1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Update Happy New Year loveies

My design :0 not bad for such a dry spell

Looks like all we got for Christmas was animals. They loved my tre skirt.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Now for a Christmas cup of tea and a sit.


        We had a very Merry Christmas. Sad, but resovled to look forward. I just felt like daddy was in the middle of Christmas and that my dears was a Christmas gift for me.  I hope each on that stops by had a lovely Christmas with their families. 

         Its been a month....Wp. was very sick then Nan took it.  I was the last one standing.  I prayed I wouldn't come down till after Christmas and God was merciful . Hope to be with you all this coming year...... love sent my dears.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving my dears

                     Thanksgiving Day blessings to you all.  We will have a house full.  Turkey ,ham and all that goes with it.
                      I have a white mitten almost made. Yes, just one and although this is not like me I am on to a baby sweater. Mittens just don't cut it anymore...nice, but not  nice enough need some fast joy. I need white mittens so I can read the Mitten book to the small ones and then give them the mittens. Oh, grandchildren and holidays makes my heart feel glad.
                     Mom is worse, but we are doing well.  Love my people  Hugs

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall on the side of the hill

    T's hat was a fun, easy, well loved project.  I have made several things that just went out the door before I took pictures.  I have been recreating the ponchos I wore in the late 60s/70s.  I still  have the same pattern.  I also made a lacy breast cancer ribbon scarf. I made my 10 year old GD a little cardi from Lion Brand it was made with Homespun.  I do NOT like to make things bottom up, but it turned out very nice.  I regret not taking a picture with her in the cardi. All the kids and grand kids are here almost every weekend so I have been cooking up a storm. Fun times. All the cousins even with the age span get along. I have just the best kids.

    Mom has suffered all of October.  She even lost her little dog Molly. Dad has been gone a year now and that has weighed heavy on her heart. We miss him so.  All in all we are making it just fine.

     I miss surfing and my friends.  So many of my friends no longer blog, and I can understand that.
I still miss the projects and the stories. 

      So anyone that passes by hugs and love sent.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sometimes its just all about one kid

This past week I worked on things my oldest GD wanted. It was all about her this weekend. She had ask for a vest just like the one I had worn in the 70s. I still had the pattern.  I looked at the notes I had made , and  it was a nice step back. The little granny poncho thing is somewhere on the web. I just had a small picture of one and winged it. She loved both. Now on to being just about the other 4 lol.

I need to be up and about this week.  I let things pile up to crochet my little heart out.  Fun week...messy house. Still meeting myself coming back, but glad I took some down time this week.

Fall is in the air.The acorns and leaves are flying. Our old cats are acting like kittens chasing leaves...its  cute.

My dears , love and good wishes are sent.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sharing a Few Things

Whisker and Wool scarf pattern...Susie Stuff hat.

   Life is complicated now, but lovely. Nan is slipping, but still our precious nan-nan.  I do still knit and crochet I just never take pictures or blog...never the time anymore. Many items have left here and I never even thought about taking a picture. the blue baby sweater is for charity ..love the buttons. It is my yarny days. com pattern. The Whisker and Wool guitar scarf was done with lighter yarn and a F hook to make it smaller for my 7 year old grandson that really plays the guitar. The stories I could tell you. He stayed with me for  month this summer...it was wonderful.

I love my dears still, and ask God to bless anyone that stumbles by here. hugs

Thursday, July 11, 2013


                                                   crying time father and daughter
                                                          my boys
                                               even after the rain so beautiful
                                                dancing cousins

        This was with my crummy camera, but you get the picture, lovely wedding. All my babies are now married.  They are on their honeymoon, and having the time of their life.
        Busy does not even come close to my life now.  I am thinking this Fall I will be back to my crafts. Moms house is about ready to be put up for sale.  We redid the floors and painted inside and out. Her floors were the short red oak SO beautiful. I almost can't sell it.
       We are all coping. Daddy was such a part of all of us.  Ky. mom is here  so now got the girls. Like grandpa said, "life is just what you make it all depends on how you take it. Yes indeedy.  We are taking it with joy.
       Going to St. Louis the next 2 days. Stay at home Mimi is now on the road again. Could write a book on the past few months, but no time. Hope to get it all together before long. I am dreaming of projects.

      Love and hugs to my people. X love to my church girls.