1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Monday, June 27, 2011

Good Times

WP. and are as happy as we can be.  I can now devise a routine. I am a Virgo so every time I say the word routine my heart skips a beat, and little hearts appear above my head.  For 20 some years he was 4 days on 2 off, and then sometimes different shifts. If I was a common person who said common things I would say it sucked like a Hoover.  His first day off was sleep day, and then there was one.

 dress link

Update we have went to several retirement parties.   He was just beloved at work. People choked up when he went out the door for the last time.  Nice gifts nothing I could use, :)  Every party had too much cake. Yes, they sent it home with us.  Lets not even talk about the amount of cake we have consumed in the last week or so.

I have made so many flip flops with the fuzzy yarn for the little girls in my life.  I think I made six pair. They were all snatched up before pictures were taken.  I am working on my T- towels.  Finished the little dress up.  I am now in search of a new project . My favorite thing to do.

WP. and I have steam cleaned Nan and Papaw's furniture and living room run.  They have the most beautiful hardwood floors, but love carpeting.   Helped them purchase a new hutch for their new TV. WP and Noah went fishing. Nadia and I went shopping.  So we have been out and about.  The grand kids will be here more often this summer because of Steph's job.

I almost get sick looking at cake now

This is the plan to blog on Sundays.  We try to stay at home Sunday afternoons.  I do no work on Sunday, nor do I buy or sell.  This has nothing to do with our church doctrine.  It has to do with my respect.  My children do not follow this family way of resting on Sunday, and I point no fingers.  Its just me and whats in my heart. So Sundays for now I will catch up here.  Well that's the plan any hoo.

Everyone that stops by may you just be simply happy  this week. Lets see those smiles my dears.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Day Finally Came.

    I am so happy, one of my friends says its begining to get on her nerves. LOL. So with that thought I will not blog what I had intended. It would have been a sugar post that would have made my children and many others gag.

  This is the first day of W.P. retirement. We are going out to dinner, but like all home owners a trip to Lowes first. Then its either a movie out, or movies at home. We are buying its going to kill you sooner or later food for tonight. I know I am risking getting on everyone's will she just shut up list. I am crying I am so happy. 

  I really don't know where this puts me blog wise.  I may post more or not at all.  Its all so new and wonderful  (shhh I hear gagging sounds).

I started another charity baby dress last night.  Its my movie project.

So my dears, I wish you a joy filled  heart so we can be twins in spirit this day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby dress is done and pictures. Its girly.

 Link to patterns

  Here we go:   Sport yarn? hook called for in pattern.  Now before I go on, there is another dress very close to this on Bev's site  in free patterns .   The dress I stayed close to the pattern. The  diaper cover I altered.  I put shells around the legs: 4 hdc, slp st., skip one st. 4 hdc, slp st. skip next st. around.  It decreased the legs a tad. I thought it needed it. I laced a ribbon around the waste because it looked large.  It could always be removed if it was not needed.  Now the bonnet: I made WP. take pictures of me  trying to show you what I did because I am so lousy at translating what I do . It just didn't show up.  So don't say ugly words about me and my stupid blog if I don't do this well.

Okay here we go. The last row on the bonnet before you are to add the shells (I did not do the shells) you hold the bonnet facing you and sl st. in the row before your last row. You kind of pinch it up. You will see the last sc row you just made across the top of the bonnet. You will be working on the row before it. I made a shell in the first stitch where I slp st. this is the shell: sc,hdc.dlb,triple,dlb,hdc,sc  slp st. in the next st. shell in the next st. slp st. in the next st. across the bonnet. Now to make it stand up  at the end of the shell row I turned and sc  around each shell slp st. on top of each slp st. end off. I wish I could do this better.  I have a desire to share, but lack the ability to do it.  I am working on a simple , but neat pattern that popped in my head .  I have a friend that said she would come over and help me.

I know what my DD. will say if she stops by here, "You fell off the wagon mom".  She said there should have been some intervention done on me.  She thinks I needed to be put into a frill abuse program.  She claims she will devote one chapter in her tell all book to my abusing her every Sunday with frills. She claims she could barely hold her head up because of the bows. I have hidden the pictures of her in the pantaloon dresses ( yes one in each size). I still have them squirreled them away to look at like expensive yarn, and Birkenstock catalogs.  I love to refold her little dresses...that's not really a form of petting is it?:).

This is Wp's last night of work. Will blog later about this longed for event.  I have all the covers for his bullet proof vest to freshen up, all the uniforms to tidy up. His jacket that has Police on the back is in the cleaners.  They may burn this stuff, but I will be a good soldier to the end. First time in 41 plus years there will be no uniforms in my laundry basket. Let our adventure begin.

