1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Help there is a giant turtle on my deck;)

I did not crochet the bumps in, those are acorns and leaves:)

Herrschners Juvenile Afghans (4 one knitted)

   Heres the story.  I would Not have bought this book .  I purchased it for the turtle pattern. I hate working with ugly colored yarn and this was not a project to cheer one up. I hope it  makes my baby grandson happy.  A year ago when he was 3 he told me he wanted to pretend he was a turtle (not ninja), and he needed a shell.  You see when he was 3 he thought I could make anything ( remember the giant crab pillow). I just drew a blank.  I thought about purchasing a large round lid and taking the handle off if needed and crocheting a cover for it.  I never really found one that worked.  A year passed and he kept asking. He DID NOT want a turtle hat or sweater . He explained I have to crawl under it to really be a pretend turtle.  So he can crawl under this and I hope it does the trick . His Mimi, alas does not know how to.... deep sigh... come up with a proper turtle shell. I have found my creative limitations.

  I have to take dad to a DR. appointment in an hour or so.  When I get home I am going to veg out. I hope. I plan on working on the mindless ripple.  I have new yarn for a chunky baby sweater and I really need to make potholders for Christmas.  Will tell what I am doing for our precious nan-nan later.

 I wanted to update Sunday but......ok I sewed the turtle head on wrong which lead to everything else being in the wrong place. I redid it Monday and I pouted about it for 2 days. I may or may not be over it yet.....no not yet, but just about.

Hugs, my dears and may the rest of your week be filled with moments that you just know you are living the best life ever. Love to my dears.

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Marla said...

LOL Mimi about the turtle head... sounds like something I would do in sewing garments.... putting a sleeve in backwards or something.

Thanksgiving will be small here- we usually go out except this year there will only be 4 of us with Mom gone. I have to work that afternoon to late at night. Then in the afternoon on black Fri.

Lots of love to you and yours!