1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Step Forward

       We finally got to go back to the cancer doctor. The boys came and dug us got Sunday. Mike goes back for treatments March 10th. They wanted to wait because of the leg. By the way he got his stitches out today and was cut loose from VNA.  He has put the walker up and is doing more each day.  His weight is down, but now is holding.   If he looses weight its not my fault for I am cooking  all his favorites. 
        I took 3 hats to the cancer center. All my hats had been snatched up.  I make heavy duty hats in men colors.  For some reason no one want to knit men's hat so they are in real demand .  I had left one in the truck so I got one started for next time "seed".  I am also making Nadia's poncho. What I want to do is make something for a baby in maybe yellow.....need Spring colors in my life and happy thoughts. When I make baby things I can pray for that baby and enjoy the thought of  thinking about a baby wearing Mimi's baby things....this is my favorite thing, baby stuff  on the needles.
       So will say tootles my dears and do more laundry. Hugs remember us we stand in need.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow and stitches

 Our trip to Barnes was eventful. Dad threw up on the way up. First time it was just a half acre from home. He was so sick, but he recovered and we made it to Bub's.  The doctor left in part of the stitches. She is amazing. She left in every other one for fear it would reopen so we got another week of  stitches. She also caught a knot in his groin and had it x-rayed. It was nothing to worry about. We started home and made it fine. We are to go back in 4 months. He is looking good. He may not need a boot. Now once we are home I   started what dad had, bathroom double duty. He was still having issues so it was a difficult time. I threw up for 28 hours and ran to the bathroom. Dad's lasted maybe 12.  Everything I fixed him to eat made me sick.  We can't catch a break...then it snowed... he missed his first cancer appointment today. No way can we get out or anyone in. Sunday Bub is coming down to dig us out so we can go next Tuesday.. Am I worried about the delay....yes just sick with the worry about all the delays. More snow tonight.  He is eating good, and watching basketball , and he even walked to the table tonight without the walker.  Keep praying for us we surely need it. Hugs to all love coming your way.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Getting ready

 Getting ready for the trip to Barnes. We had the therapist here today, and he is doing just wonderful. Still on his walker till the stitches come out.  I had my first full night of sleep and sure enough woke up at 2am then 6am.  My body is so confused not to mention my mind.  We will be able to go to Ts grandparents day at his school.  Not sure if WP can make it,but I will be there. We are so lucky it fell on a Dr. visit.  Well will fill you all in when we get back. hugs bugs

Monday, February 9, 2015

Everyday is a blessing

  Today has been filled with the VNA. Mike is doing great. He is chomping at the bits to get rid of the walker.  He is doing more and more for himself. Tonight is my last 2am pill drop then it is just the shots and pills daily....oh yes.  I gave Wendi the poncho, and it fit . I am making another one for Nadia. 4 cancer hats done. So I have had a little more time.....truly I just want to sleep till spring. I think its because my walking is gone.  I have got to restore my routine. I stole a a second to update. I am off to fix chicken for supper. Well my dears my blessings flow this week and giggles abound....love sent Mimi.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Going good

  Its been almost 3 weeks since this back set began.  Its been a ruff road, but I see the light. Mike aka  weepaw is doing really well. The 13th he may get his stitches out. We are going to Barnes to see Dr.
Reed for the leg.  The 17th we start the chemo talks. I think we are back on course.  He is walking more and eating really well. Today he gets in the shower. The nurse finally  said he could take a shower hip hip that will be so much easier for me to scrubby him up. Soon , I think Sunday will be my last 2am feeding....I mean medicine drop. Yes it is a medicine drop he opens his mouth and I drop it in let him get a drink of water and hes back to sleep ...I then make such he doesn' choke and stagger off to bed.  2am medicine drop don't let the screen door hit you on your way out.  All in all we are doing well. The leg is down and is looking good groin wounds are OK. Love all my people, hugs love sent, and may you have joy coming your way.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


  We are home once again. Everything is so complicated here. VNA has been here everyday. After all the clothes washing, and cooking, and giving WP his bath not to mention answering the phone lets just say I am not the woman I use to be. I fall into bed and then wake up at 2 for meds then 6 and I am up. Yes this is all about me.....sorry.  Just so thankful I have him to wait on and I truly truly mean that.  I am just tired to the bone . WP.  is doing ok. Found his stash of peptos guess he thought they were not real meds.....well by golly he does now.  I was aggravated he had not taken them.  He can be a pistol.  I got a new phone it sooooo pretty and I took to it like a duck to water.  I was scared to try a new phone and now....why did I wait. I have stolen this moment to update. Yet another VNA person is coming soon to help him do more for himself....good luck with that buddy.   I got him to wash his own face yesterday whoopie a step at a time arms belly today. I know how to work him after 45 years....slowly step by step. I love him so dearly and I know this so hard on him.  Vented a bit SORRY . love my people...hugs and love sent. Prayers please!!!