1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My beloved daddy


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trying to be About God's business

  I am still here. Dad is not doing well and that reflex's on mom's well-being. We have had two trips to the ER here lately. We are making a go of this. Its just so hard to see your strong handsome dad fade away before your eyes. I would not wish it on anyone, but grateful so grateful I can be with him.

I do crochet at odd moments and there will be pictures at some point. I know I have let my dear friends down, but you know what we are walking through at the moment. Grandma use to tell me when things we bad, that I was walking through fire and God would put out the fire in his own time.

I wish for each that still peek in just the best of everything....and joy the kind you can't wait to share .. hugs to my dears.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Back with pictures

its so pretty 6 strands crochet formula for circles big blue plastic hook yarn eater rug

thanks mom for my new rug love it

yarny days.com pattern granny square hat don't judge the picture...its cute and small

Thanks for missing me....good friends are the best)

  Well lets see here. Dad is doing better in so many ways (Thank you God). We take each day as it comes with joy.  All in all we are happy even among all the chaos that is cleaning out  65 years of things and combing them with our 42. We will be sorting piling giving away and cleaning all Fall. But I have been taking time to craft some:

rug is not done, it is eating up the free worlds supply of yarn balls I have. My rug pic is not down loading will try next time.

Baby blanket is just that what some call the granite stitch with a dbl crochet border and crab st. around.  It is so pretty in person.

  I know its not good pics, but cut me some slack here they never are.

Mom bought me an early birthday present....love this book. It may be all over the crochet world I don't surf much anymore. There is a dress in it I must do and the coat is so stinkin adorable.

Me, well I take my meds do what I am suppose to do, lost tada nearly a 100lbs. my A1C is now 5.3 from 10.5 last Oct. My Stroke Dr. realeased me. So all in all I am a brand new improved Mimi and I have to prove it every 3 months.

Weepaw has been drug through the knot hole backwards with the Ky mom and dad. Our aging teenagers are a handful. Still glad we got them.

May you all be blessed with the joy of each new day. Sending good thoughts catch them.

MY group: Will put the pics up this weekend sooo love you guys you mean the world to me and everyone that kept me close,especially my dearest friend Marla.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

 I have gotten a few things done while waiting at the hospital. Dad has had to go back in several times. Hes doing better today. One day at a time.  He came home Friday,  they did a liver biopsy Wed. which turned out good. Thank God. We still are not out of the woods yet a big appointment Monday.  If you can believe this, and I have a hard time  wrapping my head around it, they drained 2 quarts one day and a day later another quart and a pint of fluid off his lung.  He can now walk around and not gasp for air.

I rarely have time to get online anymore and honestly I don't miss it like I thought I would. MY friends keep in touch and that is precious gift.

The orange hoodie is a Red Heart sport weight Hoodie for T his favorite colors. T loves the General Lee ( car) he wants a fast car like it when he grows up.  He painted his cardboard car that he and his dad made for a play at school orange and black. He is delightful. The green sweater was made while dad was getting more blood. Its I love this yarn and the Yarny Days sweater pattern.

May good things happen to you this week.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pedaling as fast I can

   Dad over all I guess is doing pretty good. We are waiting for his chemo pump to be out in.  It will be chemo for 10 days and 3 week rest then radiation with chemo for 5 weeks then 3 week rest and the last of the chemo.  The 5 weeks will be hard on everyone.  He has to go every single day.  It worries me... I am worried he won't be able to withstand it. He seems so frail.  Today is dad's 85th birthday. I just pause and thank God for him.

    I am working on the hoodie just about done with the ribbing .  I still have the sleeves and hood to do. I  have put Bub's scarf up for a spell. Will be taking small projects with me to the hospital. There should have been pictures of Nan and I on the deck crocheting, but I looked so awful...prideful and all would not put them up.

All my dears that have stayed close love you so good as my grandma would say. Pictures to come

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whats Happening on the Side of the Hill

 Well dad's appointment went better than I thought.  Hes off all his meds except one  for his sick stomach. I thought the Dr. would freak out over the 6lb. weight loss, but he told him to start waliking and to eat eat eat. We go to the Cancer Dr. May 29th. All in all for such major surgery and him being 85 guess he is doing pretty good.

