1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chit- chat

    I love making baby sweaters.  There is no end of ideas perking in my head. When someone ask me how I come up with my baby sweater ideas it reminded me of a movie.  You know in the last Die Hard movie Bruce asks this kid how he knew all the computer stuff and he said,"Dude I don't know there is a lot of stuff rattling around up there".  I dream about baby sweater making..seriously. I should say when I am not dreaming about eating glazed sweet breads. I woke up yesterday not even ready for my breakfast. I had dreamed about eating breads and sweet stuff what seemed like all night.  I woke up worried about my blood sugar. Now that is kind of sad-funny.

Almost junked it up..I was looking for buttons to paint the icons on.
Now about the Angry Bird sweater,  I started to make it more cartoon like. Trim it in yellow black and white. I was going to put big black buttons on the front. The front of the sweater was going to have a page off of Angry Birds start up page.  Then I talked it over with someone I quite admire, and they thought  just the back of the sweater could stand on its own.  I realize I can't leave things alone. I could spend hours in a notion department. It borderlines on a need for some sort of intervention.  So I backed off and left it alone, and I am glad I did.  Here is a picture of the beginning of the junking it up.

My old dearest friend
Now share my joy.  I got a material hearts desire for my up coming anniversary.  Wait for it............It is what I have wanted for years and years. A large print leather bound and indexed Old now take note of the Old KJV Schofield Bible.  I almost need smelling salts.  Honestly I did not know they still made the Old Version like the one I had in my teens.  This is large print, but exactly like my old one. I am tearing up.  My first one was given to me by my best friends.  The were also my pastor and his wife. Helen taught me so much and helped me with my Moody Bible Classes.  When I took the Scholfied classes Jim and Helen went the extra mile for me.  I am well grounded in my faith because of many , but they are at the top of the list.  My old Bible I have read many times from cover to cover it is just  falling apart. Now next year I can start with my new one.  I will have a year to just enjoy what I have already established for the readings this coming year.  7 days and it could be here.  I am so

 I know its just my family and close friend that stop by here, and they would never take part in what happened .  I feel I must say this anyway.  A very dear and close friend's feelings were hurt over careless talk. Remember my dears, even when its not done face to face what you say can alter others lives.  Talking to others about things you know very little about whether it is on the phone, at a meeting even at church, or your group, and especially the Internet. You don't think someone is not going to point out the chatter or repeat it??   Where ever it is done IT COUNTS and its a mean, hateful thing.

Be kind this week and be careful of what you say... I know I will hugs Mimi

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