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Monday, January 31, 2011

LOL Now Posting Every Few Hours

                                                          Baby Yarn

                                                               Nice size

                                              One is just a little bigger

                                                           Ya's quilt is done

Remember this?


First the hat.  I have one regret with the hat, I didn't get a picture.  The fit was perfect!. I don't know
when I have been so pleased over a project. My 12 year old GD loved it.  We went to see the last Harry Potter film , and I gave it to her.  It was a hit everywhere we went.  It was one of those times that will stay with you forever.  Mimi scored.

Round rug: is made mostly of tiny balls of left over baby yarn.  It is very pretty. The rev sc adds a nice solid edge to it.

I found more small balls of yarn and made another rug  It is a tad bigger than the last one.  My DD wants one (Shocker).  My DIL wanted one so they are already for them to pick up.  I still have the round one..

Ya's quilt is done.  I could almost feel my friend B beside me as I folded it up. When we were disappointed in a quilt we would say what both our grandma's would say, " You will never notice it on a gallopin horse and that is the kind we ride." Sweet friend, I will miss knowing you were down the road.

Wp. dropped a stick of stove wood on his toe Fri. It was a big old night stick ( thats a huge log you bank up your fire with of a night). Well my dears, I have him home for 5 days.  He took some vacation time for our anniversary.  We are having an in house anniversary . It is wonderful.  The weather is to get bad , and we are all set.  I am blogging more because he is watching the war movies I bought him .  I am not a big fan of war movies.  I will post my presents  when I get the last book. 

I bought 4 sks of grey yarn to make T. a hoodie so I may start that.  I want to make a baby sweater so maybe I will flip a coin.

I wish you all , happiness that cannot be measured .

                                              Bootee story

Maybe it was looking in all my small scraps of baby yarn that reminded me of the booties.

When WP. and I were first married money was close.  I didn't buy yarn.  Everyone I knew give me their scraps.  I had in my scrap basket less than half sk of the softest baby yellow yarn, a smidge of pink and some green.

Our neighbors were an elderly couple named the Caspers.  Mrs. Caspers told me her daughter was having a baby.  I thought of my precious yellow yarn. I made a pair of stay on booties ( I may still have the pattern it was written on notebook paper by someone).  I waited to see if it was a boy or girl.  It was a girl so I made little pink flowers on the toe with green leaves.  They were adorable.  I was so proud of them.

I took the little booties up to Mrs Caspers with a baby card and she took them and just looked at me .I turned around and left thinking something was wrong, but not knowing what.

Two days later Mrs Caspers showed up at my front door with the booties. She said the booties are really cute, and her daughter just loved them.  The first thing she said was she  needs a bonnet and sweater to go with the booties. She told me you don't just give booties, what good is a pair of booties. She even offered to pay for the extra yarn since her daughter really liked them.  It was old yarn from wherever so I told her I could not match it. She was angry and rude.  I remember telling her she could leave the booties and I could give them to someone else. She took off in a huff saying she would try to buy something to match.

I have never just given booties since.  That is why I have many scraps of baby yarn.  I don't think I have ever been that unkind to anyone.. I pray not.  

Yea, the war movie is off. 


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Marla said...

Sounds kike my hubby- he can watch anything on TV and I have to cope when he's home. But I love him. Tell WP logs go in the fire not on his toe!! Have a great week and keep safe in the bad weather.