1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday update

 Its windy and cool here.  I have already had my walk in so its on to my lovely Sunday afternoon.  Mike has been sick from the chemo this time.  I think it is leveling off now. Hes been on the couch and bed for 3 days now. I keep whisper/praying ....please God let him be alright.  He seems in good spirits most of the time.  I am hanging on to God's Hand and trusting.   I am fixing a big country dinner for him tonight. I pray he will enjoy it and  not make him sick.  Next week all the kids will be here for Easter on Saturday. We hide eggs and I have everything I need to cook the Easter feast. May your week be filled with happiness and a dash of fun..  remember us.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Sunday

 Bracing for another week of chemo. The week we don't have to go is sheer bliss. I had forgot to make 2 appointmewnts at Barnes and I will do that in the morning. I am forgetting many things here lately. I have been coping better, but ever so tired. Guess I am making this about ME. Wp. helped out in the yard yesterday. The grandkids picked up all the limbs that had blown down.  They were such a big help. To be honest there is no way we could have gotten the yard picked up.  The off chemo weeks He does pretty well. I can't believe we have till the end of May with just chemo. So thankful to God things are going well.  May your week be filled with many delights and joyful things.....wish it back. Love and prayers

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Melt down

  WP. is doing well next chemo is March 24th. No throwing up so far. Hes been sitting on the porch some. Melt down was me.  I just have been crying up a storm I mean the way you did when you were a kid and sobbing was involved.  This is way more than I ever share, but found out someone else that is going through this,and is reading the updates.. I do it when I am alone, but crying is apart of who I am now and I hate it.  I am going back on a very mild low dose helper from my Dr. I hate I mean hate the fact I can't cope without some help. I needed it when mom was put on hospice.....I saw her through that so pray for me that I can be all I need to be to all the people in my life.  So to this gentle twin I have out there .....see my dear I am not just all that. I to have my weakness. Had another mimi stroke so just factor that on to my ramblings today, Pray for me as I do all of you I know stop by . love big big hugs sent .

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hey You Guys

WP. is back on Chemo take the pump off tomorrow. Holding my breath. We should be done with chemo the end of May then radiation then the BIG surgery in late June early July.It will be maybe over with by Dec. translation we had an entire year of it. Me  my Dr. appointment went like this....everything is up A1C, blood pressure, the rash on my hands and foot from stress.  The screen door can just catch 20015 on the way out. Good news Wp. is doing more and I think feels better  leg is  so much better and hes gained weight......so have I grrrrrr.

Me finished cancer hats. I took them to the center Tuesday. Working on another cowl poncho  in gray that will make 3. NO more for awhile. I want to make baby things in Spring colors,but before that T wants a Yoda hat.  So I am booked solid.  My shingle shot is killing my arm hot as a baked potato.It makes it hard to sleep on and knit.  Having an off day .
Wendi's dad is in need of prayer. My poor baby Wendi . Itdoesn't look like he will make it. She lost her mom when she was just 29. She was close to both.

Well cooking ribs for supper then clean up and walk for 30.  Did 30 this morning. All in all we are doing okay at least we are still hanging on to the side of our hill. hugs love sent.