1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Perfect cartoon for my mother-in- law

                         Misson accomplished...you got us guessing Ky. mom.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Nadia is now sixteen. Very sweet, shy, hard working , and Mimi's darling. She has almost waist length thick black hair she is my cutie.

It has been a circus around here. Nadia's party was put off till this weekend.  We pick up Ky mom Tuesday and come home Wednesday so she can have a little vacation.  I am not sure how long she will stay.                          

 Bub has moved everything to the farm now.  The little guy got to get a kitten and he is so thrilled.  He called me today and talked non stop about his new kitten.  "Mimi, I'm in 2 second grade now that's good, and bad. Good cause I am in second grade, but bad cause of so much work." Buddy it doesn't get any better.  I need to put up a picture of him he is adorable.

I am making Nadia a hat she wants, a new blanket out of scrap yarn, and knitting a scarf in the round. I am dreaming about a pair of southern belle pillow cases I have.  I made a pair for Bub's wife and she loved them. I want to start another pair before long only in a different color.

The kids  say school is "good" what ever that means now.  All my grand babies are in school now. They all do well in school so that is such a blessing.

 No is 14 and Kiera is 11.  Kiera has on Nadia's hat. Nadia wants to attend a school in England for awhile so she loves the Union Jack. The three are my oldest son's kids. I need to put up pictures of the other two.....got the cutest grand kids.

Well I keep trying to blog and life gets in the way.Maybe this Fall things will settle down. Well leaves, scooping acorns getting ready for winter......maybe winter is looking good.

Hugs and love sent to all that stop by blessings my dears.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sweet week

  Its been a sweet week. The days have been cool for July and much appreciated by all. We have been sitting on the porch rocking like the two old people we have become.  I need to get out my bird book, we have had a diverse group this year. I miss momma so much when we sit on the porch, but its still such a pleasure.

   I have been buying things for the kids for school.  I can't believe that its another school year. Soon the bus will be roaring by. I can remember my daughters first day of school. She was the baby and the only girl. I cried all morning. She took to school like a duck to water. No crying she couldn't wait to get on that bus.

We have a new septic tank put in this coming week$$$$$.  We were told 15 years ago we had to have one put in that it wouldn't last.  I just ask God to let it last till we could afford a new one...Thank you God.  3 kids in college was hard.Then two went on and got their masters degree.  They graduated with no loans no bills. We did drive an old 87 truck 2 years without air and it was the only vehicle we had. It is still running on our youngest son's farm in Desoto. He has the prettiest place, but he has worked hard to get it in shape.  He still works in St. Louis, but drives the 45 min each day to and from work.  He has a wonderful job, but could not stand his son being brought up in the city.

  Ky. mom will be here soon.  I will have to deal with her being in mom's room. She is a cracker jack for sure.  She called today and was moving out of her  retirement community (which she can't do). I really need some of her zest, but not to much.

  Well, I have meant to blog more, but life has been getting in the way. Maybe when school starts and Ky mom goes home this Fall.  I know how I miss reading my friends blogs. 

    I pray you have a wonderful Aug. all filled with joy and good things....hugs mimi

Got a few things done.

                                                two potholders out of cotton
                                          serveral potholders and a granny mandala for the table

                                       another baby set. I need to put ribbons in the bonnet
                                           The dress needs something on the yoke not sure what yet
another scrap rug