1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wonderful Birthday..Sunday Update

      Tuesday, we went to St. Louis.  Bri Z. fixed the best chicken and dumplings I have ever had. I didn't even want to know how she made them, it would spoil the illusion she had chickens in her back yard, and a little mill that she ground the flour in. They were better than my grandma's dumplings. We did eat out, but it could not compare with what she left me with when they went to the ballgame.  My grandson wanted me to have cupcakes, yum .I got a gift certificate to the new  Joann super store.  The store was so big that it would be impossible to really do it justice in a day.  The gift card was very generous and I came home with some left on it.  Back I go one of these days. Very nice time. My grandson is such a little gentleman, I am so proud of him.  I really am not just bragging,  my grand kids are so sweet and polite. I can't help let it spill out every once in awhile. Mom and dad took me out to dinner on my birthday. I got birthday cards, calls. I am sad its over. I need to take some pictures of the 2 mags and book I bought...I know, I know, but it was my birthday. I did get some buttons, and a very small knitting needle for cuffs.


               I never really thought I would like making these.  I was wrong. I  was gifted some its not thread yet its not yarn stuff.   The 4 balls I had were all different types of fiber. No way could I give them up. I had thought about Barbie clothes.  If I find a little girl in need of Barbie clothes, I could frog them, but for now they will grace my tables and Ya's dresser. The pink one has a silver metallic thread in it. They are my pretties

                                            Weapons of mass frill abuse;)
I am still rearranging my stuff.  I found my DD's bows.  I bought a new container.  Its not half of them. Each bow matched an outfit I made...yes I still have the dresses etc.  I made quilt blocks from the scraps. someday I will have to take pictures of a few.  I am kind of prideful of them... good fabric, french seams... a baby girl after 2 boys and many miscarriages...I was living a dream. The boys were her idols. My DD acted just like they did... including the boy walk....she was put in ballet for years it worked, then she walked like a duck...just kidding Megs.  I have to tease my baby.

Well, this week may someone see all the good you do, and appreciate your generous spirit. And then sing a silly song and twirl bet it makes you smile. Hugs to my dears.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday update

      Same old same old here.  I finished the house slippers.bevscountrycottage.com they are under slippers, Aunt Maggie's slippers. The yarn ? bulky very soft.   I love this pattern it is easy, fast and a good fit.

      I have ripped out a little baby short sleeve sweaters. I had found an old pattern and it was so messed up that I just frogged it.  Now I am on another and I don't think I have enough yarn.  I knew better... you know me live in hopes die in despair.  I always believe till the end some how it will work out.

     In this move around we are doing, I have found lost patterns, and lost some. There are 3 I will morn for, the rest of my life.  One is the kick-proof baby booties.   It was written on notebook paper.  It is no longer in my folder deep sigh.  The other one is a jumper pattern I used to make my DD little skirts with straps... it was darling. Well I could look at it and copy it, but being lazy I want the pattern.  What I found was the Valentine jumper, a top down adult sweater I used all the time, many little girl sweaters and dresses I had forgotten about. I really was careful about what I have kept.  I have one book case full of hardback books, one huge bookcase full of mags.  This does not count my print offs that are in the file crates. They are labeled and in order, but I have 2 days of filing to do on my inbox.  My Quilt mags are gone even Quilters Newsletter from issue 13. gone. I kept my Quiltmaker mags and a few Quilts etc. I will not live to even do a 1/4 of what I kept.  I kept all the patterns from the quilts I made and will keep them with the quilts with the notes .  I am glad my crochet books and mags are going to someone that crochets.  My church has a habit of just tossing things when they aren't used on a regular bases, and they have sooooo much room, and a library to boot.

  WP. and I are going to the big City Tues.  for a Cardinal game.  Good seats right behind the Cardinal dugout.  I can't go.  I can no longer take all the steps and I won't ruin it for everyone else. Then Thur is my birthday...
                                             Family Birthday song

           Every birthday marks the year that God has given ,God has given, God has given.
           May they all be happy years that end in heaven ,end in heaven, end in heaven.
           Happy birthday Happy birthday.
           And may all the years that follow be as bright.
           May you always love an served your blessed Saviour and your burdens all be lite.

