1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Monday, December 29, 2014

Hope always hope

  We got the pet scan back this morning. He has spots on his liver and lungs...small but there. We are in for a fight.  Please pray.... I simply do not feel like talking about this but will keep you posted......pleaseplease pray for us.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas My Dears

   Children here, and grandchildren giggling ....thankful. Merry Christmas  dear, dear friends!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


 Mike had his pet scan.  We are waiting for the results. So will let you know when I find out. I have cooked all day. Christmas Eve will be simple here this year. Everyone will be here for Christmas Eve. some will stay the night.  I must remember to do Santa's footprints.....cornstarch and glitter on the deck with big shoe prints in...snow all the way from the north pole.  T was awe struck last year. We put out oats and carrots on a tree stump the reindeer got them. Christmas Day for the first time in 45 years my feet will be under someone else's table. My DD is doing Christmas dinner....can her and her husband ever cook....can't wait. I can barely breathe I am so tried....Although Christmas Eve will be simple for me it was still alot of things to cook and do. As grandma would say, child I need two cats under my arms to breathe for me.....country life support.

Well will close this with a hug and prayer your Christmas is meaningful and you can keep the joy and not let it fade......remember us. love sent catch it....
My 1950's Christmas the story is here on my blog title is my 1950's Christmas part one and two are here

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Short update

  WP. has a pet scan Monday at Barnes.  Prayer please!!!!! things are a little more complicated than thought. I sat by the phone all day and then waited somemore after they would call had to call back to make appointments etc..... I am wasted. I am thankful for your prayers they mean so much to me. I am thankful for my faith in God and how he keeps me from falling. I am just thankful .

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Going for appointment at Barnes soon. We will have the surgery done at Barnes the radiation and chemo here. Step by step. We learned Monday it had not spread to his liver so hopes went up and thanks were said. Remember us.   I did ask for this cup to pass from me, but  I now pray for the strenght to do all I need and want to do. love sent and hugs prayers please my dears,
My youngest son and family

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bad News

  My husband has colon cancer. We have a CT scan tomorrow and Monday we pick a surgeon and find out what stage. Prayer please....step by step day by day. hugs  Will keep you posted when I can. Thinking the DR. will be at Barnes instead of here.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas is coming!

I can't believe that did not take any Thanksgiving pictures. We were all here, but my oldest son. He had to work. He is the best story teller. He can make everything so funny. He was missed. I cooked the usual turkey, ham, and pies all the trimmings.  We all enjoyed ourselves, but I had to leave the room when I started to fill a plate for momma. Its the little things that knock you silly with grief.

WP. has appointments next week. He will have to go for blood tests, then for the dreaded colon test. This is a quote his new Dr. is "alright I guess".

Got all the grand kids for the weekend of the 13th to cook and watch the movies we always watch together. Not putting up a big tree this year. All I can handle is the basics. Maybe mom and dad's small tree.

Finished the guitar scarf for T's teacher . After those hats I made for Nadia and her friend I am so done with graphs for awhile.

  Noah named the new kitten Sophie. He didn't like what we named it. Its outside, but fat as a butterball, and comes in a little to be loved so it doesn't turn as wild as a march hare. We bought it a heated outside house.  It is on a covered patio so its never in the cold of a night. Isn't she pretty? hugs to my dears

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy Birthday O Daughter Mine

 Today is my daughter's birthday she grew up way to fast. The only girl, and spoiled rotten. Her brothers could have hated her, but they didn't they adored her.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Birthday month

  I had the two Marshall's down for Marshall 's birthday my DIL had to work. He helped his dad build shelves the the little barn loft for storage. I fixed him fried chicken, mash potatoes, biscuits, homemade gravy, corn on the cob and a huge salad for his birthday dinner. He ate like a teenager.  He had a pecan pie for his birthday cake.  I fixed Marshall T. a pumpkin pie and he told me, "Mimi this pie is amazing".  I love that boy. I gave him his scarf I knitted. I knit one every year. I always think of  Samuel's mother how she made him a little coat each year and took it to him each year. We had a nice visit. I sent my DIL home her scarf she is a dental hygienist and it was a sweet tooth scarf.
Dad looks cute in Wendi's scarf ha ha

Bub's birthday pie and scarf.

