1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Its Begining to Look alot like Easter on the Hill

  I got out all the Easter baskets out and put the toys in them the candy will come the night before.  Note my new handy dandy ironing board its like me it multi tasks.
I have 5 baskets, but would have had 7 if my kids from Ga. could have came...no not bio, but mine mine mine.

I made the Chocolate bunny from Whiskers and Wool. Also a little Hello Kitty in a duck suit.  I would link, but I honestly don't know where it came from. Nothing on the pattern.  Years ago I copied a bunch of Japanese patterns and used the charts to figure them out.  This was in English.....sorry. I don't like the eyes or nose next time it will be better.  I was suppose to use felt, but you know me. I think felt is a tad tacky on stuffed animals.  Only a few people can use felt properly and I am not one of them.

  For those in my caring family and friends I am doing great. My last day of therapy is Fri., its kicking me so very glad its the last one. Dad on the other hand is not doing so well.  I need to stay stress free...any ideas when you are an only child and its your daddy?  I have ask God to richly bless all that prayed for me and dad and still are. I value prayer above all else. I have cried over some of your e-mails so loving and precious.  I will never forget your support. I love you guys.

Back on the home front I am sending all my baby sweaters off. A needful place. So I am as mom would say up and about God's Business.  I couldn't want anything more for everyone that may pass by here to have all good things pressed down and running over..  Love you guys hugs sent.