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And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Friday, January 14, 2011

Scrap Project

       I really like this rug.  It was made from those little balls of yarn from all my projects. None of the balls were larger than a med. apple. I think most of the balls were a little bigger than golf balls. I had them stored in big  plastic snack food containers. I begged for the containers from everyone I knew. They are perfect for small ball storage.  I  placed a fabric softner sheet with the yarn so it would not get that icky plastic smell. I have some balls left for the start of another rug.

      Here is a link for one close to what I did RUG   (Mine is sc)   I used what I think was a Q Hook.  You know those big blue plastic hooks with no size on them.  I chained 35 ,sc in 2nd sc chain from hook ,sc in each chain across, ch one turn sc in each sc across. You do this till its as long as you want.  I held 6 strands tog. I made sure one strand was white and one dark. Not all the whites were the same, and the darks ranged from dk green to black. It unifies the colors.  When it was as long as I wanted I sc around the rug 3 times then rev sc around it. It was not blocked for the pic.  It is laying flat, and not curling up.  I may put some puff paint on the back and reinforce the corners with duct tape. Honestly it doesn't look like it needs anything  done to it.  We will see.  I have seen this type of rug on  other blogs, but I can't remember where. So if someone stumbles by here that has a rug close to this,  I will give you credit and link you.  I swear I can't remember anything anymore. Could be brain damage from all the coughing I have did this winter.

   I have another scrap project going.  I never take pics of UFO's Its the kiss of death.  Every time I show progress pictures I have to frog. Seriously every ding dong time. I have to get some yarn used up, and my crafts in order. Nan and Popaw may need to stay with us at some point.  I don't want to make any rush decisions.  I am in a use it up frame of mind. I will at some point treat myself to a baby sweater. Baby things are my carrots. I do have a hat for Ya started.  I am waiting for a sk of the perfect color to arrive.

   I have the big eye once again tonight. The medication from the flu, coughing etc. has messed up my sleep pattern.  I am still not over it, but lots better.  I wish for you some laughter, and projects that make you sigh.  My dears, my rug made me sigh deeply with happiness.

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Marla said...

Neat colors Mimi! I need to get going on some stuff to use up stash too if I could just keep hubby out of the house and back to work. He's got a sore neck right now so he's home in the way of my knitting and crocheting.