1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentine hat set done for doll baby gill

The hat pattern is the Purple Passions Hat by Janelle Schlossman. I adapted it a bit because of the yarn. Her site is no longer up (pity). If anyone finds her up and running again let me know I was a fan. The scarf, is just eyelash chain 8 sc till you hate it. I made it long enough for my DD to tie it or me to choke her with it ;). The mitts are just a wonderful pattern I have made several and have a line waiting for more even my 81 year old mother. Now isn't that sweet. The yarn was eyelash my friend gave me for the scarf. The mitts yarn: I love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. Hat: Eyelash and Bernat Softee Chunky
I always make my DD a hat and scarf for Valentine's Day. I always put it in a sugar sack cause shes my sugar and I made her a card. This has been going on for a very long time. Hugs to everyone that passes my way.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

4 inches of ice 2 inches snow

We are not going anywhere. Even if we got to the road the trip down the hill could make the cover of some sports mag. or medical journal. I can just see pictures of us on cnn. Nancy Grace tearing up as she spoke of the old couple trying to make it off a hill to celebrate their anniversary (Fri). She might gaze down then look up and say people keep them in your heart they may still be airborne.

I am having a blast. WP. and I are renting movies. I am knitting very slow because my hands are acting up, but knitting I am. I The hoodie is still in my basket. I watched Pride and Glory Wp. went to sleep. It was a action cop movie. I really liked it. After this I plan on making biscuits from scratch gravy and chicken. I will worry about my diet Feb 1 maybe.

I am still making the cream fingerless gloves. I have some eyelash my friend sent me a real mess of it. I should have said several sks. Well I found this pattern that mixing it with some plain worsted might work. I am going to give it a try. It will match the gloves to a T. The maybe scarf My DD's coat is cream the eyelash is so pretty cream blue and tan. So far our electric has stayed on. I am so thankful for that. Hope your day holds as much joy as mine.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Blast from the past Monday-cowboy vest

I have no idea where the vest pattern came from, but it seems like it was a workbasket. I have two sons so there are two vests. The green was Sweet Michael's and a burnt orange was Bubies (yes I have both). My boys grew up with Popaw, a cowboy himself, and lover of all things cowboy. WP. likes his Westerns as well so they did not have a chance. They had cap guns, fake black powder rifles, holsters, cowboy boots and hats. I have one picture of Bubie right out of the tub, he had put his vest boots and hat back on no pants. I took a picture of him walking down the hall toooo cute for words, but nothing one can share.

The vest I am sure is Red Heart and the app. I just looked at a gun and crocheted a gun and holster. They wore the vests even in summer for years. Now my grand kids have them in the dress up box and wear them, but no boots and the hats they have are the cheap kind from Wal-Mart. Its hard to find good cowboy stuff anymore.

The Tom Mix puzzle (we have 2) and the pistol and holster and spurs are Popaws not shown is the Big Little Books that mirror the puzzles. We are a family of keepers. I have a place for all my family things all neatly packed away. My kids will have a time of it someday. Well at least there is enough for everyone :)

Tonight I hope to finish the cream wristerz, and then on to Gus T's hoodie. We are expecting a huge ice storm like the one we had last year (power was off 7 days). Last year it was hard to even get to the wood pile. They are saying expect outages. So I may not post for a spell. Knitting washcloths by an old lamp or playing cards with Wp. (I think he cheats). Be safe and happy my dears....wish it back if you will.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Toddler hat and mittens

Gus T's mittens The hat The yarn is from Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn. I am not crazy about the yarn coloring, but not enough to rip it all up ;). The hat I reversed sc around with Bernat Chunky and I added the tassel for fun. The mittens by the pattern I do believe the mitts will fit. The hat may or may not be a tad to big I did leave off I row before the flaps. Nice patterns.
We are to get snow and ice Monday I wish my box was in the mail.