Vanna's yarn tweed  for my youngest son
What is helping is the cancer power shakes. made with sugar free ice cream and ensure...700 calories. He has to have 1800 a day.  Its not happening.  I make all his favorite foods....gravy with whole milk you get the picture.  Everything just turns his stomach. God bless him I know hes trying. Pray for our popaw.

I have started to knit a scarf. That is keeping me sane.  My orange yarn is back ordered. When it come in I will start the hoodie. Found a replacement for my camera on e-bay. I am so thrilled.

Everyone has been so sweet to send me encouragement. Be sure and pray for Marla's husband Scott. He will have a serious operation soon. Marla is such a sweetheart and a dear friend.

All that stop this way God bless each one love sent your way.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


  Popaw is home.  He was in the hospital for over a month. He had half his stomach removed. Things look real good.  I have to keep him built up for the radiation and chemo in 6 weeks. He has no desire to eat so getting 1800 cals is not an easy task.  I just got a 600 cal. power shake down him and I am twirling with joy.  I haven't cooked so much since I had teenage boys. Nan and popaw will be living with us till he is back on his feet. Things are going well.

I ordered some yarn for a hoodie for my baby grandson.  I have no idea if that will work.  I need it to work and I do have odd bits of time. 

MY camera was broke at Easter so no pics.  Trust me my roses strutted their stuff.

To all my friends that prayed.....no small thing to all of us, thank you.  My dears I wish for you your hearts desire this day  as long as it is a good desire :) hugs love sent your way.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Please Pray

Popaw is in the hospital has been since Friday.  This makes mom much worse.  We get the lab results back tomorrow. Please pray for us. I use to pray for those "poor people" now we are those poor people:)
This is taking its toll on me.
Hugs and love sent to my online family

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Its Begining to Look alot like Easter on the Hill

  I got out all the Easter baskets out and put the toys in them the candy will come the night before.  Note my new handy dandy ironing board its like me it multi tasks.
I have 5 baskets, but would have had 7 if my kids from Ga. could have came...no not bio, but mine mine mine.

I made the Chocolate bunny from Whiskers and Wool. Also a little Hello Kitty in a duck suit.  I would link, but I honestly don't know where it came from. Nothing on the pattern.  Years ago I copied a bunch of Japanese patterns and used the charts to figure them out.  This was in English.....sorry. I don't like the eyes or nose next time it will be better.  I was suppose to use felt, but you know me. I think felt is a tad tacky on stuffed animals.  Only a few people can use felt properly and I am not one of them.

  For those in my caring family and friends I am doing great. My last day of therapy is Fri., its kicking me so very glad its the last one. Dad on the other hand is not doing so well.  I need to stay stress free...any ideas when you are an only child and its your daddy?  I have ask God to richly bless all that prayed for me and dad and still are. I value prayer above all else. I have cried over some of your e-mails so loving and precious.  I will never forget your support. I love you guys.

Back on the home front I am sending all my baby sweaters off. A needful place. So I am as mom would say up and about God's Business.  I couldn't want anything more for everyone that may pass by here to have all good things pressed down and running over..  Love you guys hugs sent.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Poor old MImi;(

   I haven't blog for awhile had a little hospital stay.  I won't bore you.  MY friends that have kept in touch and stayed close know and I appreciate them beyond words. To the rest that just stop by for a peek.  I hope someday to be back to normal. Don't count me out yet. MY life at the moment is upside down.  My kids are thoroughbreds. Everyone of them has been so supportive.  I count the DI L's as mine as well. MY husband is a trooper.  Everyone that prayed for me ..you are gold. Thank you.

I will be back when I can.  I care about each one that stops by and those that pray for me God bless you .

Love sent and good wishes MIMI

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Owl Baby Sweater and WHEW!

  The yarn is Vanna White, size H hook.  I stayed with the pattern except, I made buttonholes rev sc around and made ribbing on the end of the sleeves and sweater followed by 3 rows of sc.  The hat is my own simple simple. Sweater Pattern  and the link for the Owl app.

For family and dearest friends:  Our parents are stable.  More Dr. Appointments and worry, but stable. 

