1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Monday, November 16, 2015

Sucker Punched

   Processing new information. Just can't blog right now will be back with up dates when I can. Our entire plan is is changing. You know when you sit in the doctors office and you are there just to get an appointment for the next stage when whamo sucker punched. Will post when I process this and find out the next step.
                                                  Until Till Then. Prayers please!!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015


  Some of my pictures I downloaded disappeared....of course they did.  Cancer hats.  I am making a mindless scarf for my son now.

Mike is about the same. This chemo round is really kept him down.  I have to remind myself to treat him like the man  he is, and not my little boy.  He is acting like a naughty little boy at times.  I have to follow thru on everything that he HAS to take or do.....some how he has it in his head things are optional.... you know if he did it yesterday  You mean today...again.  Yes sweetie today and everyday. I am the food, ostomy bag, medicine giver, fluid intake checker   Nazis. Be very afraid peeps I could be coming to a neighborhood near you. bahhahaha.

Leaves acorns love them hate them.. I am in over my head guess I will have to call someone to come help me.  I should take pictures they are knee deep in places.

Started thinking about Christmas. My DD will do Christmas dinner (God Bless her) her and her husband are wonderful cooks and their house is much larger than ours.  Presents will be money with one gift to open this year.  I think I will just put up mom's tiny tree. Next year we will be back in the saddle I hope.  If thing get worse I am going to buy and air freshener tree so I can just stick it on the wall someplace.  I will get Mike a belated gift ( a Henry rifle).   I don't know what hes getting me yet ..... I haven't made up my mind.  I kind of want yarn and I need a new stove (for a long time),but have you seen the new Dyson's. a little pricey, but I am so worth it hahahahaha.

   Well my dears... I am off to pay bills and think about supper. Bless each of you with joy and the spirit of kindness this week....wish it back.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Three Down Three To Go

 We are half done with chemo. Today I took the pump off...3 more times I have to do that . They all most didn't do the chemo this week .  Mike has been really sick...and cranky ( I understand).  He seems better this week even with the chemo.

Guess what, I am letting my hair grow out to kind of a silver. I never wanted to color my hair. Mike pitched a fit for me to, and my daughter begged me to keep it till she got married that was 2 years ago. So I am almost there with the grow out. You see in Mikes mind he remembers me with long black hair. It was almost blue black like my dad's and grandma's. I am not prissy about aging I am 66 years old and nothing is going to change that. My aging has never bothered me like my friends. I don't want to scare small children, but I don't want to look all dolled up like an aging whore either. Did I just say that oh well I will let it stand.

I am still making cancer hats wished  I could download pictures like I use to.  I am sure there is a way I just don't know how.

Next chemo visit and I am teaching the women there how to use circulars.  They are all excited and it makes our day go faster.

Well this year for Halloween I am going as a grandma....I let my hair grow out for it.  Mike is going as a chemo patient named chemo sobbie at least that's our story.

Got the leaves off the deck (twice), and you can't even tell it. 

Well Peeps going to pack it in and maybe finis a hat and a Klondike bar.  Happy Halloween my pretties and your little dogs to........and cats. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ups and Downs

 Mike is not feeling well.  I am not sure what is wrong.  We tend to blame everything on the chemo. He has been sleeping almost around the clock, vomiting, for awhile he had cramps in his side and arm......scared me, but that's gone now.  We have more chemo Monday....dread that. So all in all he is not feeling well and I am beside myself with worry.

News, well let me see. T was here Saturday and picked up the costume.  I do believe Mimi scored. My other set of grand kids may be here this weekend.  I have been knitting hats and attempted a new pattern I like very much. I also did a bedroom redo.  I like to find sweet deals and then decorate around them.  I got a really nice curtain for $5 and a duvet cover for 20. The Duvet cover set had shams, and a small pillow. I need to put the picture up, but I took it with my phone so maybe next time.  It looks nice and I covered up and ugly comforter to boot. Oh yes...Wal-Mart discount bin.

Leaves and acorns have taken over tomorrow is the big confrontation.  I never bought punkins or mums this year, and  I love doing Fall things.

I will tootle on to bed now I cannot watch the Cubs loose.  May you enjoy your week and be blessed without measure.

OH, yes after thought my friend nurse Ann did get her bag.  She thinks it was a gift to her but it was a gift for me for I focused on something I love to do for someone that wanted my kitchen stuff.....I have overloaded everyone else with it. So she was a victim and never knew it hahahaha.
Yes this is more than likely me.
. Hugs bugs

Friday, October 2, 2015

T's costume

 Here is the Harry Potter  sorting hat I made.  It was kind of aggravating. I have been doing mindless knitting.  When you stay with something for awhile then you start to wonder if it looks alright. He has the robe glasses and sorting hat now.

Still Doing Well

 Mike has had his first round of chemo and hes doing OK. Its chemo so doing OK is pretty darn good. I think the rash maybe coming back, but all in all hes taken this time rather well. Next chemo is October the 12th then the 13th we see Dr. Hunt. That is going to be an interesting week.

I  have made T a sorting hat from Harry Potter and got him the robe and glasses for Halloween. He has won first prize every year  for a total of 4 years. I always make or help him with  his costume. I would not think they would let him win again that would be to much....we just have fun hanging out him giving me ideas.

I am still on chemo caps. There are no men's hats in the basket at chemo. I felt bad about that. I am making a womans hat now. It is a roll brim. 
 My grandson wants one then I will start on the mens.

I have got to do something about the leaves and acorns. When you go on our deck its like roller skating. The leaves will just take over if I don't get on it.  That is so wonderful to have worries like that. Well kiddos will leave with a picture of me and my roll brim hat....keeping this one. Hugs Bugs

                                                         my roll brim hats

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I got my Fisherman Back

 Mike went fishing today in our son' pond. He caught 7 nice size catfish and my son caught a big large mouth bass and  Kiera caught some bluegill and poor Noah caught a turtle.  I could not imagine this a month ago.  God is so good and Mike has come so far by His mercy. Monday it is back to Chemo. His last set we are hoping. Hes gaining weight and doing more each day.

well the blood pressure medicine that my Dr. doubled is making me so sleepy.  I can barely keep my eyes open. I am hoping my body will get use to it.  It has been a week now.  My house is screaming don't take it, don't take it. This week even if I have to tape my eyes open I am getting my house in order.

I am down to just 3 cancer hats and one on the needles. Its not cold yet so I have lots of time to replace the  ones I gave away.

You almost need an umbrella on our deck.  Acorns are coming down like a hail storm. The leaf battle is in sight.

My daughter made 50 sugarless punkin pies for her patience's that are diabetic. Last month she fixed sugar free cheese cake.  She is such a doll.  My DI L's are caring ares well. You can catch all my girls going around doing good. My boys  as well. I don't mean to leave them out......Blessed yes I am.

Will leave you with a funny. Mike sent this to me and said that was me the night we met. Funny guy.
Well it is so good to report wonderful news I would love to make that a habit. This week for me its more knitting, house cleaning, always cooking, and enjoying my life........I wish the joys of life for you.