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And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter stuff, little sweaters, and rain talk


 The eggs were hid on the deck and in the woods and all over.  Right after this picture it came a down pour.   "T" in his frog boots was ok with the rain. It just added to the fun for him. Miss pigtails had enough of the rain. The others just went with the flow.  All eggs were found and towels handed out.

 The food was very good ,thank you very much. Nan made her now famous baked beans.  I fixed a big ham and chicken. You can imagine all the stuff that went with it.  What surprised me was how fast the fruit went. The dip was not used just the fruit .  So all the Easter things are now back in boxes and stored away.  Whew!!!

The two little sweaters  were altered .  The white was from two patterns and sized up to about a 3 from a 6 mo-12 mo. The other was sized down from a six to a 3.  I am anxious to see if they fit.

I have just finished 2 little hats for twin girls. I hate making 2 of anything especially the same color. 

The potholder I made was the cupcake from this pattern  It was a BIG hit.  I made it for Nan to go in her little basket I made for her.  I think I may have to make them for each girl and I would like some myself.  The pattern is very well written ,and the graph is very large so my old eyes could see it.  All in all the best pattern with a graph I have ever made and I have made a bunch.  The pattern is just so cute.  Mom took it home before I could get a picture of it.   The designer's blog is on my list, Whiskers and Wool. She has great patterns and a lovely read if you ask me.

  The creeks, rivers, lakes are all overflowing.  WP. got home this morning . He crosses 3 bridges and the water was right at the bridges. If it goes over the bridge they will close the road, and we can't get out.  We live on high ground so  we  are not in any real danger. Nan and Popaw have one bridge and low place to worry about. Their house would not be in danger.

Wish for you all fair weather....please wish it back :)

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Marla said...

Wishing us all dry weather Mimi- We are flooded some here in Paducah and surrounding areas too but not that bad YET.