Our DD. watched over Nan and Popaw and WP. and I went to the big City for Grandparents Day. It was wonderful. I even got to spend the rest of my Joann's gift card.  The Super store is Super.  I only could stay about 20 min. I honestly could spend a day there.

I gave my DIL the pillow cases.  I spent a month on them can you believe it?  I do believe she truly loved them.

Well my dears and I do mean my dears more DR. appoints this week and more than likely stress pressed down and filled to the brim. I wish you all good things and a joyful carefree week...at least one of us should have it. :) Hugs and so much love sent.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Still Here

Family and dear friends, our parents are all in need at the moment will be back when I can. Hugs and love sent to all.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Storms and flowers

Spring flowers that usually don't bloom till April.

   Just a note to let my family and friends know we are all  still here.  WP. and I have more limbs to pick up, but that is nothing to what everyone else has.  I know everyone will be concerned about Nan and Popaw.  They slept right through it.  Dad noticed the electric was off, but they just stayed in bed. The school in their town was damaged, and a few homes.  We were without power from about 3am till 10:00am.  I have heard from everyone except our childhood friends from around Harrisburg, IL. It is going to be bad Friday.   I am hoping everyone will come to our house where it is the safest.  I have never seen our Spring flowers bloom so soon.  It is very warm here today. Ky. parents, and uncle Lewis still have no phone service.

Hugs, and be safe.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


        This is the tip of the iceberg.  I now have most of my knitting and crocheting hardbacks in one case. My print offs that are super important are in bins. My most important mags are on the bottom. I have a larger case downstairs for my quilting books and patterns, one case for my cookbooks, one small case for my tatting books, one case for my song books and sheet music. I need to release even more, but I just can't bring myself to it yet. I have 3 works in progress (yarn) in baskets in my project closet. I have all my bow making material in a nice container. I do have several quilts done and some that need to be set together. Even after the big mag purge of 2011, I still have a larger case with old mags downstairs. I did not mention 3 stackable crates with dividers that hold my print offs from the beginning of the Internet in the 90s. They are all sorted and labeled.  What I cannot seem to do is finish embroidery projects.  I have a dresser scarf, and a large tablecloth, one kitten block for a quilt.  My pillow cases are coming along so maybe I am getting better. I will not show all my yarn.  My oldest, and dearest friend stopped importing yarn for her business, and she sent me most of what she had left over. One time she sent 65lbs. You get the idea. Even if I buy one sk someone needs to slap me. That being said sometimes you do need a certain color.  So it is all coming together slowly, but surely.

Had the grandkids this weekend.  We cooked and had fun. We moved the kids craft table and bought more craft supplies. The new area was a big hit. Ya's leg is healing she is now in a boot . No, will play the sax in the school band next year. We are going to the big city for baby grandson's Grandparents Day at school.

I am working on my log cabin, and my pillow case.  I have been so tired of a night  that not much progress is being made.  We have on more bedroom to do, the main living room, and a little more painting. Spring brings tree trimming, deck sealing and more outside painting. The yard is a mess. We need to get a few things done before the big Easter egg hunt/ mom and dad's 65th anniversary. It seems overwhelming at times.

Hugs, to all may you have a good week and some quite moments of rest to renew yourself.

note to Auntie M.  Foghorn is no more WP. found him in the woods. That old rooster never did get his timing right. I will call you later this week.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!


 My parents will celebrate their 65th anniversary the 4th of April. I have mom's first Valentine to my dad in perfect condition. He kept it.  He is not a keeper of notes, and cards, and yet he kept this. She signed it with love on the back.  May you have 65 plus years with your Valentine.  And you can be my Valentine to. So this day you can honestly say someone ask you to be their Valentine. Hugs Mimi

Edit:  Thank everyone for all the Valentines and love I received.  WOW!!! I will say it again and again I love my family and friends.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I got gifted(((smiles giggles and twirling)))

  Looky, Looky what Marla gifted me. Yes, it is the yarn to finish up the baby sweater that I have the yoke already done. Remember the grease I found in the 3 sks after I had started the sweater.  This was a bail out. I so love it when I get a bail out. Thank You Marla my dear.  I love my friends. I had all the kids here Sat. And WP. brought me in the box  and I opened it, and they all thought I had seen a mouse :) I squealed my big spider or mouse squeal.

