1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Friday, April 1, 2011

Chit Chat no FOs

                                                     Copper Lou you bad boy

            Isn't he cute .  He looks like a puppy and hes 10 years old.  We don't really want any pets (Copper was Megs), but we would pay a fortune to keep him and Zoe D. Crackers the cat. The picture is of a finished object.  Copper tore out the duck quacker, and I sewed it back in with pink yarn to look like the duck had an operation. I had nothing better to do than play pretend bird vet with my dog. I should have had him flip it over to display my lovely stitches. Since Sadie has passed and we don't have to feel guilty about babying him.  We have dog toys all over the house.  We now have a dog toy box. Sadie was almost 16 when she left us.  She would put her foot on her toy so Copper couldn't get it. It made me cry when she would try to play with it. We just brought home their favorite eat treats until she passed.  Sadie was our oldest son's dog.  You know what they say life doesn't begin at 40 it begins when the kids leave home and all their pets die......well not so much here I can still barely say Sadie's name.

      Still plugging along on the little sweater I had to frog back to the yoke.  I have a tad to do on the one sleeve of the green sweater.   Amazon is sending me a preordered book for baby knits.   I don't plan on buying patterns after we retire.  Its not that I don't have the money its because I have promised myself to make good use of what I have.  I want to be a better steward in my old age :).

       We Have 5 Easter baskets to make up.  I am thinking  maybe 7.  2 extra for the Gks that will come in and leave early.  Yes, we have 3 bio grand kids I loose track of which ones God gave us and the ones we were just up and blessed with.  Be very afraid if your child or grandchildren live near us we will assimilate them into our family.  Now if I can stay out of the Easter candy.I can hear it now Mimi why is there Halls cough drops in my eggs?. Shhh they are cherry and they make you breathe better.

        Nan's back is better(her own bed helps her back ). She will be back here Tuesday .  Monday or Tuesday we are taking Nan and Popaw out for their 64th wedding anniversary. Presents already given, but there will be cake and flowers.  Next year God so wills we will have a big family get together for their 65th.  I will have the plan in the works early so everyone can take off.  Last year it was on Easter Sunday.  Think about this blessing, WP and I have both our parents. His celebrated their 65th Anniversary the 12th of March.  We just celebrated or 41st.  Attention children.

 I wish for you a weekend  of fun.  I will be cleaning, not on  Sunday, but maybe 5 mins till ((smiles))

note to A. M.  his name was chicken poor (chic por) maybe dad remembers his given name. I will ask him. This is in connection with the story about him stealin grandpa's apples I am guessing..

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