1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Early Update

all color repeats are done now for the first set

Its going to be wide enough to go across a twin bed
        I have a good start on the ripple.  I will see if Nadia likes it. At 13 you never take anything for granted about what they like.  It should go across her twin canopy bed that was Meg's.  Nan and popaw bought Megs the set in the 80s from a furniture store that was going out of business...the set is still beautiful.  I will have to buy a new canopy for the top .  I think hers is an off white now. If she
does not want it and all my girls shake their heads it will be donated to a women's shelter in town. Megs best friend works at the shelter so it works for me , win-win.
        WP. is outside blowing leaves and acorns off the deck and walks so I can take my walk tonight. What can I say the man is in love :).  Somedays, I feel really great then others I am about ready to check out nursing homes. I know its my medication, everyone tells me it will get better.....live in hopes once again.
        I have started a blanket for the baby boy since it is a surprise I will just take a picture after I send it off. It is going to take me awhile...there is a story behind it.  If Ya keeps hers that will leave my cubbie, Noah to make a blanket for.  Cubbie is after me to get an iPad so he can talk to me and use that cool camera deal. Hes 12 and he still wants to talk to me ....that my dears is priceless.
       Nan will be here for about 4 days so I am trying to get everything done so it will be all about her. We will no doubt sing all the old songs, plus Christmas songs. She tells me about the past and sometimes she will add something new. I enjoy every sec. I have with my momma.  What a blessing I have been blessed with.
      Hey, what about those Cardinals. Wp. couldn't sleep for 2 nights he was so excited. They beat a really really good team and I felt bad for the Rangers, but not bad enough to want them to win.  I just wanted to cry when I saw their managers face...but could not help but laugh when I saw Tony's. Lots of emotion in this World Series.
      Well since WP. will be gone for a few days we are going to rent movies tonight and just be together. Yes, my dears its old people love.
       This week my dears may it bring you special treats  candy ?? yarn?? a new book what ever you deem as a special treat, and I hope it makes you twirl with joy. Hugs and a ford bumper (our family love is rubbing foreheads hence called ford bumpers)....we are a corny lot.


Marla said...

Hi mimi -

keep working on that afghan- I like it! Tell WP have a good trip and be careful!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Whats up with your phone roo? call me or even K.

Mimi said...

If you called my cel...we get no signal in the boonies.The land line is fine. Bet you called my really old computer line number.

Marla said...

Hi Mimi-

That's OK abo0ut the needle tatting stuff- I figured you didnt put it in or wanted to hang on to it but dont worry about it.

If you got any good ideas or patterns post them- I am pattern hungry even after all the patterns I've gone thru. I guess I've got new-projectitis... can't wait to start all these new projects.

Love ya!