1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stuff going out the door

  The side of the hill is still a crazy place to be. Its seems every Fall it gets a little harder ((smiles))
I have worked on a few things and they are going out the door by this weekend.

   The baby sweater is my fav. pattern with a collar sweater .  I have made one almost like it in the past. The long school color hats I linked to in a recent post. I made fingerless gloves for the girls.  The little beanie is just a baby bean striped in crayon colors. I just made it up as I went.  The Rainbow Brite hat is similar to one  in Ravelry the  designer is April Draven.  Same designer as the long school color hats.  I just made one and it goes to a  little girl that draws rainbows all the time, she is seven .  It is an adorable hat and idea.

    I am working on a big project now and it is giving me fits.

    May you have a lovely week my dears filled with projects that just fall in place and look ever so much better than you planned....... I so need this wished back.  Hugs

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hat and baby blanket

   The hat was a lot of fun, super fast.  The pattern was well written.  I saw this on sale on her esty shop for a 1.50.  My DD had  been looking at it  and  ask for it or something close...I am no longer doing close if I can get the pattern ((smiles).  DD is 26 and turning into a hat person. This sets off a chain of events my GD sees her young Aunt with the hat and wants one ...she is 12 .  Vanna White yarn. Hat

  The baby blanket had 2 rows done in a shell stitch when it was given to me.  I ran out of yarn and low and behold I had some in my stash.  That almost never happens for me and I have a very large stash. It was Bernat Baby.

 I have just finished another long  hat in school colors for Ya.  I am going to make her some fingerless mitts to go with it.  I hope I can get it done by Sat. We are all gathering for another tree cutting and stacking event. I should take some pics. I am the cook so its fried chicken and all that goes with that for dinner.  Supper it will be stew,cornbread, lots of tea and a blueberry cobbler. 

I hope and pray your week is going well for all that stop by is wishes always the best. Hugs

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Snowman set

  This  snowman set was requested. along with 2 candy corn hats an adult and child size. The candy corn hats were taken before I took pics, but I have made them before so  nothing  new.  The candy corn hats are on ravelry ( pattern.. candy corn hats.)  The pattern is very good. I  have adapted this pattern for all sorts of things many times its one of my favorites.

  The snowman hat is a Lion Brand pattern they are not letting me link.  The name is snowman hat and the pattern # is 90147AD.  What I did was used Pound of Love Yarn (worsted) and made the hat in the round.  I fits a 5 year old perfect.  Any roll top would do the trick.   I had a devil of a time finding this link for the scarf. The photo may not be there it was from 08. Scarf.    I  scaled down the carrot nose from the hat (ch6).  I liked the buttons idea, but there were none to be found in the old button tin.

  I still have  a baby blanket and a hat to put up.  The side of the hill is just crazy with must dos.

  Each one that passes this way may your week be rich in all things good and joyful.  Hugs my dears. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom aka Nan-Nan

         My mom will turn 83 on Sept 5th.  She may be blind and have memory problems, but she never I mean never lets it effect her love of life. This pic was taken at Christmas this year. See that smile that beautiful smile..she is the love of this family. She had a very difficult childhood yet she came out of it like a diamond from fire.  She is my hero. You know what she is doing at this moment trying to line the holes up on a potholder she is crocheting.....and no she needs no help.  My dears everyone should have such a mother as mine. Hugs

Friday, September 3, 2010

Numbers Game!!

 When you hit a  millstone I mean milestone you play the number game.  You think of people that were 60  when you were younger like my grandma was 60 when I turned 19. She lived to be 83 and that was not long enough. .  Now I feel not young not old, but as Goldie Locks says just right.  Those that are headed my way....it is good being  this age. You can blame alot of stuff on being 60...I have already started this and it works girls.((Smiles))

I have several things done, but I need to take pictures.  I thought my grandson was taking this home so I snapped a quick pic. ( he forgot it). My GD now wants one and my GS loves his. They will be worn to football games. I made the hat in their school colors. Everyone is having a fit over this hat.  I bought the pattern from  hat .  April's patterns for me have been well written , and things my grand kid's love.

May you have a weekend full of joyful things.