1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Keepsake

I made a keepsake for baby Abram's mommy and daddy.  I understand that not everyone would want this token.  I will give this to Bri Z. I believe she has a gift of understanding others hearts.  She will know if this would be something to present to the parents.  I duplicated the tiny booties and used the ribbon from the gown and the tiny heart button.

Genesis 15:1
Now let me tell you the story of baby Abram's gown. Bri. Z. Called me and ask me to make a  gown for Abram. I was honored, but worried about the sizing, and the time it would take to make something I thought would be appropriate.  I left it in God's capable Hands.  Marla a dear friend helped me look for patterns.  I found a gown, but I would have to alter the sleeves and size.  I wanted this to be what they wanted so badly.  I know, I know I took what I had given to God back to worry over.  I set about making the gown, and I had on hand just the right baby yarn ...Thank You God. I began to crochet and pray it would never be used.  I thought you know he could be all dressed up and leave the hospital in this. God had other plans. When I got to putting in the satin ribbon I found each size on hand except the smallest.  I looked and looked. I prayed and went back to my ribbon box, and there it was ...Thank You God. Then I was honestly compelled to put a heart button on the bodice. A symbol of love everyone had for this tiny little guy.  I knew at some point I had some white plastic buttons not what I wanted, but I thought I would take a look.  They were not to be found. NO heart buttons any where. I have a vast collection of buttons (its a weakness). I had in my mind exactly what I wanted, but no time to go out and find them. After I had prayed over the ribbon I bowed my head, and ask God to help me find some beautiful buttons.  I turned around and opened a cabinet in my downstairs sewing room, and there on my grandma's old tin button box was a card of pretty little heart buttons....Thank You God.  You must understand this I had never seen those buttons before never. I would not have left them on top of the button box in any case.  They were on an old white button card, and I would have remembered it. Thank You God.  I had just enough time to make the bonnet and booties, and we rushed off to FedEx with the package.  I went into the FedEx office and started to fill out forms when the express guy pulled up.  They told him to load the truck slowly he did (God bless his heart)....Thank You God. We made it just in time. Thank You God.  All my dears, please keep praying for the family.