I wish you a really warm and cozy week with some fun added in each day. Hugs

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Princess set done

I have a DD and two daughters in love all three think they are a princess. Not to mention my 10 year old GD. This set is for Bri Z. I think if my memory is correct my son bought her a princess crown while they were dating. They could all pull this off, but indeed it is princess Bri Z. that it will be shipped to. Along with a ear flap cap and mittens and fingerless mitts for the boy if the patterns work out size wise. The brick red set will be shipped as well.

The hat is no longer on the net. If anyone finds Janelle Schlossman's patterns in the wayback machine PLEASE leave me a message. The hat was her Purple Passion Hat. I altered it some because of the yarn I used. The neckwarmer I winged it. The gloves are the same as the blue and black fingerless I made for my DD and Bri Z.

I am having a real good day. My hands are not swelled and I have really got allot done. I have supper on the stove cooking. My floors are swept the bathroom cleaned. and my clothes folded along with a load in the washer. Don't you just want to slap me;) Well this is rare and I am thankful to God for this feel good day I have had.....THANKFUL!!!!!

Does anyone remember the mommy scarf?????? I made several for my 9 and 10 year old GKs. It was not the knitted one that is a bit girly. I think it was crocheted with a hole to poke one side in so it would not come undone. The size was perfect. Do wish I could find the pattern :( I may even have it in a mag. or book. I cannot for the life of me remember where I found it or even what it looked like now. Not a word my dears.

Hugs and good wishes for.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why do I promise people things????

I want to drop everything and do this isn't this bag just IT. I must not I must not. What is really keeping me from it is not willpower, but the fact my sewing machine is not set up poo. I have the pink set to do and the new fingerless mitts everyone wants, Gus T's hoodie (still on the back). I also have a blanket to tie out and my TEA TOWELS. Isn't it wonderful to be excited about things and look forward to projects ( the red circle I'm there).

Bunch of lovely things;)

Braid-edge Cap I Love This Yarn in brick red (Hobby Lobby) 8 needles. This little cap is divine, but is tight fitting. That is the reason for the second cap Its the Addison Hat. They ask you not to link direct except to their site. If there is a problem google Addison Hat that is how I got it. Super fast and fairly warm with the roll up. Sideways Wristers I LOVE THIS PATTERN what took me so long??? This pattern has been on top of my important to do pile first time it was up. Knit a pair. The seaming up is easy (just take a careful look before you start). My mom wants a pair ...how cute.. Now the scarf . I love this scarf pattern it is really nice. What I would do different. Make the braided hat in chunky yarn. The fingerless gloves I used a 7 knitting needle in case someone wanted to know. I am now working on the pink fuzzy set. The correction for the braided cap Scarf link Not one word my dears about the link mess up. This took me forever and I lost me glasses;).

Monday, January 19, 2009

Blast from the past Monday: baby jumper

My scanner is being naughty. GRRRR. So next to the picture of the pattern I put my DD pic. My mom looks so young. The picture was taken almost 25 years ago. The pattern is from a Spring 1982 Crochet World. Once again Red Heart yarn, and not a spot on the jumper. I imgaine since I have it out that Ya' doll will have a new jumper this weekend.

I have been busy I have some fingerless gloves about done. a neck warmer and a cabled hat. I will put those up when I am done with the glove. My shoulder is killing me from the knitting and crocheting my hands are so swelled its aggravating. I think I may buy me one of those craft gloves. You never know it could do the trick. I miss mass producing things. Maybe thats why I do blast from the past I have the need to remember when I could get things done :)

Busy week ahead and lots of needlework buzzing in me noggin. Have a wonderful day full of fun and lots of giggles.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The big fuzzy sparkly neck warmer!

First things first see the silver frame with my DD picture in it we were what we say doing ford bumpers?? (forehead bumping). Well for a housewarming gift she ask for a big screen TV..Waaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha tears coming hahahahhah nose now moist hahahahhahahaah sliding off my chair hahahahah stomach sore from laughing. She is getting the silver frame and a copy of her final college bill PAID IN FULL. (7 years my dears). Wp. and I have those old TVs people can't get rid of but they work so they are still around kind of like me;).

