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And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Monday, April 4, 2011

Found It!

                                                        Leaflet  288

     I am so sick of knitting I can barely stand it.  If I go on Ravelry one more time and hear how fast this little white sweater I am knitting knits up I am going to well... I am not big on drama, sigh deeply is way to tame.  I will think of something ugly to do, and still keep my good grandma girl status.  My fingers are swelled, and I had a time of it picking up a needle off the floor.  I am guessing all these adorable fast knitters wear size 3 rings and are not a quart low on estrogen like me. I never did knit fast and its not getting any better.
     So the crochet lusting has begun.  All I want to do is crochet a baby sweater.  I will not until the 2 sweaters I have on the needles are done.  The sweaters in the pics are about 26 years old.  No stains, and really show no signs of wear.  Say what you will about Red Heart.  They are just as soft as a bunny tail. Not that I have messed around with that many bunny tails to really and truly know.
     I remember loving this sweater.  Megs loved the long buttons and I remember hating them.  The larger sweater with the ugly buttons was her play sweater.  I am so ready to make another one.  The hat pattern is in the leaflet.  My next sweater will not be pink.
     Wp.'s Wildcats lost.  I wanted them to win for Ky dad, he is going to be 86 and loves his Wildcats. Wp. has the Cardinal game on now.  Perfect knitting time for me.  I am killing time because I have to do 5 more inches in SK. 129 stitches.  This millstone should have been done by now.
     Off to a nice hot bath and some more  forced knitting.
      I wish for you the love and excitement of whatever you are doing.   Now be nice and wish it back I am in need here.  Good thoughts and love zooming your way.

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glor said...

Love the sweater, thanks for posting about this. Going to look for the book.