter I have everyone here. We hide eggs and have a huge meal Sat. Ham,fried chicken, potato salad, cold slaw, baked beans, sweet cuke salad with onions, and tada.... pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting,and cookies. Everything is from scratch. 10lbs of potatoes must be peeled. I must make 5 children's baskets up one for a child at heart DD. and some for the shut ins. I will sleep a week after Easter;)

Oh yes, 14.95... Wal-Mart. I would have gotten the brown one , but it had a nasty scratch on it. I could hear my DD say, don't always be sensible mom get the fabric covered one. I went wild and bought the green one ;)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Update on my pretties!

Yes stuff is goin on. I have felted my bag. I need to line it now. I did 14 rows which meant 7 rows for the squares. I wanted it bigger so my DD could use it to carry Med. files at work. I will line the bag. That is what is holding me up access to my sewing machine to make the lining. I will put in plastic canvas on the bottom. I also did the handles a tad different. I made a tube (chain 6 join sc around and around until the handles are about a 1/4 longer than you want them. I hesitate to even say this because felting is different in each washer..water temp. agitation. I used I pair of jeans in the washer 2 tennis balls and 2 Tbs spoon baking powder. I used Sm load hot/cold for about 15 min then checked on it ran it in the rinse and found a box to slip it over to dry in the open. I put the handles in a mesh bag. Now why I did the handles diff...The bag is large and this way it can expand. I will drop the lining just below where the handles will slipped in the sides I have pleated. There will be pics when I am finished. I really enjoyed this pattern and everyone loves the purse even before the lining. The one pic. is before it was felted the other is after. You should give it a go.

Bee hat for sweater. There are so many out and about. I just made this one up looking at all the others. More baby sweaters are in the works one is half done. And the hat for the elephant sweater is done, but I plan a toy to match. Wp bought me something cool and it may interest you girls will post later. Kids will be at my house this Sat. so we plan on making something a little diff. treat wise will share later.

Baby sweaters are just in my heart here lately. Its just all I want to do. I will have a large box this Fall. ( I hope well I pray).

Care giving for my darling parents will need to be stepped up. The joy and honor is mine. So I am hoping to be back posting next week. If not you know I will be back when I can. I wish for you joy....wish it back if you will.