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And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business,and to work with your own hands...1 Thessalonians 4:11

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Guess who got a early Christmas present??? ((Big Smile))

Mimi's Christmas present age 1year to 60+
     I guess this proves I am a child at heart.  This is what I ask  Santa for, and he gave it to me early.
    I ask the kids, who do you think gets the manager set?  Nadia, answered before Cubbie could.  Mimi, I know you, and you got that for Christmas. They know their Mimi.   You see I started buying Fisher Price in my 20s for the kids, then grand kids.  I still have them all packed away. Yes, I am a hoarder, but an organized one.   All the Star Wars (2 of each) Every single transformer made in the 80s  a footlocker full of match box cars. The Fisher Price Village, Castle, Farm, you get the idea all the kids toys....all of them stored in footlockers, and tight rodent proof containers on shelves in a shed.  No they will not come and get them.  So when I lay down my knitting needles for the last time, and shut the crochet hook container, those rotten kids will have a real job selling it or finding a place to store their childhood.  If Wp. and I decide to move to town there will be statute of limitations on how long before we up and give them away.

   When I saw this set my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.  I will always put this out at Christmas, and all the babies that come my way at Christmas time can stand in front of my wash stand and play up a storm with or without Mimi.  My good Nativity Scene will be put up high, someplace???. It is getting old and a little chipped in places.  One of the kids I am sure someday will want it.  We always made a big deal out of setting it up.

  Wp. got by cheap this year.  I bought him a very, very expensive gun for Christmas.  It was all hush hush, but he started asking questions...I knew he knew, so I just up and just gave it to him.  He went to the range with the boys ( his wolf pack) and played with it Sat. Seriously isn't it kind of cute that a man in his 60's still has a wolf pack. I taught him to tx so now he keeps up with them since hes retired.  I can't help but smile when he gets up and checks his phone for messages.  Note to self: never hide  anything under the bed in the spare room. 

The cookies, bread,fudge are winging there way to others as I type this.  We had a wonderful time this weekend.  Cubbie, pronounced me the best grandma ever.  He is 12 years old and still has fun without any high tech games at Mimi's. That really is a Christmas miracle:)  Nadia took the monster ripple after she spread it out and gave it another look.  I am sure I will make another one  after she has her new room done.:) That way the colors will be set in stone.

  I feel so chatty today.  I  may post again this week I need to put my forever Christmas picture up and add on to the story...yes there is more...there is always more.

fordbumpers to all and big hugs....may you get something this week that bought you as much joy as my manager set did me...see I am not selfish I want every single person that stops by to have joy simple, lovely filled up to the brim joy...with me.


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Marla said...

Oh that's funny Mimi... men are like big kids... can't wait to get and play with their toys.

You sound like me- too many toys and can't get rid of. I need a bigger house- too much stuff of mine, my grandparents', now my Mom's too that I don't have room for.... but I want. Look at my house and you will see hoarder between the yarn and all my other goodies.