1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Teapots, Snow, and Chit-Chat

Don't be jealous of my teapots ;) they have to be hand washed ever so often.That is not all of them either....what was I thinking I could have a bowl of those little match folders as a collection.

My new teapot I received for Christmas from my dear friend is a Dayspring. It has a Bible verse around the top Galatians 5:22. It is so darling.

We have snow. (Lots) Wp. could not get off the hill last night for work....comp day. WP called the Ky. folks to check on them. Ky. mom (she has memory problems like nan) ask him if they had called off his work. It was so sweet. I heard him say no mom when you are a patrolman work is never called off. I just love her so dearly.

I am slowly working on something for myself((((shocker)))). I am not showing progress pics. Each time I post a pic of a unfinished project it gets frogged. Every blasted time.

My shoulder was hurting last night from crocheting. I am better today so maybe it will wear its self out. I have made a pair of child's knitted mittens, 2 more winter sets. Projects are being picked up before pics are made here lately.

Well when my projects pick up I will make sure this is just my projects blog. I can't crochet or knit for very long at a time my dears I am needy. Hugs

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Teapot Twins and a set I finished

The hat scarf and fingerless mitts were almost done when I fell. I had just a tad to do on the scarf. My arm is better, but my hand is now a problem. Send love and good thoughts my way.

My teapot is a twin to the one at
my Aunt bought mine in Piggott,Arkansas many years ago at an old well established drug store. It cost her much more than the $2.00. I never find such bargains deep sigh!!. My teapot collection does have a new one from Christmas. I should post a picture of....it is sweet..

If you visit Chipmunk Knits you will also see we are both doing the fruit transfers from Aunt Martha. I have blogged about the set for a year now and have posted pictures in the past...I am ashamed to say I still have the apple to do. This has jogged my mind .I may get them out and see what using a needle will do to my hand...hugs

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Poor Mimi

OK. This is just my projects blog, BUT, if your wondering why no projects.

My surgery went OK. 9 days later something went wrong ???? had to have another CT scan (yes I listen to the news about the scans). They didn't get the needle in the vein and all the dye went in my arm. I could not even touch my face I looked like Popeye. 5 days with my arm above my heart with heat packs I started to get a little better. Then the phone rang and I rushed to get it and fell. I fell on the sharp corner of the tv table just missing the gallbladder stitches.I have a giant knot now on my rib cage and....yes I landed on my right arm that was filled with dye. So I can only knit a row or so and should not do that. Crocheting really hurts so its about a row then I have to put it down.

Well my dears I promised myself this would just be my projects blog and I would start my family blog back up. So I will delete this when that happens. Until then I am in my chair with my rice bag and pain meds...doing very little.. I will send good thoughts your way ((( one arm hug)))