1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Monday, March 28, 2011

Frog Food

                Yes it is the grand kids Easter candy I went to our storage room and took it out of the freezer  and note to other basket filling grandmas* it takes about 15 min before they thaw , but it you got dental insurance go for it they are not to bad thawing in your mouth.  This was all brought about by a Easter commerical and the fact I had to frog back to the yoke on the white sweater. Hells bells and the devil's shoelaces ,I am aggravated at myself. I just deleted in my little aging mind one increase row. I kind of took today off to finish this sweater.  We have some of our kids coming in next week ( not homegrown, but we claim them).  I need to be cleaning.  There is more candy in the sacks and the night is young...may even rent me a movie. Thats what I call skippin rocks across the frog pond.

(((((((Hugs))))))) you can hug me back and make kissing sounds if you want I could use some sympathy.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

No projects just lovies and chit-chat

      The Ladybug teapot is from Megs our DD. We use to call her our Ladybug. She gave this to Wp. and I  for our 41st anniversary Jan. 31st.  I just now got around to sharing its cuteness. The American Home dish is from our Steph .  I was gifted this weekend.  Oh my word!!! I collect anything with cherries on it (have for years now).  You cannot imagine how much I love this .  It will be used at Easter.

     I have had  some negative stuff to deal with here lately.  So I keep my new lovies out to look at.
I have to do hand to hand combat with a complaining spirit sometimes.  My dears I will win. I am hanging on to my sweet spirit by the shirttail, but it is a firm grip.  All I have to do is hang on and look around me at all the wonderful things in my life, and I am knee deep in blessings.

    The 2 oldest grand kids were here this weekend. My girl is so grown up. We made chocolate chip bread, 2 batches of cookies.  I look at them and sometimes I almost cannot breath for the joy in my heart.  My grandson dances to make me laugh, really hes good at it,but he does it to make me laugh.  I so need a way to make videos. I teared up when they left.   WP had to work Sat. night so he took them home to save the long drive in Sunday. When they were pulling out of the drive way I ran out and did a version of my grandson's dance in the headlights (no neighbors).  They left with tears in their eyes,but not for the reason I did. I didn't hear it,but I know they were saying Mimi your so crazy.

   Projects:  Almost done on the green sweater.  One more sleeve then sew it together at the shoulders.Then I will do my over  kill thing of buttons and the blanket stitch around it. You remember years ago when Quaker Oats had a commerical that said, "If ya got a good thing don't mess around with it".  My dears someone needs to needlepoint that for me. I am making a small white Spring short sleeve sweater in a size 5.  Cotton yarn 8 needles so far so good.  I do have some other non yarn stuff I am going to do.  I have been flooded with requests here lately. Go figure just when I make a list, and get a light to see small items. I now have a large craft back burner.

    Love my family and friends that stop by. You are a treasure to me my dears.  May you see all matter of great kindness this week and it touch your heart.   Mimi


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finished object

The Wonderful Wallaby was not a walk in the park.  I have 4 index cards with notes, and I have written warnings for myself in the book.  The next one will be better. If you attempt this pattern, google it first.  There are several sites that gives heads up on several issues. Ravelry has a group dedicated to this sweater.  The Ravelry site is a  good source of information. What sucked the joy out of this for me :  I hate double points. I know how to do the Kitchener Stitch, but 80 stitches for the hood (size 6) was finger nails on a chalk board.  I get distracted easily so put that with the 80 stitches and the 4 repeats for the stitch, Houston we have a problem.  Not entering this in the fair.  Maybe I should give it with a warning . Baby grandson do not wear this around : knitting mommies, nanas, or aunties. Always raise your right arm to answer any questions in pre-school ( Mimi's kitchener stitch looks slightly better under the right sleeve.)** Smiles**

I wish for you the begining of Spring in your heart. It is in mine and its a lovely feeling. Hugs bugs

Off to heat up the stew. I made it yesterday and it is so much better the second day. Yum

Monday, March 7, 2011


My DIL's mother started breathing on her own after she was taken off the vent.  She is at home in a hospital bed, and on Hospice.  Her Doctors said she should not be alive. Proving that  its not over till God says it is.  Her uncle is starting chemo., and her cousin  is taking the chemo pill.  So much for a child to endure, but she is so positive especially in front of the kids. I am so proud of her.

Mom, aka Nan-Nan is so precious.  She may not be clear on somethings, but what she has maintained is just joyful. She helps me stay on the path. Nan is home tonight, but I am going to get her Wed. for more fun.

Wp. and I have more retirement appointments this month. I have discovered its a good thing I keep my paper work in order. They want proof of everything.

I am still knitting on the little sweater. My best friend sent me another box of yarn from her shop. Its so interesting. I always get a box from her when I need a boost. She understands angel nudges.  Most of the yarn never made it to the states. One of a kind.  Deep sigh :( she only deals with thread now.   She is a true friend and generous beyond belief. Mostly the sks are small and just one, but wonderful for trims. I will put everything to good use....retirement here we come.

Ya has the bug.  I have a one all my own, and its nasty. Wp. has a cold . We need a Beware sign on our door.

I love the craft lite.  It was a hundred dollars off from Joann. WP. really wanted me to get one. He was right it was worth it.

I am not sure what is going on around here day to day, but I will check in . I wish for you new joys and some good surprises that take your breath away.