T wore his sweater I had made him 2 years ago and it still fits. His favorite color then was orange and black.  I knitted him a gray Wallaby sweater about that time as well.

Well its potato cakes and eggs, bacon tonight. I had left over potatoes yesterday. My husbands favorite thing. He has

doctors appointment right before Thanksgiving. Please pray for us he is developing some health issues.  

Blessings my dears

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Olaf hat.

     I hated making this hat!!!! Easy as pie, and I don't know why I dislike it so much. I was to make a total of five.  That is not going to happen.  Mimi does not want to build a snowman. Guess we will hold a lottery for this one. On to the cranky theme....I have never like Halloween. Wp. took  the kids trick or treating the few times they went.  I let them pick out a sack of their favorite candy and a toy so they were pleased. Still no complaints from my aging children.  I went a total of twice, and I never got the sack of candy or toy....was raised in the suck it up era.

      Finally finished knitting Bub's scarf no pictures ( lazy).  I am working on one for his wife now. I think I am going to just make something just for me next. That maybe a baby dress or sweater because that is my love, making baby things. I found out there are two yarn stores in the big town now.  I may try them out one of these days. I was excited to learn we got an IHop in town. It was on my bucket list to eat their pancakes.
      I have been walking my trail everyday. It was cold this morning, and I really enjoyed it.  The trees are just beautiful and scrunching leaves adds to my my joy.  Next week I plan on making the first batch of soup. I may even bake some bread.

      Well I wish you all a wonderful Fall just filled with the things you love.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

         Dad has been gone 2 years now. I miss him so very much. Dad and I were two peas in a pod. He taught me so much about life.  I was no princess. We worked on cars together, and we roofed 3 houses and many out buildings . My dad made sure I could change a tire, and do small repairs. In my high school I tested out 2nd in mechanics out of all the boys I was number two. Dad made sure I went to church, and often drove the car to youth meetings. He was a big man, but someone got saved and he would cry every time. I catch myself often wanting to tell him something, or ask him a question. Hes  ever on my mind.  I am so proud to have been his daughter.  Miss you daddy.

       Back to life.......I have finished knitting Bub's scarf, Ya's hat is done and I have one on the needles. I took two baby sweaters to my friend who is expecting her first grandchild in early 2015.  We went to Bub's farm today, He is getting his animals in the Spring.  The house is just beautiful.  I had fixed T's Halloween costume and he won first place.  The other grands went to haunted houses this weekend....no thank you.

     I have felt kind of out of sorts here lately.  Hoping I will get back in the saddle this next week. Fall mean so much work outside.

     I wish for you a lovely week filled with joy. hugs my dears. I almost forgot
Miss you

Bub and his wife are trying out a church closer to their new home.....prayers please.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

News but no pictures

 I have been about God's business as mom would say.  I took care of a friend for over a week after she had by-pass surgery.  She has 2 girls so they were here as well.  I stayed with her and the girls during the surgery then at the hospital till I brought her home.  I think I would just have someone shoot me rather than have that done.  We measured everything. She did really well and when I took her back she was released form the Dr. so she moved back home.  She had no one but WP. and I , and she needed to be taken care of.
 It took me awhile to get things back in order....I wasn't complaining not a bit. You know when you have guests it just a matter of fact you have to put your house back in order when they leave. WP. had to get up at 6 to take the girls to school then at 2 to pick them up( lots of traffic). I  cooked good meals for them, and make sure they had clean clothes.....not the mother I use to be for sure. 

