1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby dress is done and pictures. Its girly.

 Link to patterns

  Here we go:   Sport yarn? hook called for in pattern.  Now before I go on, there is another dress very close to this on Bev's site  in free patterns .   The dress I stayed close to the pattern. The  diaper cover I altered.  I put shells around the legs: 4 hdc, slp st., skip one st. 4 hdc, slp st. skip next st. around.  It decreased the legs a tad. I thought it needed it. I laced a ribbon around the waste because it looked large.  It could always be removed if it was not needed.  Now the bonnet: I made WP. take pictures of me  trying to show you what I did because I am so lousy at translating what I do . It just didn't show up.  So don't say ugly words about me and my stupid blog if I don't do this well.

Okay here we go. The last row on the bonnet before you are to add the shells (I did not do the shells) you hold the bonnet facing you and sl st. in the row before your last row. You kind of pinch it up. You will see the last sc row you just made across the top of the bonnet. You will be working on the row before it. I made a shell in the first stitch where I slp st. this is the shell: sc,hdc.dlb,triple,dlb,hdc,sc  slp st. in the next st. shell in the next st. slp st. in the next st. across the bonnet. Now to make it stand up  at the end of the shell row I turned and sc  around each shell slp st. on top of each slp st. end off. I wish I could do this better.  I have a desire to share, but lack the ability to do it.  I am working on a simple , but neat pattern that popped in my head .  I have a friend that said she would come over and help me.

I know what my DD. will say if she stops by here, "You fell off the wagon mom".  She said there should have been some intervention done on me.  She thinks I needed to be put into a frill abuse program.  She claims she will devote one chapter in her tell all book to my abusing her every Sunday with frills. She claims she could barely hold her head up because of the bows. I have hidden the pictures of her in the pantaloon dresses ( yes one in each size). I still have them squirreled them away to look at like expensive yarn, and Birkenstock catalogs.  I love to refold her little dresses...that's not really a form of petting is it?:).

This is Wp's last night of work. Will blog later about this longed for event.  I have all the covers for his bullet proof vest to freshen up, all the uniforms to tidy up. His jacket that has Police on the back is in the cleaners.  They may burn this stuff, but I will be a good soldier to the end. First time in 41 plus years there will be no uniforms in my laundry basket. Let our adventure begin.

Each one that passes this way sow some happiness seeds this week and may you get a bushel in return.



Anonymous said...

This little set is so sweet. Barb finds out what she is getting the end of this month. Rose L.

Anonymous said...

Roo you are slightly funny sometimes. No I am not grounded. My movie just went off. Watch I am
4. K