1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back from Barnes

Well one bag was taken off.  We now have one drain bag, the ostomy bad, and the wound vac. Dr. Hunt said maybe 3 more trips for the wound vac (((maybe))). The Intervention radiology said maybe next Wednesday the other bag comes off. Do I see a light at the end of the tunnel,,by golly I think I do.

I am so tired today as grandma would say it takes to cats under my arms to breathe for me. I have a basket full of dirty clothes, dishes to wash, picking up and unpacking ,check book to balance, pills to sort. I am playing on the Internet. Yesterday was my birthday....I will regret this tomorrow, but today I play. After  Barnes yesterday, on our way we  home I had a birthday frosty from Wendi's. My dears I just stuck that straw in my frosty and made a wish. MY age.... blush.....50thru. (66)

Still making dishcloths on my 5th one. So relaxing.

today is National Dog Day I present to you my past loves:

Sadie and Copper the sweetest dogs that ever lived.  Mike and I would not have a dog, but the kids had these and when they left home guess who got them. Really they were a gift.  They said life does not began at 40 it begins when the kids leave home and all their pets die. Not so with us. We thought we did not want dogs, but they proved us wrong. They NEVER in all there days had an accident in the house.  They were so funny, and when Mike worked night shift they were such a comfort.  I miss them so much.  Sadie was mine...she preferred me and guarded me even when she could barely walk. We have no dog now and that is a blessing, but if I could wish them back I would.

I will leave you with a happy blessed week wish. Sweet days and lovely dreams at night my dears....hugs sent.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Still Here

I have not fell once this week....guess got my sea legs back.  We went to Barnes and it looks like next Tuesday Mike will get the drain bags out woooooo hoooooo. That means we are just left with the wound vac and the ostomy bag. He is not gaining weight. I am just at a loss as what to do.  I am cooking his favorite foods and buying things he thinks he might be able to eat....and rarely does. My scales said he weight 118lbs.  I felt sick when I saw what he weighted. I honestly thought he had gained just a little. He use to weigh 160lbs.  I think that has side lined me more than anything. I feel so helpless at times... like I should be able to fix this.  Well I am going to address this with  Dr. Hunt Tuesday.  

The kids came by today and I went to get some groceries.  It is sad when Sam's club and Wal-mart are exciting places to go.  I saw and old man in Wal-mart that reminded me of daddy....I am emotionally weak, cause I almost cried....okay I cried a little bit.

All in all we are doing  alright.  I got a card from my friend Ann. It was very thoughtful and uplifting. Nothing like snail mail to make you feel special..  I have 4 dishcloths done, and trying to get five and more plus some scrubbies made before I send them out. It will get cold before long and I have to make cancer hats for the center, but before that I am making a baby dress or sweater just because that is such a joyful thing to make. The dishcloths have been such a blessing. I have enjoyed having a reason to make them plus I am using up a little of the cotton scraps....win win.

Hugs, love sent be happy this week if you think of me I hope its a smile I bring to you.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Come laugh with me.

Do you rememberr the Elvis song, Did you Ever Have One Of Those Days Boys.  Well girls and boys I had a doozzie.        

I got up scrubbed floors and cleaned really well ( well my new standard of really well) then after I was done and the floors were dry, I opened the freezer for ice and a large container of oatmeal came down off the top of the fridge.  Most of the oatmeal went everywhere on the floor, but the fun stuff landed in my ice bucket. Here's a tip oatmeal sticks to frozen cubes like glue. I had just made ice to store for the trip to St. Louis. It was a mess.  Later I opened the fridge to start supper and an entire container of beans spilled out of a air tight container...of course it did.   Are you laughing yet.  I get Mike all showered up and his bag changed and guess what we had a bag explosion.....it wasn't pretty. Now I cleaned all this stuff up and thought I needed a bath...my legs now because of my age only grows hair in spots good grief you think you have smooth legs then,Hello, in the sunshine you look like Bigfoot in spots.( Big foot mange) I set about to bush hog my legs, when got into the tub with my distress bubbles and no razor....of course. I get out and find a new razor. When I  get back in the tub I fall hitting my head on the tub. Honestly after it stopped hurting I just laughed because then I couldn't get the razor cap off the razor...of course I couldn't.  Oh it does not end there. I was thinking maybe I just need to go to bed. I get  Mike all settled and start to bed. Now let me set you up for this, my bed is very old my gr grandmas and very tall.....so I jump into bed and as I did I turned to see if I had closed the door. .....slid off the bed and fell between the bed and wall on my back. I am so weak on my left side because of the stroke I seriously thought I might not be able to get up. Yes, it hurt, but after awhile I knew nothing was broke it was just another funny episode in my day.  I wiggled and wiggled till I got close to the window ceil and eventually pulled myself up. You got to laugh.

