1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Friday, April 29, 2011

Twin Hats and thats about it.

      Here are the two hats for the twin girls super easy and fast Crochet Today.

      My. Dears,
      I call my Aunt Mary my other mother for she is my sound council.  Yesterday we talked for awhile and I found that she is now bedfast because of her back.  Auntie M was at times the only reason I blog. You never tell a ladies age, but she is older than my own mother, and she learned to use a computer. Seriously, how great is that. She read my blog each day with her decaf. She called me when I didn't blog and urged me on in every area of my life.  Now she can no longer use the computer. Honestly I have no desire to blog anymore.  Maybe the joy will resurface.... but I don't think so.  Wp's last day of work is July 1st. We are going to remodel the house. The yard work is just out of control.  We have put things off waiting for this time and that was a mistake.   If I do anything it will just be pictures.

What can I say, I pray for your well-being in everyway. That you have people to love and they love you back. Good food, lots and lots of laughter,  projects that turn out so well you even impress yourself.  May all  the things you count  as good be yours.  Ruthann aka Mimi

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Somethings never change

        I have followed the blog chicken stitches for a very long time.  I never put it up on my list. but I should have.  I find her life so interesting ( I think this would make her laugh). Anyway her little girl cut her hair which reminded me of this picture( above). Mom and I, and my first store brought dress. Look at my bangs yep I cut my hair for my picture. Nan had told me not to touch the scissors.  I remember the whole incident like it was yesterday.  Mom was livid...little missy you will get your picture made and have it to remember how naughty you were. I was about to cry in the picture.  Mom kept this picture  out for years and point to it when she thought I was slipping into self will...which was quite often. 

I will now stop posting every few mins the Cardinal  game is about off :)

Easter stuff, little sweaters, and rain talk


 The eggs were hid on the deck and in the woods and all over.  Right after this picture it came a down pour.   "T" in his frog boots was ok with the rain. It just added to the fun for him. Miss pigtails had enough of the rain. The others just went with the flow.  All eggs were found and towels handed out.

 The food was very good ,thank you very much. Nan made her now famous baked beans.  I fixed a big ham and chicken. You can imagine all the stuff that went with it.  What surprised me was how fast the fruit went. The dip was not used just the fruit .  So all the Easter things are now back in boxes and stored away.  Whew!!!

The two little sweaters  were altered .  The white was from two patterns and sized up to about a 3 from a 6 mo-12 mo. The other was sized down from a six to a 3.  I am anxious to see if they fit.

I have just finished 2 little hats for twin girls. I hate making 2 of anything especially the same color. 

The potholder I made was the cupcake from this pattern  It was a BIG hit.  I made it for Nan to go in her little basket I made for her.  I think I may have to make them for each girl and I would like some myself.  The pattern is very well written ,and the graph is very large so my old eyes could see it.  All in all the best pattern with a graph I have ever made and I have made a bunch.  The pattern is just so cute.  Mom took it home before I could get a picture of it.   The designer's blog is on my list, Whiskers and Wool. She has great patterns and a lovely read if you ask me.

  The creeks, rivers, lakes are all overflowing.  WP. got home this morning . He crosses 3 bridges and the water was right at the bridges. If it goes over the bridge they will close the road, and we can't get out.  We live on high ground so  we  are not in any real danger. Nan and Popaw have one bridge and low place to worry about. Their house would not be in danger.

Wish for you all fair weather....please wish it back :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hamburger cake....awe Mimi your kiddin me.

                                                       Mimi wasn't kiddin

     When we were up at the big city for grandparents day I told my grandson I had a hamburger cake for him for Easter. Even the older kids got a kick out of this cake I found at the Wal- mart bakery. The kids said it was yummy.

