1 Thessalonians 4:11

And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday update

      Same old same old here.  I finished the house slippers.bevscountrycottage.com they are under slippers, Aunt Maggie's slippers. The yarn ? bulky very soft.   I love this pattern it is easy, fast and a good fit.

      I have ripped out a little baby short sleeve sweaters. I had found an old pattern and it was so messed up that I just frogged it.  Now I am on another and I don't think I have enough yarn.  I knew better... you know me live in hopes die in despair.  I always believe till the end some how it will work out.

     In this move around we are doing, I have found lost patterns, and lost some. There are 3 I will morn for, the rest of my life.  One is the kick-proof baby booties.   It was written on notebook paper.  It is no longer in my folder deep sigh.  The other one is a jumper pattern I used to make my DD little skirts with straps... it was darling. Well I could look at it and copy it, but being lazy I want the pattern.  What I found was the Valentine jumper, a top down adult sweater I used all the time, many little girl sweaters and dresses I had forgotten about. I really was careful about what I have kept.  I have one book case full of hardback books, one huge bookcase full of mags.  This does not count my print offs that are in the file crates. They are labeled and in order, but I have 2 days of filing to do on my inbox.  My Quilt mags are gone even Quilters Newsletter from issue 13. gone. I kept my Quiltmaker mags and a few Quilts etc. I will not live to even do a 1/4 of what I kept.  I kept all the patterns from the quilts I made and will keep them with the quilts with the notes .  I am glad my crochet books and mags are going to someone that crochets.  My church has a habit of just tossing things when they aren't used on a regular bases, and they have sooooo much room, and a library to boot.

  WP. and I are going to the big City Tues.  for a Cardinal game.  Good seats right behind the Cardinal dugout.  I can't go.  I can no longer take all the steps and I won't ruin it for everyone else. Then Thur is my birthday...
                                             Family Birthday song

           Every birthday marks the year that God has given ,God has given, God has given.
           May they all be happy years that end in heaven ,end in heaven, end in heaven.
           Happy birthday Happy birthday.
           And may all the years that follow be as bright.
           May you always love an served your blessed Saviour and your burdens all be lite.

I remembered all the words wish I could give you the tune.   I can't think of anything close. I no longer have my piano so pecking it out and writing it down is out.

I don't know what is up for my birthday, but sitting in my chair working on a project all day long and WP. keeping the old Tea cup or glass filled sounds pretty good.  I think I want a banana split instead of a cake.

To each that stops by for a peek  may your week be filled with good news, and hope. Send it back my dears.



Marla said...

Happy Birthday early Mimi!!

Cardinals game- sounds fun! Wish you could go- I'd go with you if I was there.

Make sure you don't send me anything you will wish you hadn't... I'd give it back to you of course but don't want you to regret giving me anything either! If I've got anything you can use let me know!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday my sweet friend. Hope this comment makes it this time. Love Rose

Yarny Days said...

Happy Birthday! And how cute are those slippers!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my best friend. I remember when you would call and sing me the birthday song. I think you and your mom sang it one year. I miss that. I copied the words of the song down.Thank you for your prayers, support, and all you have done for me. Like Rosie posted you are the sweetest friend. BW

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Miss Roo!!! Kluvsu