I finished one pillow case.  My Belle is so pretty.  Maybe she is not as perfect as she would have been years ago when my fingers were nimble and my eyes good, but she is pretty cute. I started the second case. Bri Z. so loved her that I may have to do some more.  March may be pillow case month.  No burn out so far.  I have had to put her down for a little while to rest my eyes. I started another granny log cabin.  I said I would not, but I caved.  I have T's knitted fish blanket next to my chair.  While I am resting my eyes I am yarning.

The granny square is 4 rounds 2 sc in corners and 1 sc after each shell to corner. You add the rounds counter clockwise. I think its something you can do by just looking at it. In the finished log cabin I started with the red then gold . The unfinished square I started with the dark blue after the yellow.

May this coming week find you twirling over something joyful...its a great feeling so I wish it for you. Mimi

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slowly she moves

  Remember that old ghost story; STEP BY STEP SLOWLY, SLOWLY, STEP BY STEP. That about says it all.  I can't seem to want to do anything but sit and stare.  I am working on the pillow cases, and my Belle is about half done. I am on the purple ribbons that flow from her hat. She is so pretty.  I need to make some lace for the tail of her gown, but I have not tatted in so long I may just crochet some.

I bought an embroidery book it is the best purchase I have ever made.  It was costly (well for me), but worth every penny.  I am old. I forget how to do things anymore. Just looking at the pictures brings it all back. Love those pictures. I love Amazon.  I am in a loving mood tonight.

So since all this love is flowing I will send you some.....catch it.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Keepsake

I made a keepsake for baby Abram's mommy and daddy.  I understand that not everyone would want this token.  I will give this to Bri Z. I believe she has a gift of understanding others hearts.  She will know if this would be something to present to the parents.  I duplicated the tiny booties and used the ribbon from the gown and the tiny heart button.

Genesis 15:1
Now let me tell you the story of baby Abram's gown. Bri. Z. Called me and ask me to make a  gown for Abram. I was honored, but worried about the sizing, and the time it would take to make something I thought would be appropriate.  I left it in God's capable Hands.  Marla a dear friend helped me look for patterns.  I found a gown, but I would have to alter the sleeves and size.  I wanted this to be what they wanted so badly.  I know, I know I took what I had given to God back to worry over.  I set about making the gown, and I had on hand just the right baby yarn ...Thank You God. I began to crochet and pray it would never be used.  I thought you know he could be all dressed up and leave the hospital in this. God had other plans. When I got to putting in the satin ribbon I found each size on hand except the smallest.  I looked and looked. I prayed and went back to my ribbon box, and there it was ...Thank You God. Then I was honestly compelled to put a heart button on the bodice. A symbol of love everyone had for this tiny little guy.  I knew at some point I had some white plastic buttons not what I wanted, but I thought I would take a look.  They were not to be found. NO heart buttons any where. I have a vast collection of buttons (its a weakness). I had in my mind exactly what I wanted, but no time to go out and find them. After I had prayed over the ribbon I bowed my head, and ask God to help me find some beautiful buttons.  I turned around and opened a cabinet in my downstairs sewing room, and there on my grandma's old tin button box was a card of pretty little heart buttons....Thank You God.  You must understand this I had never seen those buttons before never. I would not have left them on top of the button box in any case.  They were on an old white button card, and I would have remembered it. Thank You God.  I had just enough time to make the bonnet and booties, and we rushed off to FedEx with the package.  I went into the FedEx office and started to fill out forms when the express guy pulled up.  They told him to load the truck slowly he did (God bless his heart)....Thank You God. We made it just in time. Thank You God.  All my dears, please keep praying for the family.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby Abram

This is much smaller than it looks. Abram's gown

Baby Abram left us at 2:00 this afternoon. He was born January 13th on his great grandpa's birthday, and died on our anniversary. He weighted 2 lbs and was 15 inches long. He was very pretty little fellow.  Thank you dear friends for your prayers and e-mails .  Marla what can I say your such a dear dear friend and you feel like you are mine somehow. Marla kept me sane with good information while I attempted to make Abram's burial gown and things.

