1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home and with a smile on my face

This will be fast can only stay on my puter a few mins till bombed with errors. I can't download any pics times me out deep deep sigh and whine.

WP. and I went to Ky and loaded Miss Marla down with books. Girls, she is just as sweet as she seems and tiny little thing...cute as a button. WP. said if he saw her in that big old truck he might have pulled her over to she if she was to young to drive  :) ...we adored her.  Hope we did not get her in trouble with all those boxes we left her with.

Girls, Marla got me a birthday present.... not going to tell you about it till I can put up pictures... I LOVE it.  All In all a very lovely trip.

Noah is out of surgery and is doing ok.. poor little guy.

If I  don't post you know my computer is gone .  I can have Sweet check my mail once in awhile.  Not sure when I will get a new one..... got my first error message so better see if this will post. Hugs
and if you stop by Marla thank you.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Update... Betty is in the mail going down under and her twin to Texas.

   Girls its a miracle.  I have not been kicked off so far.  I have tried all day to put this up.  If I disappear for a spell you know why.  My computer is going and I know it, and somehow I think the next time I turn it on it will be ok. You know me live in hopes die in despair.

  Got the car loaded for a trip to drop off the books and mags to the little girl. I am also including my needle tatting books the one Barb gave me a thanks on the inside cover, and some needles.  I believe Marla will take to tatting,especially needle tatting. No one in the family will want them so I am just proud to find someone that does.

 Betty Boop is from the Old Chelsea Station patterns in Ny.  It was a Alice Brooks design from Needlecraft Service.  Old girls, remember when we would send off for the patterns and we had to put our return address on a piece of paper just to their size and they would glue it on...oh them good old days ;).  Checked my mail so its a go for you Bren will send it out Fri. .Your idea is really cool hope it works send me pictures.  I am glad I could send it to you dear friend. Cat, got the original and the envelop  Betty came in.  Bren has a copy which will proably be best for her project.  Bren, you are a sweetheart.

Baby blanket is done it is just so-so.  Another mandala done...very pretty.  No pics I don't dare risk it
I am holding my breath that this posts.  I have another nan story, but it will have to wait.  Seems like we are replacing everything at once.  A new furnace, my computer is going..going.... the fridge is acting strange.  My ice cream was soft yesterday. Need I say more.  What a Fall this is becoming.

OK.  If I am missing remember my naughty computer.  Wish for us good stuff...your wished it back hugs Mimi

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Its Fixed I think

  At least its an update.  No pictures of the baby blanket, but  I am on the border.  I have added several rows to the log cabin granny.  I want to do a baby sweater so badly or a potholder. Whiskers and Wool's potholder patterns are like candy to me...I see them and its oooo I want some....ooo I want all of them.  So I have most of them, but not all ..not yet.

We are ordering our furnace Monday then its a month of workers in and out of the house. We are getting a heat pump and LP furnace , and we can keep our wood stove for backup.  We still have not committed to a generator. We went with Lenox so we are already up to 10,000.   If WP and I could still stack 21 rank of wood we would have just kept burning wood. This getting older thing is as inconvenient as all get out. 

 I am going to Nan's to do Fall cleaning and...really seeing how they are doing.  I will stay some nights. Everyone was here Sat. and Nan was so much worse. Dad seems to be either distracted by something hes not talking about. He could be in the first stages of this dreadful thing. Yep I am scared silly.

Sorry, K. and Rosie girl, and Barb w. and all that could not get on.  Fixed it for you.

Send hugs and good wishes and thoughts...and may you get them back 7 fold.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall is creeping in

     The weather here is so perfect, just lovely.  No pictures.  I have worked hard this week on sorting.  The trash hauling guy came yesterday and hauled what we deemed to be trash.  I feel bad, because some of it was nice, but it would have been impossible for WP and I to take all of it in.  I am sure the guy will sell or keep some of it.  If he does good for him. We hired him to do some other work for us.  I think we hit the lottery with this guy.  He was on time he was reasonable with his rates and really did a good job.  WP. and I can barely keep Nan and Papaw's place up and with all we have to do here it is out of control.

    Michael and Stephie and the kids are home from their cruise.  The pictures told the tail they had a wonderful time.  They vowed never to step foot in New Orleans again. That is where they got on the boat. Yes in the middle of Tropical Storm Lee.  They said a 12 hour drive to another port would have been worth it.

    My dearest friend sent me 35lbs of fabric Fri.  I just sorted mine and vowed not to buy anymore.
I really should have taken a picture.   A lot of the fabric was from pricey fabric stores tied with little satin bows. It is all so precious.  I have been out of the fabric buying phase of my life. It was refreshing just to look at it.  I am getting my sewing machine cleaned and tuned up so to speak.  I have so many ideas its what I have been thinking about when I drift off to sleep.

    Most of the baby stuff is gone.  I need to make more baby sweaters.  I seem to be on a potholder jag here lately. I am still not done with the baby blanket, but I am over half done so maybe next Sunday there will be a picture.

    I have been cooking up a storm with the cooler weather the oven on the stove feels kind of good.

    Well my dears I am off to take a nap. I wish for you good sweet rest when you need it this week . hugs.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Day...a little worried.

  I am working on a baby blanket, It is in the striping yarn.  It may not pool like I wanted, but it is so soft and because it is the granite stitch it is like thermal.  I am going to finish it up bad pooling or not bet someone will want it.  I have a baby sweater made with blocks on the hook....one block made hehehe. I will finish it up before long. Pictures I am sure next week.

I have had a bad cough and slept most of Fri and today. Took some med so I am really sleepy. Still clearing out things.

Prayer Request for Michael.  As most of you know the family went on a vacation.  They had this booked last May. So of course Tropical Storm Lee had to make an appearance.  They called me from Fla. they will be driving right thru it to New Orleans to get on the boat (if they will let them) Monday. They will go to Mexico and tour the  ruins etc.  Then when they get back, Noah goes in for an operation the 20th of September.  I so very much want them to have a really good time before his operation.  Its not to be serious, but you know how grandma's worry.  He has been complaining to me for awhile that his legs hurt so bad.  Maybe they will get to the bottom of this.

Hugs to my precious dears.