1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back a minute

    This is a repeat, but my oldest son use to leave a room by putting his little hand up and saying, "back a minute", 30+ years later it still makes me smile.

    Life is complicated for us at the moment so will be back a minute.

    My DIL (daughter-in- love) is waiting till everyone gets to the hospital for her mother to be taken off her vent.  This is the same child that learned her beloved uncle( mothers brother) has terminal cancer this month, and a cousin she is close to. None over 51. She needs all the prayers you can send her way. Her real name is Stephanie ,in case you like to pray by name, but she is my Blondie.

   Marla ,you and yours remain ever so close to my heart. Your on a difficult road  now . Bless you my dear.

   I am taking care of my mom and the kids.  What a blessing to be able to help in some small way.

   Like my Polar Bear Kathrine Rose?  She is so soft.  The yarn  has such a shine that the pics do no do the lady justice....looking for glasses for her and a chair with a big bottom...deep sigh, this could be my toy twin.

  My dears, remember us. I do ask God to bless each one that stops by here.  Its hard now for me to even check my mail so I will be back when I can. I may start 2:00 nap time for everyone :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

My notes from the rugs

   I thought I better put this up.  Mom wanted to come Monday , but if it snows she may not come.  She. (giggles) had some things she had to done..what? we have no idea.  My mother is adorable .

 Rectangle rug: scrap yarn,  hook (the big ugly blue one with no size on it) holding 6 strands of yarn. Any yarn fuzzy, rug, bulky, if putting in a lot of baby yarn I count 2 strands as one, in other words double the thin stuff up.

Chain 36, sc in second chain from hook and in each chain to end  (35 sc) , chain one turn. Repeat this until it is as long as you want.  I sc around the rug then rev. sc around. That makes a nice edge that will not flip up.

Hints I always kept a white strand because I had tons on small balls of white, a dark strand.  It seems to  unify it a bit.

Round rugs:  holding six or more strands Q hook ch 2 then 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook. row 2: 2 sc in each sc (12 sc) use the circle formula now... for example... 3rd row sc in first sc and 2 sc in next st around....4th row would be sc in next 2 sc then 2sc in next st. I stop somewhere around 10 st between increases. After that I just sc around.  If it looks like it is cupping  increase some. if it ruffles on the edge  stop increasing and work without any increases for awhile.  You just keep on going until it is big enough .  I rev sc around the edge.

I also lay the rugs down flat every once in awhile to see if they are laying flat. Thats when you really know if you need to increase or stop increasing. The rugs are so quick that you will not believe how fast.

I have not yet put the rug spray backing (non skid spray) on them or puff paint.  I am waiting to see who gets what and what they will be used for.  On carpet they are good to go, on hard wood floors, or tile they may need some help staying in place. 

Remember I do not write patterns I just give you my notes.  My ears might be set on fire from people screaming my name in frustration if I wrote patterns up.  I have gave it a go, and I am horrible at it. Out in Google land I am sure there are real scrap rug patterns. This is just what I did.

I can't sleep once again.  So I wish you all a good nights rest sweet dreams and a lovely morning to rise to.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last rug for awhile

  I think I like this rug the best.  It is very large and heavy. No moving around at all on this one. I think all my scraps are now used up.  I feel so self  righteous.

  I have the big eye tonight.  It could be the coffee, but it may be because WP. went back to work tonight. I really miss him.  He took 5 days off  from work . We blinked and it was gone.  He had to shovel some this afternoon. The truck and my car was buried.

I have cast on 2 yes 2 sweaters.  An infant one in a green and a size 6 hoodie in a soft grey.  I never do that.  I try to keep it to one project.  Once in awhile I will have a crochet and knit project going.  I told you this seems to be a year of change.

Mom fell on her patio.  She decide to take their little dog out.  Dad was asleep in his chair.  She went out the back door. That naughty little girl.  She has a skinned knee, and is sore.  We were blessed. If the roads are good I may go get her tomorrow afternoon.  I have everything done here.

Mom and I are going to sing nights while WP. is at work (her favorite thing).  All the old songs.  She remembers all the words. I have candy for us to make.  Maybe she can remember enough to help me make her yeast bread. Its the old way and I have not written it down.  She uses the same dough for her sweet rolls..my word the are good.   Time has not taken my mom's sweet spirit, and that my dears is our  family blessing.

Hope your as snug as a bug in a rug. Wishing you joy pressed down and running over.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm getting my ducks in order

       I have downloaded all my pictures. So I thought I would fill you in on what I have planned.  My list:  dress the bed in the East bedroom, get rid of the Gk's dress up box, clean house, freeze some meals, finish the taxes, finish the retirement package, find mom a throw for the couch,and a nice pillow for napping.  I am going to put several project kits together. The pictures are of the books I received for my anniversary (60% off Hobby Lobby slightly damaged). I think I will make the little girl sweater.  I have a notebook of my designs for baby sweaters, that I may pull out. Baby sweaters calm me and make me happy.  I know I will make a few. I found 2 of the old fashioned kitchen towels, and I have some cute things to stamp on them.   I think I will pick up my mom Monday.  We will just take it one sweet day after another. 

Wish for you blessings piled high and wide.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goodbye January you sad, but sweet month

                                            Copper looking scary with his glowing eyes.  

   First a Copper Lou story.  I was crocheting yet another scrap rug. This really is the last one. I have it about the size of a large pizza.  I placed it on the floor to see if it was laying flat.  While the rug was on the floor Copper sits right in the middle of it. I wish I had my camera handy. I couldn't get him off. WP. is laughing to hard to help me.  Six strands of yarn is connected to this rug, and he will not get off. He has a nice bed of his own. WP. finally takes pity on me and gets a dog treat. So now Copper may think every time he sits on my work in progress he will get a dog treat.  This rug will be his.

  January has been sad, but sweet. This month already has been so full of memories, and the beginning of change. WP. and I filled out the retirement package today for the office. What a job, and we still have a page to do.   I will pick up mom next week to stay over for awhile.  I am not sure where this is going, but I know dad needs some down time. So I have not stopped blogging, but my mom will have my complete attention for awhile.  I'm not sure what I will be able to do.  Mom loves to help me cook. and clean. She likes to sit and talk while I knit or crochet ( wonderful).  No TV, and I don't think much time on the computer will happen for me.  What a small price to pay to have my mom.  I am not that big of a TV fan, but it would be nice if she would like to sit with me while I watch NCIS once a week.:)

  If your life is changing like mine, I pray it is as sweet .  My grandma would say sometimes you need an air of change to blow the stink off you. Change is not always a bad thing. My precious daughter use to say, mom we are going on an adventure. Yes we are. 

Will be around when I can.