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Monday, February 7, 2011

My notes from the rugs

   I thought I better put this up.  Mom wanted to come Monday , but if it snows she may not come.  She. (giggles) had some things she had to done..what? we have no idea.  My mother is adorable .

 Rectangle rug: scrap yarn,  hook (the big ugly blue one with no size on it) holding 6 strands of yarn. Any yarn fuzzy, rug, bulky, if putting in a lot of baby yarn I count 2 strands as one, in other words double the thin stuff up.

Chain 36, sc in second chain from hook and in each chain to end  (35 sc) , chain one turn. Repeat this until it is as long as you want.  I sc around the rug then rev. sc around. That makes a nice edge that will not flip up.

Hints I always kept a white strand because I had tons on small balls of white, a dark strand.  It seems to  unify it a bit.

Round rugs:  holding six or more strands Q hook ch 2 then 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook. row 2: 2 sc in each sc (12 sc) use the circle formula now... for example... 3rd row sc in first sc and 2 sc in next st around....4th row would be sc in next 2 sc then 2sc in next st. I stop somewhere around 10 st between increases. After that I just sc around.  If it looks like it is cupping  increase some. if it ruffles on the edge  stop increasing and work without any increases for awhile.  You just keep on going until it is big enough .  I rev sc around the edge.

I also lay the rugs down flat every once in awhile to see if they are laying flat. Thats when you really know if you need to increase or stop increasing. The rugs are so quick that you will not believe how fast.

I have not yet put the rug spray backing (non skid spray) on them or puff paint.  I am waiting to see who gets what and what they will be used for.  On carpet they are good to go, on hard wood floors, or tile they may need some help staying in place. 

Remember I do not write patterns I just give you my notes.  My ears might be set on fire from people screaming my name in frustration if I wrote patterns up.  I have gave it a go, and I am horrible at it. Out in Google land I am sure there are real scrap rug patterns. This is just what I did.

I can't sleep once again.  So I wish you all a good nights rest sweet dreams and a lovely morning to rise to.


glor said...

Thanks for the instructions ... I would love to try this, not sure that my hands will like 6 strands but we'll see. Its a lovely little rug.

Marla said...

Hi Mimi

Thankjs for posting this- will see if I can make something out of it if I ever get time.

Are you guys getting snow here? We got a surprise snowstorm and should get about 6" after only a forecast of flurries. Stay warm and safe!