I remembered all the words wish I could give you the tune.   I can't think of anything close. I no longer have my piano so pecking it out and writing it down is out.

I don't know what is up for my birthday, but sitting in my chair working on a project all day long and WP. keeping the old Tea cup or glass filled sounds pretty good.  I think I want a banana split instead of a cake.

To each that stops by for a peek  may your week be filled with good news, and hope. Send it back my dears.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet

                                                            Back when I was mommy (3)

My Sweet Sweet Michael , you now are counted among the good and honorable men I have know in my life.  Have you seen the movie  Red?  If you have well there is a scene in the movie where the older woman looks at the younger woman and says , If you hurt him I will kill you and bury you in the woods."   she stole my line :).....ask all the girls you dated. 

Proud of you , yes buddy we are.  We couln't love you anymore than we do birthday boy.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday update..baby dress

     Annabelle is Ya's doll.  Ya turns 13 this week (the day she starts school).  All her dolls have been given baths, and all the doll clothes washed.  They are going into storage.  I still must dress them and wrap them in all their blankets I made for them. Annabelle's last Hurrah was a modeling job. If Ya gets the notion to play with them they will come out, but its been ages since she has taken notice.

    Annabelle is wearing the little Angel wing dress http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/angel-wings-pinafore.html  I used the yarn I have no idea where it came from.  I think it may be some I used on a little skirt for my DD.  I believe it is Sidar.  Who knows.  It was prettier balled up. The bonnet and the diaper are the same as the blue set.  I may have changed the frills a tad on the bonnet.  I am in love with the changes on the bonnet.  I took notice of an old vintage knitted bonnet with leaves for the brim. Its my feeble attempt at making a crocheted one.

    The blanket used for the picture is made from fleece and fun fur.  If you go to trade shows all over or any big yarn or thread event you may have seen my blanket.  Kathrine Rose the  Polar Bear sat on it.  I had made several  items for a display cube..  My friend that I worked for overhauled her table and sent me most of my stuff.  Its been on the road a very long time. I honestly had forgot I made them.

     Wonder how my Shamrock my grandma Houston gave me 41 years ago is doing.  It is doing very well indeed.  My gr gr grandma  Keith had ivy above her library table ( my DD now has the table) so I just potted me some in her old vase.  It was all over her wall and something a small child would remember.

    Mom is having well... her moments. It breaks ones heart.  WP. and I has living the dream, but will be glad when our got 2s are done.   I am still finding books for my little girl Marla.  WP. and I must go to town. Whats so funny is the trip is mostly for more Duck tape.  Buy stock now in storage containers and Duck tape :)

Well as my beloved Chickie grandma would say, I'll be lovin you so good while I'm gone. Be kind this week.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weary, Happy, but no new potholder

      Still at it.  Yesterday I  put all my yarn in one place...I need to repent.

      This is going slow.  Phone calls, trips to town for things we forgot, a little business tossed in, and Houston we have a problem. That is family funny because Houston is a family name.  Wp. and I both agree on putting the furnace in then paint all winter.  This nightmare, I now realize is an on going nightmare, that will not go away with the summer heat. Wp's theory is either get it done while  we are without walkers;) or he has just up and went prissy on me. There will be a Lowe's test.  If I walk him by the paint chips and he has to stop and look at them.....hes went prissy. 

     I have one house slipper about done.  I found some beautiful unusual baby yarn . I hope someone gave it to me.  I do not remember buying it. When I finish the other slipper I plan on a baby dress. I am hoping there will be enough of my new creepy wonder where it came from yarn. 

    We went to my mom and dad's today.  Mom seemed worse .  That ways so heavy on ones heart. 

     My dears enjoy this week like a small child at a park.....just unrestrained joy be yours.