1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A peek at the new Baby Surprise.

  I know this is a tad strange, but you know my fear of unfinished project pictures. I have never posted a picture of anything that was in progress that did not get frogged.  This is a test.  I am telling myself not to be afraid its only a test(((smiles)). So far I am loving this little pattern. I am using I Love This Yarn. The pattern is from Leisure Arts ,Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby- by Darla Sims. There are 8 sweaters all are very cute and I will do each one if this works out.  Cross your crochet hooks for me.

The stitch markers I use are from  Chickenstitches.  I love mine.  I have many knit markers and almost all the crochet.  Do not be afraid of the fact she is no longer state side.  They come fast and she is very generous. I have been a fan for ages of her markers, patterns, and blog. My dad made me a special box for them. They are that special.

Look at my shiny clean teapots. I just enjoy looking at them.  Yes, I use them.  I looked for years for a turkey.  This turkey is one of my price pots, it is a Fitz and Floyd. My sewing teapots my are from my mom.   I started to collect just cottages, but that did not last long. I have old and new, expensive and cheap, but each one is dear to my heart.  I could use a different teapot once a week for over a year. The top of the Hoosier is a tiny sample of my houses. I have a village.


I hope you enjoyed your little peek. We have the grand kids this weekend. That is always a wonderful time for us.  I get to give them their hats.  All the foods they love will be waiting.  Did I ever tell you I am helping them to memorize the Ten Commandments, The Lords Prayer, and the 23rd Psalm. We have the rest of my life to get the job done:) we focus on one each visit. They are doing really well.  

I have had a wonderful week filled with work I enjoyed. I had lots of restful times with good conversation. Delightful.

This week if your phone rings I hope you can answer it the way my momma did. I ask momma what she was doing," Just going about God's business " and I am sure she was. Hugs my dears true hugs...not the fake ones. Mimi