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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas!!! more of my 1950's Christmas story

Christmas story part 1 http://mimisgotyarn.blogspot.com/2010/12/merry-christmas-from-past-my-1950s.html

Blue eyes my first Christmas present loved to death as you can see

Why her name was Blue Eyes..its the name she came with.

      I f you read the first part of my Christmas story December 2010 post you will remember I ask Santa for a doll, but got a chair that dad had made me.  I loved this chair. I could not have replaced Blue Eyes anyway.  Blue Eyes story: Mom and dad order Blue Eyes for my first Christmas from the radio.  It was to be life size and feel like a real baby.  I was scared to death of it....THE HAIR so they ripped off the hair.  I never knew Blue Eyes with hair. She had bonnets so her being bald was never a problem.  I loved blues so much mom made 3 bodies for her that she can remember.  She was the only doll I had for years.  I loved her then I love her now.  She had teeth, and still has her little felt tongue.  You see I fed her my precious raisins. ( I imagine the teeth went by way of the raisins)  Mom said her head started to rattle and she had to be taken apart to find out what was in her....while I slept.  Mom ask me if I had fed her my raisins and I lied and told her no. She showed me the raisins.  I was in over my head, and told her she ate them herself. Lying in our home was not allowed, but momma let this go for some reason.
      The little green chair sat by the bookcase that held the radio and I would sit and listen to Lassie, my favorite was Uncle Remus. My kids sat in this chair and my grand kids. A simple gift from a dad that loved me...priceless. That year I even remember getting a color book and crayons from my great great Aunt Suzie, at that time it was a grand gift.  It was all under the small cedar tree.  We had a lot of cedar trees so usually we had one for Christmas.  It smelled so good.  The smell of cedar still reminds me of Christmas.

     Jack unwrapped the presents and wrapped them back up that year.... oh my they did not let that slip. He was reminded each year until his death in 1970.  They eventually thought it was cute, but not for years.

     Mom and dad played Mary and Joesph in the church play at Cedar Valley that year.  They used Blue Eyes for baby Jesus.  I was a mess and ran all over the church while the play was on and  they did not let it slip by.  Chickie grandma grabbed me one time and told me that daddy was going to tan my hide after church if I didn't sit down... I sat down, but got a swat anyway...the damage was done.

   Of all things we would get a coconut each year.  A coconut was kind of exotic for us although I have a 1930s church cook book from my gr grandma that has her coconut cake. She used the milk from the coconut and grated the meat.  I remember this cake it was huge and I can not duplicate it (wood cook stove ).We always got a peppermint stick, orange slices,Christmas ribbon candy, grandma's fudge and peanut brittle....and all the pies and cookies.  It was the very best time of the year. Oh dears, happy bygone days.

I wish for you a very Merry Christmas I truly do.  As some pray for the unknown soldier I pray for my unknown visitors;) yes I really do. And my family and friends that read this each day you know your on my list.  Just wonderful things I ask to be sent your way.. All of my dears.

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Marla said...

I love reading your stories Mimi- I never got to hear hardly any of my Mom's. I probably wouldn't have listened anyway.