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Friday, January 6, 2012

Angry Bird Baby Sweater

  Wish the pictures were better.  My camera is my camera it has always lied about how red something is.  It usually doesn't matter, but this is so cute I wish I could have gave you a better peek.

  The name of this little sweater is Bye- Bye Mr. Pujol.  Dedicated to all the little babies that will not see Albert play as a Cardinal.   Now you know that was funny. My family and friends know what Cardinal fans we are, and are at Bush every chance we get. So its a little bitty joke sweater.

Ok, here we go:  I used once again Everyday Is A New Sweater Day pattern from  yarnydays.com
Yarn is Hobby Lobby I love This Yarn, 1 sk made everything. I had scraps of yellow and black and white.  The hat pattern is  a combination of 2 patterns one is on Esty ( Crafty Momma Crafts) and  Ravelry under Angry Bird Redhawk Cardinal Hat. There are some typos all in all it is sound. I changed it a tad on the rnds I did not chain one and turn. I also used a smaller hook on the baby hat (g) and then and (f) on the apps.  I added the poms on the baby hat and slp st around in black on the eyes. I left off 2 rows of the beak on the baby hat. Also the feathers are my own on Ya's hat and the baby set.. You chain 9 turn, and 2 sc in first chain sc to end, 2sc in last st., sc up the other side of the chain, 2 sc in last st. Now for the larger hat I made 3 rounds, but for the baby just 2. I then slip st around the feather that makes it stand up if you want it to.  Now on the larger hat for No, I used a lot  of the free pattern crochet-mania.blogspot.com  It is on her side bar.  It was turning out very large for me ( I am a loose crocheter) but, I seriously had to go down several hooks and eliminate some rows. It is a good pattern I am just not on gauge anymore.

Blue eye's head is way to small but you get the picture.
I will not donate this blindly ( I still have the Woodsy set).  I am afraid someone would get it and not be into playing Angry Birds. This sweater, like my Woodsy set, was made for the pure fun of it. I know I will find someone that will be ever so pleased with.  I have many babies coming my way.  I must ask around if any of the mothers are Angry Bird fans.

Well there is more to say about the sweater, but I need to get some things done. Be joyful this weekend and and behave yourselves your more than likely to big for Mimi to say don't ;) Hugs

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Marla said...

LOL Mimi how cute!! Looks like a Fredbird hat and sweater to me!!