1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Sunday

Copper being all happy. Left his glowing eyes cause its Halloween

Zoe D. Crackers the Cat

          I have made some progress on the ripple, but to lazy to take a good picture. I think I may cheat  some and start a baby sweater.  I am in need of some feel good.
          We spent the afternoon at the folks.  We are so blessed to still have them.  I just pause and Thank God !!!
          Wp. is a dog person. Let me tell you he has a cat anyway. Miss Crackers follows him everywhere. She lays at his feet on her blanket on the couch. She will often walk over ever so gently and kiss him. So he's in love denial.  When we pick up cat food he will pick up the big case of the Fancy Feast.  Now he puts on his glasses to check to see if it is the seafood variety......because he tells me it is her favorite she is a seafood girl ( good grief) he used the word seafood girl.  I made her 2 cat toys, one has fresh catnip in it from the edge of Nan's woods. She rolls all over it and lays on her blanket cuddling it like a baby. Wp. says in a manly voice well I guess  the cat is kind of cute.  No sweetheart it is not cute stuff shes as high as a kite on catnip...let him think she is acting cute for him. The cat is smart.  Its funny how we never want pets, and yet it seems we always have one.  Copper and Crackers is the last of the kids pets that are left.  We both adore them and would spend a fortune to keep them yet I don't think we will get anymore when they pass.
         No Dr. appointments this week ( I am twirling).  This week it is all about catching up, and leaves and acorns.  Our new furnace is a wonder to behold. No wood to haul .... you have no idea. Our thermostat is space age, I swear. Our old one was to hot, open the door or windows to cold ,go throw more wood on the fire. We kept the wood for backup.
         May you this Fall be warm, and full of hope for the new year that is fast approaching. Hugs my dears.

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Marla said...

Hi all! WP better get used to it- cats like you whether you like them or not! I wish I had your time to crochet Mimi! Love and hugs to everyone!