      Grandparents day :  It was so wonderful.  My youngest grandson is going to a private church school. I wish my other 2 had been sent to a school like this.  The 3 year old have chapel once a week. Let me tell you they stress the good stuff.  My grandson is learning to play the bells. They all did such a good job.  Now think of this 3 year old watching colored cards for their bells then knowing when to stop them by putting them on their chest. It was an Easter miracle to me.  From the lighting of the candles to the batman prayer it was awesome.  Want to hear something cute...sure you do. The boy got up that morning and announced he was wearing daddy clothes to school... dress pants and shirt, tie, dress shoes. Ok...yes I cried during the program just looking at him.  We did the Batman prayer after the Easter prayer here Sat.  We kept our oldest grandson all weekend. He is really the sweetest boy. We had such a great time. He is shy, but when its just us he has the most wicked sense of humor. His new phrase is did ya get it Mimi?...yes cubbie thats why I am on the floor laughing with tears in my eyes..I got it. 

    My wish for you this week is to be surrounded by love every time you need it.

    crochet project pics are coming.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Home Again, Home Again and Look what I got.

    Must tell you what I learned from the DISC, NTGEO, PBS. while in the big city.

        1.  If large animals are chasing smaller animals I knit faster.

        2.  I now have no desire to ever go on a Safari zipooo.

        3.  Curious George is only fun to watch with a small child...he can become annoying while alone.

        4.  I would have to be filthly rich to ever watch money management on PBS.

        5.  Elmo's voice is not cute after 15 mins.
        6. Oh yes, better stop at 6.  I find guys with Maine accents wearing flannel shirts and working
          with wood kind of cute,who knew? *note to self buy more flannel shirts for WP. 

                                               Quilt Display Hanger gifted by Bri. Z.

           Look what I got.  I am so proud of my beautiful hanger.  My smallest grandson came in and told me he had gotten me a heart.  So sweet.  I have many, many quilts to display.  I never had a grandmother or great grandmother that did not quilt. You can only imagine. See how it matches the wood in  grandma's washstand. Perfection. Look at the rocking chair same color.  The rocking chair is my favorite thing.  My gr. grandpa made this for my gr grandmother's mother. Gr gr  grandma Keith  was in her nineties and still quilting.  She could not hold her arms up so the arm rests fit her perfect.

         If you read this Bri Z. Thank you sweetheart.  I simply love it.

         Many more things to blog about .  I need to space them out

         I wish for you a wonderful week and that the Holiness of Easter stays in your heart.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am blogging from the big City

 WP. and the youngest son are at a Cardinal game. Third base line 5 seats up from the dugout.  Yes the best tickets EVER. I told him to wave.  If you are watching the game and surfing he is in a red shirt and black jacket.  If someone like that makes a fool of himself...he wasn't there :)  The man does love his Cards and Wildcats.  I am home alone everyone else is at school or work .  I brought some knitting. It is a boring scarf and hat. I am going to surf all day. They only have news, PBS stations on TV.  They are establishing the same rules he was brought up with. We were really strict with TV. We watched the news every night together, and talked about what was going on.  Food only at the table my dears. Now WP. and I live like animals....junk TV and food where ever.  What they don't know won't hurt them. Its not so bad as WP asks for a napkin and I toss him a roll of paper towels, but the thought no longer shocks and appalls me ;)

I have finished 2 little summer cover ups for my little girl in Ga. that will visit Mimi next week. I also made a potholder I will put pictures up next time. I still have not made up the pattern I dreamed about.  I think I will do that in May.  Since we came up early I have tons to do when we go home.

I really hate my son's chair. My hips are killing me. Which is funny because it is a much nicer chair.

Well my dears I am off to be educated by PBS while knitting a scarf. Don't be jealous. You know the thought just struck me I  could put up a ton of pics from their files.....better not: :) Hugs Oh yes I just printed off a Joann coupon 50% off.  I would be out shopping, I know where a Joann is, but WP. is afraid something will happen to me, seriously. I made him explain....well you could lock your keys in the car and I would have to leave the game.. I see where this is coming from. So let the education of Mimi begin.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby boy peacoat link It is adorable

       baby sweater  I should not be even checking my mail.  I stumbled on to this in a moment of just one more site surfing.  It is so adorable.  What sold me was the picture of the baby in it.  You can almost smell the baby powder. I had to refrain from kissing the screen.  Oh how I would love to spend the day making this...I even have the yarn.   I am off to hang some clothes up on the line, but I will be thinking about this sweater.