I was worried about sizing and everything. I started last night and stayed up very late. This morning I started again at 6am and it was all finished by 6pm.  Wp. and I rushed it into the FedEx place and it will be there tomorrow before 3.  It was only by His Hand could I have gotten this done. I will never say again I just want to sit in my chair one full day and do nothing, but crochet....never. 

Abram was my DIL's nephew, but we are one family.  Once you marry into this family you are in for life, everyone.. even if you don't want to be you are still in...we need a secret hand shake or something.
Ya, broke her leg.  Its been a real lulu of a week.

May your week hold good things for you.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tea Towels And Pillow Cases

  I have my 3 tea towels done.  I should have taken pictures of the other two, but I am a tad lazy tonight. It has been taking forever for my pictures to download.  I have just started the pillow cases.  I am doing the satin stitch first because I hate it.  I wanted the Belles that did not have any satin stitches on them, but they were out, and for some reason I could not wait.  I think its because when I back stitch before I start to satin stitch, it makes me feel like I am done. Then my eyes are not what they use to be.  When you satin stitch you need to be careful, or it looks like....well it doesn't look good.  I am really enjoying this yarn break. I have so many things to embroidery that this may take another month. Like I say, I'm not going anywhere. The hardest lesson in life for me is to enjoy the moment I am in.  I use to fall in line and want to make what everyone else was.  That ship has sailed, and I am on shore blowing it kisses as it fades from site.

I am going to keep my towels, and I am on the search for material for my curtains.  I have 4 pair of jeans to hem.  THANK YOU GOD.!!!!!!!  I have my family, friends, and things I love to do and a home.  I hope this week some of my joy and happiness spills over to your world.  Hugs and be kind dear friends.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cry with me

  Baby Bee Pitter Patter is the softest yarn.  I just love it.  I found this yarn on clearance.  I could not believe my luck.  I have waited for the right project and it never came.  I started a top down sc baby sweater, and what did my wandering eyes behold....Grease.  Just after the counting part when I thought I was on to mindless joy...Grease. All three sks. I should have know better .  When yarn is that cheap and 3 sks all the same dye lot I should have been suspicious . Hells Bells, and the devils shoelaces I am aggravated. Oh well I guess I will get over it but..........not there yet. 

Right before Thanksgiving a good friend from Ravelry ask me how I made my Scottie dogs for my Scottie Sweaters. Honesty they are different each time I make them.. Be proud of me I wrote down a pattern for a Scottie app. and sent it to her.  I don't think she has made it yet.  I will try making it once again from my pattern before I put it up.  I am so very bad at this pattern writing thing.  Only for a friend would I even give it a go.  The strings are left on so maybe someone could just look at it and duplicate it.

I think I am starting on my pillow cases. If I find grease in some of the floss you may hear a screaming Mimi......get it screaming Mimi.   

Don't forget to be kind this week.  Be you at your very best. Hugs Mimi

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking around

  WP. has a basketball game so I am looking about. First it was my mail, Ravelry,Pinterest, Pattern Central you get the picture...Surfs Up. Well I found my way into my pictures.  I found my favorite picture of my son and grandson .  I knew I had it, but I could never find the folder I had put it in..  I love this picture. They were holding hands on the beach.  I just love it. 

I started a baby sweater, and it was a sound idea,but the yarn was all wrong.  Wed. night I think I will start just a plain pink sweater . January was baby sweater month. February will be embroidery month. I want to do some pillow cases mom bought me for my birthday.  I still have the tea towels to finish. I have the floss now so no excuse. I need to mix my life up a bit. I have been just switching from crochet to knitting.  It has been ages since I have tatted or used my Lucet, worked on one of my quilts.  I need to change it up a little for some new found interest.

 I hope your week is going well, and the thought Friday will never get here has not crossed your mind.  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Free pattern Link For Coffee Cup Sleeves

  Marla's pattern for a coffee cup sleeve offers the perfect canvas to decorate however you want.  Wp. is such a Ky. Wildcat fan so you know who the  basketball cup sleeve belongs to, and of course I collect anything with cherries on it.  Pattern

Hugs Mimi

The New Baby Surprise Sweater is Done!

