1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting back to normal.

 Pink sweater ( no hood) Simply Soft 1 did not dec on sleeves at wrists went down a hook size for 2 rows added a tiny shell st.
Hat (Shell stitch beanie)
T towels ready to go. I  ironed them this morning (sprinkled them let them set in my basket and then ironed them just like my mom.)
Stamped new towels. The one will look cute with the cupcake potholder.  They are MINE ;)

 I not going to blog much here, but this needs to be said.  If you have ever been to Joplin, Mo. its not there any more I mean really not there. Elsinore which is close to us was really hit.  If you are thinking about helping in anyway please do.  Steph, is a  PA at a local hospital  helped get supplies ready for the planes taking nurses and Drs there.  The stories are just too many to tell. Heartbreak and Hope.

     How it affected us is minor.  Power was off (big deal) many many trees down (so what). Anything that was not tied down is gone. Nan and Popaw's roof was damaged, fruit trees gone. Everyone made it (now that's a big deal)  Thank God!!! Aggravation: Now it is a 58 mile round trip to my folks the road that we take is closed.

                                               Typical Popaw ( Second round of storms)

        I went and got Nan and brought her to our house because it is built into a side of a hill. I could not get dad to come.  Tears mean nothing to him. Hes a big man over 6'2 and for 84 in good shape.  If he doesn't want to do something..there you go. His last words to me before I left was if you see an old man in a bathtub and a little dog fly by wave it will be me.  He did not take this seriously.  He was in the last really bad one when he was a boy. He thinks hes 84, bring it on. I can't do a thing with this naughty little boy. You have no idea.  It gets worse, their roof is damaged and he wants it fixed.  A tarp is not working for him.  Yesterday he climbed on the roof and fixed it. His knees and hips are like mine. Nan said it about killed him.  He was all in but his shoelaces. He did it behind my back because dad and I have put three complete roofs on together. The last one I did most of it and it about killed me that was 11 years ago.  Dad even had me put the ridge cap on and after it was done I did a ridge cap dance because I swore it was my last roof.  Dad knows I would have dosed up on Ben-gay and pain killers and been up there with him. We were all going to bring food and the family show up this weekend to fix the roof.  He could not wait.  BUT he just told me on the phone , "Well, ruthann I don't think I will ever fix anymore roofs."  Ya think dad. Seriously if I had money to burn I would buy him a pair of tennis shoes and glue red glitter all over and when the next storm hits give them to him. I love my dad. We were so worried.

Steph gave me a big box of full sks of old worsted yarn 5/$1.00 from K-mart. Rust.that green you know that green, cream, weird gray/blue, dark brown. It is not fit for anything, but rugs. It is perfect for rugs. I will have to post a picture here of this monster. You won't believe how big and how pretty it is. Maybe next week it will be done.  Never in a million years would I have thought this rug would look so charming. Stay tuned.

Marla : You OK? my power was off so I don't know how bad you all got it.  Left a message.


Anonymous said...

Your dad is a character. Glad your doing so well. Rose L.

Anonymous said...

I was praying for you. And where is my new tote??????. K. lovesu

Marla said...

Hi Mimi-

We just had a minor storm here last Wed night that did some damage but nothing major. It tore up where they are building the new High school, but that is good cause it means more work for Scott. They get to redo it, building the frame and all.

Glad you all and Nan and Pop are OK!! Just haven't had much time lately between keeping up with life and my dad.

Lov ya!