 I made some kitchen towells for my DD. she grew up with the tea towells with the crocheted tops hanging on something in the kitchen.  She has to have them now.  I also made her the homemade scrubber's she loves. My DD. and her husband cook all the time. She is a good cook. I wish I would have taken pictures of the sets I made.
 I am still knitting the scarf, and working at times on the blanket.  Poppy loved her dress and jacket she is so much fun to make things for..her mom sends pictures.  Another dear friend has a grandson coming in January. I was hoping it would be a girl. I love to make girl things.  I have 2 boy sets made that I will give her.
 Our beloved Copper died and WP. and I still forget hes gone. We do not want another dog ever!!!! but we sure miss him.
  If any of you girls know of anyone that needs jeans (really good ones) in size 20-22 let me know you can come by and pick them up. I have a huge box.  My friend Barb went from a size 26-14. She used that shape and reclaim program.  She sent me all the jeans for a denim quilt for the life of me I can't cut them up some still have the tags on them.  Now if she just looses a little more I can wear them so here's hopin she gets down to a size 10 before she stops. She is the sweetest friend. When we lived in IL. we went to the same church and became life long friends.  So need jeans in large sizes I may be able to hook you up.
 Ky. mom is wanting to move out again and is so miserable.  I wish her DDS would go see her. When Ky. dad died her girls just walked away.  If I had done that I could not live will myself. I am still missing momma....everyday and some nights.
 Things are calming down now so maybe I will be able to get some things done and pictures put up.  The trees are turning acorns are falling the persimmons are ripe. the seed looked like spoons so that they say means a snowy winter.
 Hugs to all my people. Hugs and love sent my dears I hope you know great Joy this week.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Momma

 As long as I live I will think of you on your birthday momma

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Poppy's outfit is done

  I would have grand kids even if I didn't have any of my own.  I have so many kids that call me Mimi sometimes I forget which ones are my bio GKs.  Here's an outfit for another one.  Poppy loves my last cardi I made her she wore it 5 days before her mom could talk her out of it. That's my girl.
I remember E. Zimmerman , someone ask her who she was knitting a baby sweater for....she said she just knits baby things then goes and finds a baby to fit it. We were kindred spirits.

I am still down and out over the car trip, but doing better.  Everything is good to go for the kids this weekend.  I have a hat to finish for Nadia and still knitting on the scarf.  I am itching to do another baby set.... I have some yellow yarn that is so pretty.

I have a Dr's. appointment in the morning and after it is pancakes at Cracker Barrel.  I have to fast so every 3 months I treat myself after my appointment. 

Here's Poppy's things:

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Just and update

We took Ky mom home Saturday. 17 and a half hours in the car.  It took its toll on me. Here it is  Tuesday and I am still feeling the pain in my hips.  She seemed  OK with going home.   She is a pistol, but I cried when I had to leave her.  She is the only mother I have left on this earth except a dear fried that use to live in the woods behind us .  I considered her to always be in that place in my heart.

I have been working on projects.  I have made a short sleeve cardi and purse for a little girl named Poppy.  I have a simple dress pattern and fabric with poppy print on it .  I need interfacing  for the facing and some bias tape then I will start on the dress Thursday.  I will go into town tomorrow to get my supplies.  The cardi matches the dress fabric.   I am still knitting Bubs scarf and working on a blanket in my spare moments.

We may have had hail damage on the roof.  We called today.  We called about getting gas in the tank....getting to be that time of year. The trees have started to look like they are getting ready to turn. It has cooled off some.  We have been sitting on the porch, and enjoying it.

We had beans an cornbread for supper.  We just love it, but I make fried corncakes and put onions in them so it may not be as good for us as it should be.

Well the house is about in order again. Beds stripped, mopped and set in order. Bub and his family come down this weekend to help dad put in shelves in the small barn.  Then we load up the truck with his things he had stored here and go to Desoto Sunday.....another trip oh my.  I will have a big pot of stew made for Saturday that way its easy for me not knowing when everyone will get here. I am sure all my boys and their families will be here.  MY DD will be out of town.

Look at me I wrote a book.   I wish you a wonderful week filled with good news and fun...send some back.....love and hugs sent to all that stop by.
Off to my knitting

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Perfect cartoon for my mother-in- law

                         Misson accomplished...you got us guessing Ky. mom.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Nadia is now sixteen. Very sweet, shy, hard working , and Mimi's darling. She has almost waist length thick black hair she is my cutie.

It has been a circus around here. Nadia's party was put off till this weekend.  We pick up Ky mom Tuesday and come home Wednesday so she can have a little vacation.  I am not sure how long she will stay.                          

 Bub has moved everything to the farm now.  The little guy got to get a kitten and he is so thrilled.  He called me today and talked non stop about his new kitten.  "Mimi, I'm in 2 second grade now that's good, and bad. Good cause I am in second grade, but bad cause of so much work." Buddy it doesn't get any better.  I need to put up a picture of him he is adorable.