Sunday, April 10, 2011



       The golden sweater was made years ago from worsted.  It was really warm so I donated it. I always wanted to make one in sport weight. So the green is Red Heart Designer Sport. The hat pattern is my own. The brown bobble is an acorn.  It looks so much cuter in real life.  I am really interested in who likes and dislikes this sweater.  You can leave an anonymous comment if you will. This may bite me, because it has been a week of unkindness for me.  I want you to be honest but not unkind. My Auntie M. flat doesn't like it she is almost 90.  My mom says its ok,but not her fav. she will be 84. My dad loves it he will be 84. Wp. says he likes the white one the best.... translation he  thinks its strange. Me I am not sure. It is cute, and I would have put my baby in it if just for pictures and a good laugh.  I was going to donate it, but I am having this vision:  Two girls in a hospital bed, the first girl gets a lovely pastel baby set, and the other one get this......she bawls her eyes out. So it stays here till I find someone with a woodsy heart. My DIL'S are not home and my DD is out of town.  I will let you know their input later.

       This can be found on Ravelry and I think Esty. The name is  in threes: a baby cardigan by kelly herdrich.   No buttons yet, Peaches and Cream yarn (you know Peaches and Cream is gone) . Easy pattern. It is fast, but I don't know why I fought with this sweater. It seems like it took forever. I took a picture of the side because I had over looked it and it was a surprise when I got going on it.  It is a size 5 the biggest size. All in all it is a really nice pattern.

     Mom is home tonight.  I did her nails and toenails in a metallic they kind of glow.  she was ok with it so next time its back to pink.   Nan Nan living on the edge.  We sang the old songs, prayed and just enjoyed each other.

     My DIL's mom now weighs 60 some lbs.  Her pain meds are not working. She needs prayer and Steph does as well.  You think you are ready, but when its your momma I don't think you ever are.

     May your week be full of lovely surprises, and good news at every turn.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Interesting week

          This is turning out to be a very strange week.  I can almost here the Twlight Zone theme as I type this.  Seriously strange.
          We took mom and dad out to eat this afternoon. It was very nice.  I could relate a funny rolling on the floor incident, but I won't out of respect for my husband and dad.  I could barely contain myself. If mom had understood like in times past, we could have gotten into so much trouble. Someone could have egged me on and I would have laughed till I couldn't stand up. Well all in all it was quite lovely my dears.
          I am still on the white cardi.  I really am not working on it that much.  I need a really different project next time.  Mom is coming over so that means something mindless for awhile.  Well really I have the cardi down to mindless.  I did buy a fun purse pattern the other day, but I don't have the yarn. Nothing even close to acceptable.
          May skip out for awhile.  Mom will be here and we have some appointments.  We go to the big city  Easter week.  I will be back home Good Fri. to get it all set up for our Easter time on the side of the hill.   While I am up at grandparents day in the big city I am going to hide Easter eggs for my GS in inside the house. We will be gone when he gets home from pre-school so maybe that will take the edge off.  He is a precious little guy. I just have the sweetest grand kids.  I bought him the Woody with the string you pull so he talks for a surprise to leave on his bed after we leave.  Then for Easter the little ones get Tangled (DVD) in their baskets for the big gift.  The older ones are harder and really what pleases them is money. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
          The leaves on the trees are the size of squirrels ears so you can plant  your corn now.  I could get a degree in useless information.  You have no idea. 
           Well heres hoping your  and Easter time is blessed.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Found It!

