1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Saturday, November 5, 2011

hmmmm maybe

If I made this and


I should be able to do this I stress should.
        I bought the book, or should I call it a leaflet from Herrschners called  Juvenile Afghans. The booklet really did not appeal to me, but it had one pattern in it that may solve a problem for me. Details on the problem when the afghan is done and pictures taken...there is a story.  After sitting and looking at the booklet while I make the mystery blanket the other patterns start to look interesting. The one above is in the afghan stitch then cross stitch the design.  It is very simple compared to the others I have done.  Yes there is a but in here, but I was younger with better eyes and motivated .

      Let me tell you a story and about motivation.  The wildlife afghan was a kit back in the 70s. Sport yarn and very detailed tiny graphs.  I wanted this kit badly. My husband was smitten with it. I showed the picture to Ky mom (my husbands mother) this is what she said, " You have no business getting that kit you will never be able to make something like that". Thank you Ky mom. Got the kit for my birthday and worked on it for 3 mos every second of spare time. I played the piano for the church and held countless positions (those no one would do), with two little boys, fixing uniforms and cooking every meal no  extra time for anything. I did it because I was motivated.  Yes, it went with us on the next trip to Ky. It was almost sinful how  I felt when I unfolded it.....not a word not a single word.

     The Holly Hobbie is a kit in the 70s. I had bought it and stored it away.  It was made when I found out there would be another chance for a baby. There had been many miscarriages, and I really never dreamed I would have a girl.  I called this Holly Hobbie my afghan.  It was not to be the babies it was mine.  God just up and blessed me without measure.  The Holly Hobbie was one of many that was Meg's. I can still remember the joy of working on it and a tiny hope of the baby that now is 27.

       I first cross stitched on the afghan stitch on squares.Gloria Vanderbilt had designed flowers for cross stitch. They were lovely.  I have no idea what happened to them. It was a good foundation for what was to come.  Now so many years later I think this little fish blanket is on my bucket list.

      Mom will be here tomorrow.  What fun we will have.  If you are outside some night and think you hear someone singing Christmas songs and old bluegrass gospel, it us.  I am pretty sure there is a cloud that we send up with songs in it ,  I know in my heart that  joy vaporizes at some point and moves up.

Well My dears, love to you and yours, and hope you start your Christmas songs early with Nan and I. Hugs Mimi

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Marla said...

SO THERE KY MOM!! Hmmph no appreciation for hard work or credit due! You and your mom have fun!! My MIL was always jealous of my crocheting! :oP so there MIL! Eat your heart out! We can do something they can't do and they're jealous!! LOL