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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas from the past! My 1950's story

I know I put the pics up every year, I guess its my forever Christmas Card. The pictures never tell the story that I keep in my heart.

I am very sick today. Wp. Blessed me with what he has and I embellished on it . So I am extra tenderhearted today.  You may want to skip this post.

I remember the day we left to have our pictures with Santa made.  It was very cold. Grandpa turned my little wool coat inside out and held it in front of the wood stove to get it warm. I was their baby. Mom put my wool headscarf on me and buttoned up my coat . Away we went.  I remember crying to sit on someones lap. Then as predicted the car would not start.  Now momma was bent on the pictures. Daddy got the chains out and pulled grandpa up the hill. On top of a very steep hill the chains came off and daddy pushed  the car  down the hill.  Grandpa kept trying to fire it up and low and behold it started. Momma praised God and the rest of us cheered. Off we went to town for the pictures. Going to town was always an adventure.

When we arrived in town.  I could not believe the decorations.  We were in wonderland. I remember wondering where the music came from. I could not get enough of it.  I just wanted to stand and look. I had never been to a movie and it would be years before I ever got a glimpse at a TV. I am sure my eyes were big and my mouth dropped open.  The only stores I could remember were the creamery and the little shops we rarely went in on fifth street.  This was huge.

We got in line for Santa. Jack said he would walk up with me because he wanted to see if Santa had on engineering boots not those fake ones. (that's what hes looking at). When not farming daddy and grandpa worked for the Mo. Pacific railroad so Jackie knew what good boots looked like. Surely the real Santa would have such boots.

I remember looking at the old fellow straight in the eyes. I was not afraid just awestruck. He ask me what I wanted for Christmas.  I choked out a doll. ( I got a little green chair daddy made I still have it). I did have a doll so the chair was OK. Santa must have known about blueyes my doll (still have her )

All of a sudden I heard momma say oh my goodness, dear heavens I never took her coat off.  I got another picture made to show off the dress gr grandma Eliza had made me and sent from Ar. It was all hand sewn with baby rickrack on it.  My shoes had plaid shoestring and were brown.

I remember Santa telling mom I was the sweetest and prettiest little girl he had ever seen. Momma must have know it was a stock comment, but she repeated it for years.  I gloried in it.

I remember going back to the car.getting on someones lap and going to sleep.

From the bottom of my heart you are wished the most Merry Christmas, and wonderful memories, may they fill your heart and mind.

Send me thoughts and prayers of good health for Christmas .  I must be on my feet and about .

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Marla said...

Wow Mimi thanks so much for sharing- I enjoyed reading about Christmas in times past. In my childhood, it was seeing Santa at the Christmas parade and waiting for him to arrive wherever he was that year, a Christmas party or shopping center or downtown, then in later years the shopping mall.

Tell WP to stop being so generous!! Both of you get rid of that germ.

Sending lots of love and prayers your way!