                                                        Leaflet  288

     I am so sick of knitting I can barely stand it.  If I go on Ravelry one more time and hear how fast this little white sweater I am knitting knits up I am going to well... I am not big on drama, sigh deeply is way to tame.  I will think of something ugly to do, and still keep my good grandma girl status.  My fingers are swelled, and I had a time of it picking up a needle off the floor.  I am guessing all these adorable fast knitters wear size 3 rings and are not a quart low on estrogen like me. I never did knit fast and its not getting any better.
     So the crochet lusting has begun.  All I want to do is crochet a baby sweater.  I will not until the 2 sweaters I have on the needles are done.  The sweaters in the pics are about 26 years old.  No stains, and really show no signs of wear.  Say what you will about Red Heart.  They are just as soft as a bunny tail. Not that I have messed around with that many bunny tails to really and truly know.
     I remember loving this sweater.  Megs loved the long buttons and I remember hating them.  The larger sweater with the ugly buttons was her play sweater.  I am so ready to make another one.  The hat pattern is in the leaflet.  My next sweater will not be pink.
     Wp.'s Wildcats lost.  I wanted them to win for Ky dad, he is going to be 86 and loves his Wildcats. Wp. has the Cardinal game on now.  Perfect knitting time for me.  I am killing time because I have to do 5 more inches in SK. 129 stitches.  This millstone should have been done by now.
     Off to a nice hot bath and some more  forced knitting.
      I wish for you the love and excitement of whatever you are doing.   Now be nice and wish it back I am in need here.  Good thoughts and love zooming your way.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Think I'll make another...sweater not baby

                                                    Megs 26 years ago

  This picture could be in a crochet puzzle book.  Find all the crocheted objects. (4) Now to find this leaflet.  It is around here somewhere.  This time it will be in a lovely color.  I am over the fact that I had 2 boys and all that blue.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Chit Chat no FOs

                                                     Copper Lou you bad boy

            Isn't he cute .  He looks like a puppy and hes 10 years old.  We don't really want any pets (Copper was Megs), but we would pay a fortune to keep him and Zoe D. Crackers the cat. The picture is of a finished object.  Copper tore out the duck quacker, and I sewed it back in with pink yarn to look like the duck had an operation. I had nothing better to do than play pretend bird vet with my dog. I should have had him flip it over to display my lovely stitches. Since Sadie has passed and we don't have to feel guilty about babying him.  We have dog toys all over the house.  We now have a dog toy box. Sadie was almost 16 when she left us.  She would put her foot on her toy so Copper couldn't get it. It made me cry when she would try to play with it. We just brought home their favorite eat treats until she passed.  Sadie was our oldest son's dog.  You know what they say life doesn't begin at 40 it begins when the kids leave home and all their pets die......well not so much here I can still barely say Sadie's name.

      Still plugging along on the little sweater I had to frog back to the yoke.  I have a tad to do on the one sleeve of the green sweater.   Amazon is sending me a preordered book for baby knits.   I don't plan on buying patterns after we retire.  Its not that I don't have the money its because I have promised myself to make good use of what I have.  I want to be a better steward in my old age :).

       We Have 5 Easter baskets to make up.  I am thinking  maybe 7.  2 extra for the Gks that will come in and leave early.  Yes, we have 3 bio grand kids I loose track of which ones God gave us and the ones we were just up and blessed with.  Be very afraid if your child or grandchildren live near us we will assimilate them into our family.  Now if I can stay out of the Easter candy.I can hear it now Mimi why is there Halls cough drops in my eggs?. Shhh they are cherry and they make you breathe better.

        Nan's back is better(her own bed helps her back ). She will be back here Tuesday .  Monday or Tuesday we are taking Nan and Popaw out for their 64th wedding anniversary. Presents already given, but there will be cake and flowers.  Next year God so wills we will have a big family get together for their 65th.  I will have the plan in the works early so everyone can take off.  Last year it was on Easter Sunday.  Think about this blessing, WP and I have both our parents. His celebrated their 65th Anniversary the 12th of March.  We just celebrated or 41st.  Attention children.

 I wish for you a weekend  of fun.  I will be cleaning, not on  Sunday, but maybe 5 mins till ((smiles))

note to A. M.  his name was chicken poor (chic por) maybe dad remembers his given name. I will ask him. This is in connection with the story about him stealin grandpa's apples I am guessing..