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Friday, June 11, 2010

Its Not My Favorite

Sweater pattern Everyday is a new sweater day: sweater pattern

I should have seen this coming. I spent to much on the buttons. Its always about the buttons for me. They don't show up. I would cut them off, but I sew them on so securely that I would damage the buttons or sweater to get them off. I like Vanna White Yarn and the colors are very pretty, but it seems to be a heavy worsted. I keep forgetting that. I think of Red Heart as a # 4 worsted, Simply Soft is a # 3.5 that makes Vanna White for me a #4.5. That is my scale (((smiles)))

The Scottie apps are mine. Wish I could write the pattern up...deep sigh I did give it a go...miserable. The sweater is a yarny days patternI just left off the collar. I did 2 rows of sc instead of a collar. The sweater is more like a jacket, the buttons don't show up, and my camera is a liar the jacket is not a pretty color for a baby. Its dark. The baby hat is a Janelle Schlossman pattern. I miss her site and wonder how she is doing. I use allot of her patterns I printed off. I should have printed them all.

I don't think I will even add this to my ravelry page. I took no pains to take a good picture of it. It will keep a baby warm so all is not lost. boo hoo its just not as pretty as I pictured it to be.

When my son was little I would ask him it he liked something, if he didn't he would say well its not my favorite..... My dears may you have many favorite things bestowed on you this coming week hugs bugs


glor said...

I think its adorable. When I clicked on the picture I was able to see the buttons, how adorable. I think a little one dressed in this would be amazing. Very nice work.

Marla said...


So glad I found your blog!! I think this sweater is adorable! Don't change a thing!

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Good to see you posting again- didn't know this was here!