The neck warmer: THE PINK SPARKLY FUZZY THING THAT SWALLOWED MY NECK neck warmer. I used Yarn Bee yarn no name (must have been from my friends shop) I hook chained 17 made it 28 inches long before buttonholes which added more 3 rows. Can't decide on the buttons. A hat and mitts are a must hmmm a pattern quest is coming on.

May this week you smile lots giggle several times and perhaps a really good belly laugh or two. hugs

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Out And About

For several months I have been drawn back to sewing. Sewing links I have noticed almost every blog has some crocheting and knitting along with the sewing projects. The new breed is very versatile. I love reading blogs where the young women are sewing, knitting , cooking and looking after their children. I can so relate. I don't want to go back and do it all over. They make me smile. Yes, I remember all the good, and the sleeping with a sick baby on your chest in a chair stuff. I look back and I cannot believe what I use to do. I know my cape is stored around here some place. The new girls on the block remind me of the Sisterhood of Sainthood made possible by our small children and husbands and the school, church, and community responsibilities. We are Woman hear us......:)
I still have not got my tea towels stamped. I am working on neck warmers for the girls. I just made one I think I will call the pink fuzzy thing that swallowed my neck. When I find buttons there will be pics. I need to get on Ya's quilt. I need a carrot.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blast from the past Monday..(Love Knot baby set)

I loved this set on my DD. I made one with peach trim and lined it and one with pink trim. The sweater pattern is drawing a blank. At the time I made the dress I could have whipped up a sweater on my own, but I don't think I did. For the life of me I cannot remember where the sweater pattern came from. Now one of my grand children would have to be held hostage for me to make up a love knot stitch sweater pattern. I know they say use it or loose it, but my dears I am using it and still loosing it.;)
My DD looked so cute in the bonnet and I was all about bonnets. She may have been at some point to old for a bonnet. No it did not stop me. I wonder if there is such a thing a frill abuse?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gus T. loved my snowman sooooo

My 18 mo. old grandson loved the frosty hot chocolate jar cover so look what I found a hat He couldn't carry the jar around so maybe his mimi will redeemed herself. I will never be able to get it done by Sat. grrr.

The hat and gloves are done and the scarf just about. I made the easy Martha hat in garter stitch just to see how it would look I like it. The scarf is just garter st. with Chunky Softee (Bernat) 2 yarns held together. I needed fast here girls. I hate to mail things and I think they will be here this weekend.

I hope your having a lovely joyful day.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blast from the past Monday Baby sweaters

Well it is Sunday, but I will be gone all day Monday to the Dr. with our precious Nan Nan.

Notice the pink yes buddy I got my girl. It was pink everything for awhile. The small sweater was done in baby yarn the larger about a size 2 was done in Red Heart Super Sport. My DD hat had a cable around the brim. I still have the hat I came across it the other day packing things away.Now that I want it I can't find it. I have no idea where the hat pattern came from. The larger size sweater was more or less a play sweater. I hated the buttons and she loved them. So I just let her wear it anywhere she wanted :) they both wore like iron. Not a spot on either one. Like I say say what you will about Red Heart. The sweaters are 24 years old.

Looking at the pictures I wish I had made the sweaters in cream. Oh well after 2 boys I just had to have pink.

May you have a week full of things you love. Wish it back if you want.:)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hat, gloves and maybe a scarf

I decided to add a hat to Bri Z's set. I think I may add a scarf. My DD loves her gloves so I imagine I will make more. This will be easy since I have re sized her pair and for once remembered to write it down on the back of the pattern. I just went down a size needle for Bri Z.

The hat is the super easy one from Martha S. site. I messed up and forgot to make it in the round. I did not feel like ripping out what I had so I will be seaming which I can do I just resent it ;). It is made in the Simply Soft and Bernat Softee Chunky size 15 needles. The gloves which I have linked in a past post is made with Simply Soft and a f hook. The G hook will make a large I do believe, or kind of slouch gloves which I think are cute on my girls.

I will soon start back on the hoodie. I want to make some things for charity so I must pack up a sittin and waitin bag. I have seen so many cool things on Ravelry, and my Blogs I check in on are just making me excited about New Year projects.