1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Early Update

all color repeats are done now for the first set

Its going to be wide enough to go across a twin bed
        I have a good start on the ripple.  I will see if Nadia likes it. At 13 you never take anything for granted about what they like.  It should go across her twin canopy bed that was Meg's.  Nan and popaw bought Megs the set in the 80s from a furniture store that was going out of business...the set is still beautiful.  I will have to buy a new canopy for the top .  I think hers is an off white now. If she
does not want it and all my girls shake their heads it will be donated to a women's shelter in town. Megs best friend works at the shelter so it works for me , win-win.
        WP. is outside blowing leaves and acorns off the deck and walks so I can take my walk tonight. What can I say the man is in love :).  Somedays, I feel really great then others I am about ready to check out nursing homes. I know its my medication, everyone tells me it will get better.....live in hopes once again.
        I have started a blanket for the baby boy since it is a surprise I will just take a picture after I send it off. It is going to take me awhile...there is a story behind it.  If Ya keeps hers that will leave my cubbie, Noah to make a blanket for.  Cubbie is after me to get an iPad so he can talk to me and use that cool camera deal. Hes 12 and he still wants to talk to me ....that my dears is priceless.
       Nan will be here for about 4 days so I am trying to get everything done so it will be all about her. We will no doubt sing all the old songs, plus Christmas songs. She tells me about the past and sometimes she will add something new. I enjoy every sec. I have with my momma.  What a blessing I have been blessed with.
      Hey, what about those Cardinals. Wp. couldn't sleep for 2 nights he was so excited. They beat a really really good team and I felt bad for the Rangers, but not bad enough to want them to win.  I just wanted to cry when I saw their managers face...but could not help but laugh when I saw Tony's. Lots of emotion in this World Series.
      Well since WP. will be gone for a few days we are going to rent movies tonight and just be together. Yes, my dears its old people love.
       This week my dears may it bring you special treats  candy ?? yarn?? a new book what ever you deem as a special treat, and I hope it makes you twirl with joy. Hugs and a ford bumper (our family love is rubbing foreheads hence called ford bumpers)....we are a corny lot.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Sunday

Copper being all happy. Left his glowing eyes cause its Halloween

Zoe D. Crackers the Cat

          I have made some progress on the ripple, but to lazy to take a good picture. I think I may cheat  some and start a baby sweater.  I am in need of some feel good.
          We spent the afternoon at the folks.  We are so blessed to still have them.  I just pause and Thank God !!!
          Wp. is a dog person. Let me tell you he has a cat anyway. Miss Crackers follows him everywhere. She lays at his feet on her blanket on the couch. She will often walk over ever so gently and kiss him. So he's in love denial.  When we pick up cat food he will pick up the big case of the Fancy Feast.  Now he puts on his glasses to check to see if it is the seafood variety......because he tells me it is her favorite she is a seafood girl ( good grief) he used the word seafood girl.  I made her 2 cat toys, one has fresh catnip in it from the edge of Nan's woods. She rolls all over it and lays on her blanket cuddling it like a baby. Wp. says in a manly voice well I guess  the cat is kind of cute.  No sweetheart it is not cute stuff shes as high as a kite on catnip...let him think she is acting cute for him. The cat is smart.  Its funny how we never want pets, and yet it seems we always have one.  Copper and Crackers is the last of the kids pets that are left.  We both adore them and would spend a fortune to keep them yet I don't think we will get anymore when they pass.
         No Dr. appointments this week ( I am twirling).  This week it is all about catching up, and leaves and acorns.  Our new furnace is a wonder to behold. No wood to haul .... you have no idea. Our thermostat is space age, I swear. Our old one was to hot, open the door or windows to cold ,go throw more wood on the fire. We kept the wood for backup.
         May you this Fall be warm, and full of hope for the new year that is fast approaching. Hugs my dears.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fingers Crossed

                                           link to pattern:http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/neat-ripple-pattern.html

         Every time I show and unfinished project I have to frog it.  I have already thought about ripping this one out and making it smaller, and I am looking at the other colors and thinking about a change.  Love the pattern. Perfect tut for a beginner and old women getting use to medication (that would be me;)
       No pic of my knitted baby ghan.  I am about a 1/4 done on it. Lots going on here.

       Vent:  I dislike doctors. Don't trust them.  I think why the death rate is down is because we can now google our meds and question them with treatments etc.  That being said I have another appointment in the morning and appointments....... as long as we both shall live.  It could be worse  it really could be. I repent, but I still have a problem with doctors. WP. in fact has no problem with making me go.  I may, when we are old and gray, die in a doctors office just to prove my point. :) Now you know that was funny.

      Two afghans in the works and all I want to do is make baby sweaters. I have acquired bad judgement in starting new projects.  Imagine that, I once again just jumped up and grabbed some yarn and went at it.

     My dears, I wish for you a week filled with good things and a nice surprise or two. Wish it back really truly need it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Catch Up

         Still not feeling my best ;) whatever that is. I am upright in my chair so that my dears is a good thing.


   The hat need some spiders,but I felt good about just getting something done.  Good pattern and fun project very good tut.

                                           Bernat yarn, granite stitch, very soft

       Maybe the pooling is not that great, but over all its very pretty and the softness is a plus. The stitch  makes it stretch and is just thermal. Yes, it takes forever, but I wasn't going anywhere.
http://www.whiskersandwool.blogspot.com  for my mom, my hat

 You know how I love the Whisker and Wool designs when I saw this I was so thrilled.  You know Nan plays the guitar, and everything else with strings. So how perfect is this?  She loved it. 

Remember me and all those that stop by are in my heart. hugs my dears Mimi

Friends...better than all earth's treasure

                                           Marla and I at the mall. Fred Flintstone feet are mine
                                           WP.'s clod hoppers not show;)
                                            My precious chick I adore... I was gifted and I do love gifts.
                                            Marla has my number, and the candles I feel sorry for you
                                            because you can not smell them. If I had felt like my old self chick
                                            have had a better picture on my old Hoosier. Thanks Marla.

           I have the best friends. Some are from childhood, a few from our travels, my church girls, and my friends I met online. Marla transcends friend to family now.  When you hug you are no longer a friend you become family. Last,but not least my Group.  I won't link to my group because we have closed it.  Its small and cozy and we are close.  When my dears are sick or their child have problems it concerns me.  I pray and can't wait to get to my computer to see if everyone is OK.  Now I have been on the other end of the concern and it goes beyond heartwarming. When someone says please check in its just not the same without you...now that is a gift and no small thing to feel loved by those that you have never seen or hugged. This is from women that I admire. We never trash anyone out, speak of faith not church doctrine... all in all I think we go about doing good and that for a group is priceless.

      To anyone that stops by may you be blessed and have just the most lovely week....send it back...still in need.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Link and update

   Today I do believe a post was written for me on my favorite blog:http://thequiethome.blogspot.com/

My computer is better and if you ever stop by, (thanks C. for the advice your such a sweetheart).  So the old girl maybe bought some time.  She may be be old and sometimes cranky just like me, but ya don't count us out till we are hauled off.

I have been poorly as Chickie would say. Got a ways to go, but getting there.  Thanks Marla for the encouragement .  I value anyone  that has been there and done that ;)  All my friends are so dear to me.

I am not online like I use to be. I check my mail every other day, and a couple of my fav. blogs.

I have got a few things done when I get stronger I will put pictures and links up again.

Anyone that stops by for a peek. God bless, and keep you, sweet and tender love sent your way. Send it back for WP and I are in need.