Each one that passes this way sow some happiness seeds this week and may you get a bushel in return.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Another charity baby sweater done

                                                     Pattern link        

       I needed a feel good fix. That is for me a baby sweater.  This sweater could have been cuter. I used the yarn I saw laying on top of my basket. I ran out of the blue for trim.  I fixed it with what  I think this is eyelash yarn in the brown. I held a brown worsted with it to stabilize the fur.  The blue yarn is Cotton Ease. Both the sks were without wrappers, but you can always tell Cotton Ease.  The hood I dec. 3 times on the last row in the center. No decrease on sleeves I went down a hook size for 2 rows.

This is tiny.  I used a button and loop for the closing.  With the dec on the hood in the center I don't think you will need a tie.   I just did not feel like looking up yarn and being all crazy about it.  You know those times when you just have to do something with your hands.   I need the light on, and close to me for the T-towels. Its so hot I put them aside.

I need to find another place to send my things for charity.  The last place did not work out.  This Fall I will make up a box to send somewhere.  I like sending things out in one go.  We no longer have a post office it was flooded  out years ago from a little river that ran through the little town. The Gov. refused to replace it.  Now it is a major thing to go to the larger town to mail things.

I can't sleep once again.   My mom is not doing well.  That my dears presses heavy on my heart.

Hugs and I hope you give great kindness, and receive it .


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rugs up

                                                   Yes thats a yard stick

 Old yarn( maybe late or 60s-70s) I was given a box full. I used 6 strand held together with a Q hook 7 strands on the crab stitch or reverse sc. around the edge. Use any circle pattern. Increase when it seems to cup. Make sure you are not increasing to much or it will ruffle. Lay it flat and pat it out ever few rows.  It is so fast and fun you will be bitten by the rug bug.  The pictures do not do this justice. The colors when put together are very pretty this  matches my bedroom which is done in the new browns and greens etc..  I can't make these fast enough for everyone. I like the scrap ones the best its just more fun, but this flew off the hook less than a week working on it just in my spare moments.  They wash like a dream. Love them. 

Love sent and good wishes wished for you.  Edit.....I used a single crochet

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting back to normal.

 Pink sweater ( no hood) Simply Soft 1 did not dec on sleeves at wrists went down a hook size for 2 rows added a tiny shell st.
Hat (Shell stitch beanie)
T towels ready to go. I  ironed them this morning (sprinkled them let them set in my basket and then ironed them just like my mom.)
Stamped new towels. The one will look cute with the cupcake potholder.  They are MINE ;)

 I not going to blog much here, but this needs to be said.  If you have ever been to Joplin, Mo. its not there any more I mean really not there. Elsinore which is close to us was really hit.  If you are thinking about helping in anyway please do.  Steph, is a  PA at a local hospital  helped get supplies ready for the planes taking nurses and Drs there.  The stories are just too many to tell. Heartbreak and Hope.

     How it affected us is minor.  Power was off (big deal) many many trees down (so what). Anything that was not tied down is gone. Nan and Popaw's roof was damaged, fruit trees gone. Everyone made it (now that's a big deal)  Thank God!!! Aggravation: Now it is a 58 mile round trip to my folks the road that we take is closed.

                                               Typical Popaw ( Second round of storms)

        I went and got Nan and brought her to our house because it is built into a side of a hill. I could not get dad to come.  Tears mean nothing to him. Hes a big man over 6'2 and for 84 in good shape.  If he doesn't want to do something..there you go. His last words to me before I left was if you see an old man in a bathtub and a little dog fly by wave it will be me.  He did not take this seriously.  He was in the last really bad one when he was a boy. He thinks hes 84, bring it on. I can't do a thing with this naughty little boy. You have no idea.  It gets worse, their roof is damaged and he wants it fixed.  A tarp is not working for him.  Yesterday he climbed on the roof and fixed it. His knees and hips are like mine. Nan said it about killed him.  He was all in but his shoelaces. He did it behind my back because dad and I have put three complete roofs on together. The last one I did most of it and it about killed me that was 11 years ago.  Dad even had me put the ridge cap on and after it was done I did a ridge cap dance because I swore it was my last roof.  Dad knows I would have dosed up on Ben-gay and pain killers and been up there with him. We were all going to bring food and the family show up this weekend to fix the roof.  He could not wait.  BUT he just told me on the phone , "Well, ruthann I don't think I will ever fix anymore roofs."  Ya think dad. Seriously if I had money to burn I would buy him a pair of tennis shoes and glue red glitter all over and when the next storm hits give them to him. I love my dad. We were so worried.

Steph gave me a big box of full sks of old worsted yarn 5/$1.00 from K-mart. Rust.that green you know that green, cream, weird gray/blue, dark brown. It is not fit for anything, but rugs. It is perfect for rugs. I will have to post a picture here of this monster. You won't believe how big and how pretty it is. Maybe next week it will be done.  Never in a million years would I have thought this rug would look so charming. Stay tuned.

Marla : You OK? my power was off so I don't know how bad you all got it.  Left a message.