Girlfriends, I kind of love this little sweater.    It will be up on Ravelry in a little bit.Look at those adorable buttons.  Wish I had more. Only thing about this sweater is the back of the sleeves decrease. Its not really bad, but its not perfect. Click the picture to see what I mean. I would give this pattern an A-  because of the decreases. The pattern was well written and all in all just lovely.
Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby by Darla Sims.  Leisure Arts book
I Love This Yarn...Hobby Lobby
Buttons: JHB

Well  my dears I am waiting for my yarn for my new sweater, but until then have another that is in the mental works. I have the yarn for the new idea. Hugs and may you have everything work for good for you this week...you know I could use it wished back.

Hat from Ravelry store SpeckledFrog

I love my grandkids..nothing says love like construction paper hearts.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hold Your Breath

   The sweater is coming along.    BUT    I do have a couple of things to say about this sweater so far. First off read how to decrease the sc decrease. Do as I say don't do as I did (((smiles))).  Yes, I did frog it because I guess secretly I think I know everything and don't have to read the patterns carefully. The sc decrease is different.  Second thing is I don't like how the decrease looks on the back of the arms.  It's not horrible, but I don't like it.  My second sweater I will mess around with the decreases. A big yellow sticky note will be on the inside page of this book.   Yes, sadly odds are I would forget. It may be awhile before I make another one.

  I have this idea for a baby sweater. It is the best idea I have ever had.  I don't even trust myself to pick the colors.  Sweet is an artist.  Someday I should show you some of his work.  I ask him to pick the colors for one part of the sweater.  The colors have to be just right. I am so proud because he thought it was a great idea.  Now if I can just pull it off.  Its going to take me awhile. I don't want to rush it so I will just keep it by my chair as a second project. I am excited about this idea.  I am not telling what it is till it is done.

 The kids are here.  We are having fun. They are with their WP. right now.  I need to take pictures of the monkeys in their hats. You think you can't love anything as much as your children ..then you have grand kids.   Ya and I are making bread, cookies, and fudge.  I bought new bowls, and a pan that makes the bread into wedges.  Kids are back let the party began.

May your day be filled with all sorts of good things. Hugs Mimi

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A peek at the new Baby Surprise.

  I know this is a tad strange, but you know my fear of unfinished project pictures. I have never posted a picture of anything that was in progress that did not get frogged.  This is a test.  I am telling myself not to be afraid its only a test(((smiles)). So far I am loving this little pattern. I am using I Love This Yarn. The pattern is from Leisure Arts ,Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby- by Darla Sims. There are 8 sweaters all are very cute and I will do each one if this works out.  Cross your crochet hooks for me.

The stitch markers I use are from  Chickenstitches.  I love mine.  I have many knit markers and almost all the crochet.  Do not be afraid of the fact she is no longer state side.  They come fast and she is very generous. I have been a fan for ages of her markers, patterns, and blog. My dad made me a special box for them. They are that special.

Look at my shiny clean teapots. I just enjoy looking at them.  Yes, I use them.  I looked for years for a turkey.  This turkey is one of my price pots, it is a Fitz and Floyd. My sewing teapots my are from my mom.   I started to collect just cottages, but that did not last long. I have old and new, expensive and cheap, but each one is dear to my heart.  I could use a different teapot once a week for over a year. The top of the Hoosier is a tiny sample of my houses. I have a village.


I hope you enjoyed your little peek. We have the grand kids this weekend. That is always a wonderful time for us.  I get to give them their hats.  All the foods they love will be waiting.  Did I ever tell you I am helping them to memorize the Ten Commandments, The Lords Prayer, and the 23rd Psalm. We have the rest of my life to get the job done:) we focus on one each visit. They are doing really well.  

I have had a wonderful week filled with work I enjoyed. I had lots of restful times with good conversation. Delightful.

This week if your phone rings I hope you can answer it the way my momma did. I ask momma what she was doing," Just going about God's business " and I am sure she was. Hugs my dears true hugs...not the fake ones. Mimi