I am making Nadia a hat she wants, a new blanket out of scrap yarn, and knitting a scarf in the round. I am dreaming about a pair of southern belle pillow cases I have.  I made a pair for Bub's wife and she loved them. I want to start another pair before long only in a different color.

The kids  say school is "good" what ever that means now.  All my grand babies are in school now. They all do well in school so that is such a blessing.

 No is 14 and Kiera is 11.  Kiera has on Nadia's hat. Nadia wants to attend a school in England for awhile so she loves the Union Jack. The three are my oldest son's kids. I need to put up pictures of the other two.....got the cutest grand kids.

Well I keep trying to blog and life gets in the way.Maybe this Fall things will settle down. Well leaves, scooping acorns getting ready for winter......maybe winter is looking good.

Hugs and love sent to all that stop by blessings my dears.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sweet week

  Its been a sweet week. The days have been cool for July and much appreciated by all. We have been sitting on the porch rocking like the two old people we have become.  I need to get out my bird book, we have had a diverse group this year. I miss momma so much when we sit on the porch, but its still such a pleasure.

   I have been buying things for the kids for school.  I can't believe that its another school year. Soon the bus will be roaring by. I can remember my daughters first day of school. She was the baby and the only girl. I cried all morning. She took to school like a duck to water. No crying she couldn't wait to get on that bus.

We have a new septic tank put in this coming week$$$$$.  We were told 15 years ago we had to have one put in that it wouldn't last.  I just ask God to let it last till we could afford a new one...Thank you God.  3 kids in college was hard.Then two went on and got their masters degree.  They graduated with no loans no bills. We did drive an old 87 truck 2 years without air and it was the only vehicle we had. It is still running on our youngest son's farm in Desoto. He has the prettiest place, but he has worked hard to get it in shape.  He still works in St. Louis, but drives the 45 min each day to and from work.  He has a wonderful job, but could not stand his son being brought up in the city.

  Ky. mom will be here soon.  I will have to deal with her being in mom's room. She is a cracker jack for sure.  She called today and was moving out of her  retirement community (which she can't do). I really need some of her zest, but not to much.

  Well, I have meant to blog more, but life has been getting in the way. Maybe when school starts and Ky mom goes home this Fall.  I know how I miss reading my friends blogs. 

    I pray you have a wonderful Aug. all filled with joy and good things....hugs mimi

Got a few things done.

                                                two potholders out of cotton
                                          serveral potholders and a granny mandala for the table

                                       another baby set. I need to put ribbons in the bonnet
                                           The dress needs something on the yoke not sure what yet
another scrap rug


Monday, July 21, 2014

MJ all dressed up

Remember this outfit. A picture of the entire outfit I made was posted earlier. She is beautiful. Her mom and dad are my youngest son and his wife's best friends....they are family. I meant to blog more, but so many things have kept me from my spare time. Will be back before long. Sweet hugs to all.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Missing Momma

                                                   Reminds me of our last days         I have cried all day. Missed momma . I finally got her room  picked up and mostly sorted. It has gotten to me. I ran across the blanket she was making Ya, I will have to finish it.  I took mom's wallet out of my purse ( I carried it for her) and I put it in the memory box on top of dads. That my dears broke me. Today has been horrible. It will get better they say, and I am sure it will, but right now it just hurts.
         I made Maggie Jane a mermaid photo prop outfit. I would not have chose this, but it is what was requested so there you go.

   HUGS and love to all.  Back soon with baby girl dresses.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


 I changed the pattern,  it is the Angel Wing pinafore from Bev's country cottage or ravelry.  Double strap booties from sylverdesigns. Bonnet is very adapted at the brim it is Abigal Gross from crotiques. Diaper cover from  livingthecraftlife.blogspot.com it is adapted but is perfect without the ruffles I made a bow on the front insted of a button. So all in all its all adapted, but you have the basic patterns to do your thing. I crocheted with thread around the neck of the dress and added lace . The preemie set is from bellasbabies. Not sure about the hat. hugs.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Together again

dad 1927-2012        mom 1927-2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Update Happy New Year loveies

My design :0 not bad for such a dry spell

Looks like all we got for Christmas was animals. They loved my tre skirt.