1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

News but no pictures

 I have been about God's business as mom would say.  I took care of a friend for over a week after she had by-pass surgery.  She has 2 girls so they were here as well.  I stayed with her and the girls during the surgery then at the hospital till I brought her home.  I think I would just have someone shoot me rather than have that done.  We measured everything. She did really well and when I took her back she was released form the Dr. so she moved back home.  She had no one but WP. and I , and she needed to be taken care of.
 It took me awhile to get things back in order....I wasn't complaining not a bit. You know when you have guests it just a matter of fact you have to put your house back in order when they leave. WP. had to get up at 6 to take the girls to school then at 2 to pick them up( lots of traffic). I  cooked good meals for them, and make sure they had clean clothes.....not the mother I use to be for sure. 

 I made some kitchen towells for my DD. she grew up with the tea towells with the crocheted tops hanging on something in the kitchen.  She has to have them now.  I also made her the homemade scrubber's she loves. My DD. and her husband cook all the time. She is a good cook. I wish I would have taken pictures of the sets I made.
 I am still knitting the scarf, and working at times on the blanket.  Poppy loved her dress and jacket she is so much fun to make things for..her mom sends pictures.  Another dear friend has a grandson coming in January. I was hoping it would be a girl. I love to make girl things.  I have 2 boy sets made that I will give her.
 Our beloved Copper died and WP. and I still forget hes gone. We do not want another dog ever!!!! but we sure miss him.
  If any of you girls know of anyone that needs jeans (really good ones) in size 20-22 let me know you can come by and pick them up. I have a huge box.  My friend Barb went from a size 26-14. She used that shape and reclaim program.  She sent me all the jeans for a denim quilt for the life of me I can't cut them up some still have the tags on them.  Now if she just looses a little more I can wear them so here's hopin she gets down to a size 10 before she stops. She is the sweetest friend. When we lived in IL. we went to the same church and became life long friends.  So need jeans in large sizes I may be able to hook you up.
 Ky. mom is wanting to move out again and is so miserable.  I wish her DDS would go see her. When Ky. dad died her girls just walked away.  If I had done that I could not live will myself. I am still missing momma....everyday and some nights.
 Things are calming down now so maybe I will be able to get some things done and pictures put up.  The trees are turning acorns are falling the persimmons are ripe. the seed looked like spoons so that they say means a snowy winter.
 Hugs to all my people. Hugs and love sent my dears I hope you know great Joy this week.