1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Sunday, April 10, 2011



       The golden sweater was made years ago from worsted.  It was really warm so I donated it. I always wanted to make one in sport weight. So the green is Red Heart Designer Sport. The hat pattern is my own. The brown bobble is an acorn.  It looks so much cuter in real life.  I am really interested in who likes and dislikes this sweater.  You can leave an anonymous comment if you will. This may bite me, because it has been a week of unkindness for me.  I want you to be honest but not unkind. My Auntie M. flat doesn't like it she is almost 90.  My mom says its ok,but not her fav. she will be 84. My dad loves it he will be 84. Wp. says he likes the white one the best.... translation he  thinks its strange. Me I am not sure. It is cute, and I would have put my baby in it if just for pictures and a good laugh.  I was going to donate it, but I am having this vision:  Two girls in a hospital bed, the first girl gets a lovely pastel baby set, and the other one get this......she bawls her eyes out. So it stays here till I find someone with a woodsy heart. My DIL'S are not home and my DD is out of town.  I will let you know their input later.

       This can be found on Ravelry and I think Esty. The name is  in threes: a baby cardigan by kelly herdrich.   No buttons yet, Peaches and Cream yarn (you know Peaches and Cream is gone) . Easy pattern. It is fast, but I don't know why I fought with this sweater. It seems like it took forever. I took a picture of the side because I had over looked it and it was a surprise when I got going on it.  It is a size 5 the biggest size. All in all it is a really nice pattern.

     Mom is home tonight.  I did her nails and toenails in a metallic they kind of glow.  she was ok with it so next time its back to pink.   Nan Nan living on the edge.  We sang the old songs, prayed and just enjoyed each other.

     My DIL's mom now weighs 60 some lbs.  Her pain meds are not working. She needs prayer and Steph does as well.  You think you are ready, but when its your momma I don't think you ever are.

     May your week be full of lovely surprises, and good news at every turn.


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Anonymous said...

Elfin Adorable Mimi!!!!!
hugs Katter

Marla said...

Hi Mimi...

Ya know what? That pattern looks great.... for a BOY done in brown and green or fall colors. Without the acorn, I think it's cute for a boy or girl either one. Seems as if the acorn makes it a little more boyish looking. You could do the acorn for boys in boy colors and use a pom pom, a flower, and girl colors for girls? It's cute either way and it's some more of your great work. Thanks for keeping in touch- love ya!

Anonymous said...

We are home from the Church retreat. This is my first comment and sorry Ruthie I am crazy about the green one, but I like the white one. GG Ella

Mimi said...

Wow thanks guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Cute Mom!!!!