What bothers me is I can't get the cap off  one of the drain bags to flush it. Its not just me. When we go to St. Louis tomorrow...on my list. I have only flushed it about once a day on average. When vna nurse comes she helps and others come by. Its hard for everyone and impossible for me.  I pray for a fix. Mike I think is finally gaining a little weight.  He is fussing about getting his hair cut so that is music to my ears. Still knitting dishcloths when I get a moment.

Hugs  and love sent to all. hope you had giggles about my day. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS....SMILES .

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another Hospital stay

  Well another stay in Barnes this time it was at Wash (north campus). Mike got the surgery and the vac. The bags stayed on, we just got rid of the bulb. I stayed with him, and neither of us slept that night. This vac. is so annoying for him and I need to watch it all the time. Last night I thought it was plugged in to the wall, and when I got him up to move him in the living room the battery was about dead( gees). The vac has three places that can come undone....much remember to check each socket. He is not in any pain right now so that is a blessing.  One of the bags was changed on me and its very different so I could not get it flushed last night or this morning called vna and they never showed up. So my daughter-in-love came out and brought her best friend a nurse. It took the nurse awhile to get it off and she had to use a clap scissor type thing to do it. I was so relieved I could have cried .....so grateful.  All I can do is what they tell me and when I can't ( like flush that bag it just gets to me.

Remember me, my blood sugar is up, my blood pressure was up 185/ 95 last night.  I forget to take my meds sometimes. So much to do, and I simply forget. I try to walk on the deck at least 30 mins a day. I am not eating right, but I try as best I can.   Whats really discouraging I can not see it getting any better for a long time.  Mike can not go back to chemo as long as the drains are on.....I thought a long time ago they would be off by now. Now the vac will be in for awhile...they said I would not have to  change the canisters, but its already over half full so it will have to be changed tomorrow.

It brings to mind what grandma would say,  I can't do all this and got to mill to boot.  I can do this, and with great joy.  When I doubt my self I look at the card Ann sent me that said Hoping you know how much you're capable of.   I framed it .  She will never know how much it meant to me.  I am still making her dishcloths and enjoying it so very much....win win.

Well, hope this did not sound sad or that I am down. As long as I have Mike  I am  a happy girl strike that happy old woman :).  Love sent to all my people that stop by to share my adventure. If your desires of your heart are good then I pray for have them. Hugs bugs.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Another Kink

 Barnes O Barnes how you love us so.  Mike did not gain weight. Dr. Hunt found a problem so we are thinking that this maybe a step in the right direction.....we could use it.  Up by 5:00 then at Barnes all day home at about 7:00.

Here's the story:  Hunt found an opening where he did the surgery.  They took him to surgery but didn't do it after looking around they decided to put a wound vac. in there.  Seriously.  Never heard of that before.  Hunt has never did it, but it has been done with great success, I gather.  So we go back Tuesday for the Ct scan and out patience procedure. Then if that goes well its back Friday for the radiology intervention and maybe some bags off. ......let us hope.....sure we will get another one from the wound vac, poor guy. I am all in but my shoe laces, and so is Mike.

I would have loved to have traveled in my old age, but not to Barnes every 3 or 4 days a week ((smiles)).  Oh yes the other news we must go back to Barnes every Tuesday to have the vac changed for at least 8 weeks.   I know your just green with envy at my new life style.......don't be......it just sucks the energy right out of you.

I have always made an effort to keep a tidy house.  I love simple house duties. Now there is no time. I have Gatorade and ensure cases stacked in my kitchen next to my old Hoosier.  My table is now a pharmacy/ medical office. And worse of all I have a mouse I can't get rid of.  Opossums in my trash tearing it all over the deck...think I solved that.   My dears someone in the animal kingdom has spread the word that Mike is laid up and the old woman is in charge.  The trash varmints must not know I can shoot a gun.....it takes alot for me to get worked up, but the last time I cleaned it up I reached the I am going to kill that little beggar point.

Now I must leave you my pretties and wash some clothes and by the way they are no longer sorted to perfection.....good enough is now my mind set.   hugs to all hope you have fun this week and lots of giggles.